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slideshow example

  1. 1. Welcome to Presentations Adobe's New Tool for Creating Stunning Presentations Copyright (c) 2009 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. New Features Since the Preview Release What's new since Preview? • Import PPT/PPTX • Publish to web site or blog • Spell check - 19 languages! • Copy & paste slides • Use Kuler for new color sets • Show images as slide background • Import FXG graphics • Browse Flickr or Google images ... and much more! The new organizer now provides access to all your files
  3. 3. and Presentations emphasizes these three key areas: Ubiquity: Collaboration: User experience: persistent access to ability to create and all delivered with a your presentations share presentations simple yet elegant from any Internet- with others easily design connected computer Presentations delivers!
  4. 4. Streamlining Your Workflow Traditional Workflow: Sequential editing, email routing You Collaborator Designer Presentations Workflow: Simultaneous Access Building presentations online means that you can break free from sending large files over email. All contributors working on the same presentation streamlines the process, and keeps everyone on the same page.
  5. 5. Themes Increase the Impact of Your Presentations Presentations comes with built-in themes, and you can add your own. Change your theme and get a whole new look - in seconds!
  6. 6. The Things You Can Do! Text Shapes You can enter regular text or outline text on A wide range of shapes are accessible from your slides. the palette on the right edge of the screen. To convert a text object to outline, click the Format shapes and text using the sliding bullet icon in the List toolbar. toolbars at the top of the Presentations screen. Text can be formatted in layouts or locally via the format toolbar. More shapes to come over time. Fills, Borders & Gradients Effects Several options are available for changing There are a variety of special effects you the appearance of objects on a slide. can add to objects in your presentation. Use the Shape toolbar to specify fill, effects, borders, gradients.
  7. 7. And the Things You Can See! Images and Videos Add images (JPG, PNG, GIF or FXG) Upload movies (FLV format) from your computer or browse the into a presentation in the web. same way you add images. Double-click to view movies in the Editor. They play automatically on the designated slide in Slideshow. Resize or rotate images. Or use as a background. Add effects such as borders, shadows or reflections.
  8. 8. Let the Web Inspire Your Slides • Use new color sets from Kuler. • Browse images from Flickr, Google or web pages. • Get inspired by the communities on the web.
  9. 9. Adding Stuff Is Easy To add content to a Objects come in slide, click (or drag) any with the default of the icons on the fill color (the third palette at the far right color in the color set). side of the screen. Use the shape toolbar to refine the design. Fill color Gradient Border Border Effects Opacity color width
  10. 10. Separating Form from Content Presentations allows you to separate the design from content. You can change slide design attributes, independent of text and shapes you add to each slide. master slide Default colors, fonts and background are set on the master level. layout slide Positioning and sizing of slide objects can be controlled in layouts. presentation slide Content is added to slides at the top level.
  11. 11. Working with Slide Masters and Layouts Master slide Presentation slide Objects added to the slide master appear on every slide in the presentation. Presentations in the Cloud = Collaboration Copyright (c) 2009 Presentations are collaborative by nature. Presentations are usually authored and refined by a series of experts and designers. Layout slide Presentations are delivered Click to add Text Objects added to a with more than one person involved. layout appear in all slides that use that Copyright (c) 2009 layout.
  12. 12. Organizing and Sharing Sharing is easy - Invite others and recommended! to work with Just click on the you. Share button. See when someone is working on a slide, or who has You can also see whether someone opened the has changed the presentation since presentation. you last viewed it.
  13. 13. And When It's Showtime..... Click the Play Slideshow button at the bottom of the screen. Hover over either side of the slide to get arrows to click forward/back. You can also click on the slide or use the arrow keys to move to the next slide. Or choose your slide from the auto-revealing slide picker at the bottom of the screen. esc Hit Esc to go back to the Presentations editor.
  14. 14. Publish with a Click and a Smile • Publishing couldn't be easier • Just select Publish from the Presentation menu • Copy the link ... • To a web page or blog • Or send it in email • And your slideshow is ready to go with just a click • Or, copy the embed code to a web page or blog... • Visitors play the slides right there on the web page or blog
  15. 15. Next Steps... Thank you for taking a look at Presentations Next Steps: • Share this presentation with others! • Click the Share button in the lower left corner. • Please send us feedback - • If you're viewing in Slideshow mode, press Esc to go to the editor.