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Agile Australia - MYOB hacking shopping centre


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How MYOB developed the largest agile workspace in Australia to foster innovation and creativity based on learnings from the world's most creative artists (like Pixar, 30 Seconds to Mars & South Park).

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Agile Australia - MYOB hacking shopping centre

  1. 1. Hacking a shopping centre Creating Australia's largest Agile workspace @benross50
  2. 2. How do the world’s most creative people set up their workspace for optimum productivity and creativity?
  3. 3. What we saw working for others… Space to collaborate – to work – to chill (and work) and Space to work on your own
  4. 4. “If a building doesn’t encourage collaboration, you’ll lose a lot of innovation and the magic that’s sparked by serendipity. So we designed the building to make people get out of their offices and mingle in the central atrium with people they might not otherwise see.” Steve Jobs (on Pixar’s office)
  5. 5. 1. Space to collaborate - work
  6. 6. 2. Space to collaborate – more relaxed
  7. 7. 3. Space to work on your own
  8. 8. 3. Space to work on your own
  9. 9. 1. Space to collaborate - work
  10. 10. 2. Spaces to work on your own
  11. 11. MYOB’s Opportunity
  12. 12. Developed hypotheses and experimented in our existing premises • Agile walls – how big, how many… what type • Standup desks – how many, how fit with other desks • Technology – what works (lync, jira, rally, hangouts…) • Meeting rooms – how many, how used, by whom • Team area layouts – Optimum composition, self contained vs shared areas..
  13. 13. Deep customer discovery We got feedback from our existing customers (our staff!) = Four themes for the new environment 1. Encourage Innovation a) “work from anywhere” technology b) Support innovation and change 2. Enable Connection a) Between people : collaboration + communication b) Across divisions - High activity spaces grouped around major circulation paths to increase serendipitous meetings between staff c) To the environment: Access to natural light and views for all staff 3. Remind us of our Customers a) Communicate the values of our clients to MYOB, reminders of our clients and their needs 4. Amplify our Culture & Values a) Friendly, dynamic, fun, green & sustainable…
  14. 14. Individuals and interactions (over process and tools) In agile development, self-organization and motivation are important, as are interactions like co- location and pair programming Where can 500+ people coalesce in a single space to enable collaboration and self organization?
  15. 15. Slide 25
  16. 16. What worked well
  17. 17. Local teams - big physical local walls
  18. 18. Distributed teams - technology for virtual walls Standup VC camera is here
  19. 19. Distributed teams with technology for virtual walls
  20. 20. Visible charts & feedback devices
  21. 21. Collaboration & chill out spaces - Music
  22. 22. Collaboration & chill out spaces - Campsite
  23. 23. Collaboration & chill out spaces - Festival
  24. 24. Collaboration & chill out spaces - Sport
  25. 25. Allow teams to ‘own’ their space
  26. 26. Think carefully about technology Tablets enable staff to book rooms and see whether the room is booked
  27. 27. What we learned along the way…
  28. 28. Customer collaboration (over contract negotiation) Requirements cannot be fully collected at the beginning of the software development cycle, therefore continuous customer or stakeholder involvement is very important. As soon as we moved in, we made changes on the fly: • Noise dampening • Extra showers • More walls • More standup desks • Bike storage,…..
  29. 29. Social experiment (noise vs customer connection) Phone-based support teams Development team
  30. 30. Plan a break-out workspace here….
  31. 31. ….. but teams gather here…
  32. 32. Enabled self organisation …..
  33. 33. If we could do it again…. Self contained areas Work Collaborate Standup
  34. 34. Think carefully about technology Staff are unforgiving – it’s got to be plug & play • Placement direction of camera & audio • Integrated cabling & connectivity (USB, video camera, VGA/DVI/HDMI, power, phone…) • A technology cocktail is often needed - voice, video and content across multiple locations including private home offices
  35. 35. So, when you try this at your work 1. Learn from the rockstars 2. Listen to your customers (staff) 3. Run experiments – Take a lean & agile approach to the project (test & learn) – Don’t bolt anything down 4. Carefully consider how technology is embedded into your office environment