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THB Corporate Presentation Exec Summary January 2017


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THB Corporate Presentation Exec Summary January 2017

  2. 2. Leading Biospecimen Procurement CRO  Headquartered in Montreal, Canada with:  An EU branch located in Paris, France  A presence in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Russia) and Asia (India, China) through strategic partnerships  Prospective and Retrospective projects  60+ partnered biobanks collecting from 300+ hospitals all over the world  1000+ requests managed since inception  Site management team (THB and partners) of 30+ nurses and CRAs  Project Management team of 8 PhDs with an academic background and a proven expertise in biomarker development  1,600+ biobanks detailed in THB proprietary database
  3. 3. Our Vision  Biospecimens needed for discovery and validation purposes, historically remnant samples from clinical labs, have become much more sophisticated and therefore harder to collect  Exponential growth of the biomarker industry has led to an increased demand from End Users who often compete with peers for the same samples: Access to biospecimens is often the main bottleneck in R&D  A pragmatic solution is to partner with i) academic/hospital teams that have a higher recruitment rate ii) biobanks and clinical sites in foreign locations that may be less accessible than those in western countries  Successfully partnering with these teams requires scientific knowledge and a presence in the field that makes our business totally different from brokerage firms that mainly sell products off the shelf  At the same time, industry’s expectations towards the faster and simplified procurement process offered by the latter are legitimate
  4. 4. Global Reach Proprietary Network:  300 Hospitals  30,000 Hospital beds  1 million admissions per year  10 million out-patients per year  500,000 patients under chemotherapy Direct interaction with independent academic sites and biobanks in North America and in Western Europe Operations through strategic partners in other countries:
  5. 5. Disclosure and Traceability THB REMOVES THE BLINDFOLD!  THB discloses Biospecimen Sources to End Users (and vice versa) via MTAs and favors direct interactions between them  We believe a transparent chain-of-custody:  to be the best route to goodwill from tier one academic sites for whom acknowledgment of their contribution is at least as important as the financial compensation  better complies with basic QA guidelines (see GLP, GCP, or GMP guidelines) and the only approach to ensure procurement of unique patient samples
  6. 6. High Value added Biospecimens THB has built an outstanding reputation for unrivaled collection capability in the high added- value segment, i.e.:  FFPE blocks with or without matched biofluids and fresh tissue  High Quality associated data  Mutation/Expression status Year 2016  200+ requests met through 120 prospective collections and 80 retrospective searches  32,000 biospecimens sourced  Top 5 segments: Oncology, Infectious diseases, CNS, Healthy tissues, and Metabolic disorders
  7. 7. Proven and Effective Procurement Process  Feasibility study done through our proprietary network of partnered biobanks  Availability in retrospective collections usually confirmed within 1 to 3 working days  If necessary, accessibility to samples among 1,600 biobanks registered in our proprietary database and feasibility of a prospective collection among partnered clinical sites are evaluated  MSAs and Umbrella MTAs already in place with partners