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Global Expansion Summit - London - 17 oct 2016 - Bruno Bensaid


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Global Expansion Summit - London - 17 oct 2016 - Bruno Bensaid

  1. 1. Cross-Border Technology Transactions with China in a Post-Brexit World Bruno Bensaid @ Brexit and Global Expansion Summit Oct 17, 2016
  2. 2. 布鲁诺 | Bruno | @brubrushanghai Investment banker Former VC Angel Investor in China/US startups Community builder Mentor to incubators & Startups Advisor to Government Agencies, Media, Universities, Funds…
  3. 3. Keynote to ENGIE delegation of top executives ( one of the largest energy companies worldwide) on the New ways to do business in and with China – Horizon 2030 (2015) Keynote at INSEAD exec program for CBEAD (China Business Executives Academy Dalian), China Government elite training academy. Presentation in Mandarin on the Lessons From Experience & Advice to Chinese Investors in Europe (2015) Shanghaivest, a recognized Specialist and Coach In the China Cross-border Investment field Coach to Michelin China and teams of in-house entrepreneurs on building a venture, including deal sourcing for the Group (2016) Coach to BNP Paribas (strategic initiatives teams) to study possibilities of China venture investing and deal sourcing for the Group (2016)
  4. 4. Keynotes at different conferences on Investment and Cross-border M&A (Bruno Bensaid – 2015)
  5. 5. On Chinese TV (Ghislain de Mareuil - 2016) Ghislain De Mareuil, Interviewed by Phoenix TV on the important role of the Asian investment bank for China-EU cooperation
  6. 6. 20-25% of the world’s Unicorns are Chinese China’s Technology Giants rank 2nd behind the US
  7. 7. Total Number of Investments from BATQX in past 4 years Baidu: ~80 Alibaba: ~165 Tencent: ~175 Qihoo 360: ~45 Xiaomi: ~95 ------------------------- Total: ~ 560!!! Source: Marbridge Consulting
  8. 8. Feeding China’s Unicorns Overseas Investing outside of China has become of key driver of technology growth for China’s Unicorns (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, Qihoo 360, Cheetah Mobile…)
  9. 9. What are China’s interests in UK companies Artificial Intelligence, machine learning & Applications Autonomous vehicle technology and applications Robotics Internet of Things (IOT) Sea-based technologies (clean and traditional) Deep technology in general Financial and insurance technologies Healthcare E-commerce, industrial design, online creative skills and the usual: Sports Teams, Brands, Real Estate etc.
  10. 10. Post-Brexit - On June 28, 2016, “Huawei confirmed to the UK Government that its planned 1.3 billion GBP ($1.73 billion) investment in the UK will go ahead as planned, despite UK voting to leave the European Union" Sajid Javid (then Business Minister) Beijing Kunlun putting £23 million ($34 million) into peer-to- peer mortgage lending marketplace Lendinvest (2015) For Chinese investors, the UK remains a strong opportunity Chinese PR Group BlueFocus Buys London-Based We Are Social (acquired 82.8% for $30 Mil)
  11. 11. Huawei buys Cambridge Internet of Things pioneer Neul (pre-Brexit) The $25Mil Transaction will enable Huawei to strengthen its position in Narrowband IoT (part of future 3GPP cellular standards for connecting low data rate devices that have exceptionally long battery life) and most importantly, consolidate a prized relationship with Vodafone UK…
  12. 12. Chinese Firm CSC Group to Fund Artificial Intelligence Incubator in Britain (2016) Chinese state-backed private equity firm CSC Group has inked a multimillion deal with British startup incubator Founders Factory. Planning on hiring 60 people and investing in five early-stage AI startups Plans to launch two new companies every year. CSC Capital is the third largest private equity fund in China (more than $60 Bil AUM)
  13. 13. China getting wise inspiration from the US in AI… The UK has innovative artificial intelligence technology and China has a very big market and the business model innovation” … “We want to fuse the technology we find in the UK with the Chinese Market” Dania Zhou, senior managing director, of CSC Group But this is hardly a new vision… In the past 3 years, US companies have snatched the best UK companies in AI (acquisitions of Swiftkey by Microsoft, VocalIQ by Apple and DeepMind by Google)
  14. 14. Chinese private equity fund Angel Plus unveils new incubator for startups in the UK (2016) Chinese private equity fund Angel Plus ($760 AUM!!) led the launch of a new incubator called IUIA – A+Labs to help technology-oriented British firms commercialize in China The new incubator is said to provide office space, engineering tech support, manufacturing partnership and financial investment in the form of equity to UK startups in smart city, Internet of Things, and financial technology
  15. 15. New Chinese VC Cocoon Networks Opens For Business In London With A GBP 500 Mil ($713 Mil) Fund in 2016 “We believe that in the past 15 years China has been very focused on the US market, but not so much on early stage investments in the UK” “In China, valuations are quite high, and we see the same quality of companies in Europe at one-third of value in China and one-fifth of the value of the same companies in the U.S” and “there is real innovation in Europe too!” John Zai, CEO of Cocoon Networks. Backed by China Equity Group and Hanxin Capital Plans to invest in UK and European startups in areas like fintech, creative industries and biotech Cocoon also partnering with University of London to build “London’s biggest incubator”
  16. 16. What about IP management? Should the UK be worried? Mysterious factory break-in in 2011 raises suspicions about Chinese visit (Source: The Guardian) The Scottish Pelamis wave- power device (Company is now defunct, having burnt through GBP 95 Mil of funding). Hailong 1 by Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
  17. 17. Solowheel Patent Nightmare in China – what lessons?
  18. 18. IP Matters, but Speed, Cash & Partnerships matter more
  19. 19. Brubrushanghai