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Final chch nz_goap_speech_2012


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Presentation to Geeks on a Plane event 13 Dec 2012, Christchurch NZ

Published in: Technology
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Final chch nz_goap_speech_2012

  1. 1. GOAP NZEPIC CHRISTCHURCH 13.12.2012 Supported by:
  2. 2. Opening remarks Ben ReidChair, Canterbury Software Cluster
  3. 3. Welcome• Christchurch – the $30Bn startup• Local Tech industry landscape• Building a startup scene• Challenges
  4. 4. February 22nd 2011 12:51pm
  5. 5. • Christchurch – the $30Bn startup• 2012-2013 Immediate focus on rebuild and construction• Investment momentum towards Wired, Smart City, Innovation, Health Innovation, Technology sectors• Blank sheet of paper!
  6. 6. Christchurch & Canterbury Technology Sector • Contributes approximately $880 million to Christchurch GDP • Accounts for around 6% of GDP in Christchurch • Around 870 business units are based in Christchurch (2011, StatsNZ) • Has around 6,000 employees (2011, StatsNZ)Source: Infometrics / CDC
  7. 7. Christchurch & Canterbury Technology Sector - Markets • Medical and medical devices • Augmented reality • Accounting and procurement • Agri-tech • • Human Resources Online and web based services Global. • Telecommunications • • Aerospace GPS and location services Niche. • Networking • Mobile Applications* Paul Callaghan 2011: Sustainable economic growth for New Zealand
  8. 8. Home grown tech companies
  9. 9. Inward investing tech companies
  10. 10. Software M&A in 2012
  11. 11. • Local not-for-profit software industry body• Monthly speaker and networking events• Annual Software Summit conference• Broad-based sector membership growing >50% year-on-year• Increasingly collaborative local software industry
  12. 12. Software Summit
  13. 13. Building a startup scene where you live 1. A strong pool of Tech 7. Alumni Outreach Founders 8. Wins 2. Local Capital 9. Recycled Capital 3. Killer Events 10. Second-Time 4. Access to Great Entrepreneurs Universities 11. Ability To Attract a 5. Motivated Pool of Engineers “Champions” 12. Tent-pole Local Tech 6. Local Press / Companies Websites / Organizational Tools
  14. 14. Why startup in Christchurch?• Established world class software and tech R&D capability• Australasia’s newest, most modern, most wired boutique city• English speaking• Overlap USA / AsiaPac timezones, overnight EMEA• Best* place in the world to: – start a business – protect investors• Distance less and less a factor with continually improving internet connectivity• World class outdoor lifestyle destination for employees, investors A place where talent wants to live*World Bank,
  15. 15. Looking forward: Innovation Precinct, Tait Campus, EPIC, ATI/Callaghan Innovation
  16. 16. Challenge 1: Skills & Talent
  17. 17. Challenge 2: Investment
  18. 18. Challenge 3: Structural property- centric investment tax rules
  19. 19. Tech investors…= opportunity!
  20. 20. Challenge 3: Attitude to Risk• Small country, reputation follows you• Generally not accepting of “failure”• We need to be more accepting that inorder to succeed, you must first fail.Multiple times."The very first company I started failed with a great bang. The secondone failed a little bit less, but still failed. The third one, you know, properfailed, but it was kind of okay. I recovered quickly. Number four almostdidn’t fail. It still didn’t really feel great, but it did okay. Number five wasPayPal."- Max Levchin, Paypal Founder
  21. 21. What can we do to help Silicon Valley Investors?• Differentiated niche market investment opportunities• Strong, established R&D capability• No capital gains tax• NZ Government co-investment• Organised local software industry• Best* place in the world to: – start a business – protect investors• Parallel cultural with US A place where investors keep coming back to*World Bank,
  22. 22. Thank you and enjoy the day!