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Concrete Countertops Dallas TX


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Check out Benoah Renovations in Dallas Texas! The Premier Remolding Company in the DFW Metroplex. Choose Benoah for home, bath, and kitchen remodel.

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Concrete Countertops Dallas TX

  1. 1. Decorative concrete Benoah renovations Versatile Durable Unique Unmatched Bold industrial or Indoors or out, durability, heat finely crafted concrete overlays resistant, scratch elegance, decorativemold to virtually any resistant and very concrete is tailored to shape in unlimited little maintenance your personal and colors. required compared to home’s style. natural stone.
  2. 2. Kitchen Inspirations Unlimited concrete design and color optionsUsed in outdoor décor for decades, when concrete overlays ventured indoors, kitchen countertops were transformed. Able to mimic the look and feel of natural stone, concrete overlay finishes are an affordable and durable alternative for your kitchen remodeling project.All shapes. Any size. From modest rectangles to ornategeometric designs, concrete overlay countertops turns afunctional space into an unparalleled decorating opportunity.COUNTERTOPSBlend special features such as a convenient drain board next toa sink. Add built-in metal trivets near your stove and neverworry about scorching or grabbing a pot holder again.SINKSSinks range from basic boxes to elaborate creations withcurves or complex angles. With concrete overlay, virtually anyaesthetic or functionality is possible. 2
  3. 3. Enduring beauty for a lifetime. Who says beauty doesn’t last forever? Concrete countertop overlays are changing the way designers think about howmaterials are used in the kitchen. And it’ll change the way youlook at your kitchen space. Now, nothing’s off limits. A B C D CBring concrete’s A. Inlaid copper trim. B. Luxurious finish.industrial strength Inlaid geometric metal trim is a This satiny, reflective finish may great option if you want a look delicate, but underneathendurance home where textured pattern and durability. there’s the tough concrete thatit belongs. takes anything you throw at it beautifully.Yes, concrete is known for its C. Undermount sinks and D. Gorgeous curves.unyielding strength and custom edges. Wrap, bend and curve till yourdurability. But concrete overlaycountertops are becoming the all heart’s content. Concrete Concrete overlay countertops are overlays take on any shape oraround workhorse material of a perfect match forchoice for homeowners who pattern you want it to. undermounted sinks, which arewon’t sacrifice style for coveted for their sleek and easyefficiency. to clean design. Custom edges, like this bullnose, are optional. 3
  4. 4. Bathroom Sophistication Concrete overlays for bathroom vanity countertops and sinks create a beautiful surface that’s easy to clean and resists stains. Hard-wearing, long-lasting and perfect for bathroom environments. Sounds and looks too good to be true, doesn’t it?If you’re like most people, your day begins and ends in yourbathroom. Concrete overlay vanities and sinks makes it easyto combine your personal taste with today’s most innovativematerial. Let Benoah create a perfect fit for your life and style.VANITY COUNTERTOPSConcrete’s versatility and color and finish options make a bigdesign impact in a small space. And since concrete overlayscan be molded to any shape or design, feel free to customizeyour vanity top exactly to your morning and evening routine.SINKSGo crazy with the design. Show contemporary stylingrestraint. Concrete overlays lend themselves perfectly to sleekchic to urban minimalism. Pair with today’s amazing fixturesand you’ll have a look you’ll forever love. 4
  5. 5. Choose a Material That Can Be Anything You Want It to Be. Decorative bathroom concrete countertops and sinks have a pivotal role inmaking one of the smallest rooms in your home create a huge impact. Looking for something with flair for a tub or sink? Want a one-of-a-kind countertop orfloor? Concrete overlay gives you the design options you want in places where durability and low maintenance are key. BA C A. Colors Galore. B. Use for any surface. C. Blends to any style. A cobalt blue vanity countertop Let the kids splash all they want. Nothing blends to any style like adds a jolt of color to this yellow Concrete can take the abuse and concrete does. From spa bathroom streaming with natural is impervious to water stains or elegance to refined sunlight. Concrete countertops damage. It’s like having a contemporary, concrete sinks can be installed in any color of concrete pool deck around your and countertops has a unique the rainbow. tub. ability to pull your bathroom space together. 5
  6. 6. Exploring Concrete in Hearth and Home Beyond kitchens and bathrooms, concrete overlays surrounding the fireplace bring so many design options. From surrounds to mantels and cozy fireside seating, concrete offers homeowners a way to reinvent what some consider the heart of the home.SURROUNDSConcrete is truly the most versatile material when it comes to redesigning your fireplace. It allows youtake your décor in a whole new direction or add an exclamation point to our current style.Above left: Mitered similar to a picture frame, this classic style carries over to the mantel and seamlesslyblends with the side built-ins.Above right: Industrial appeal is softened with rounded edges and a creamy grey hue. 6
  7. 7. Concrete elements make a statement everywhereDepending on how you shape and finish the concrete overlay, you decide what you want that statement to be. Rough, smooth, industrial or finely crafted elegance, the freedom of choicesmakes it possible to play up existing architectural elements or blend in with the style of your house. Thin fireplace surrounds structures can be created to your imagination andinstalled just like tile. Mantels or pieces protruding from the wall are bolted to studs. Go for the look of natural stone or be unapologetic with the look of concrete in its original form. Choose a fresh shape or a classic design.Concrete overlay mantels or surrounds turn flush front gasand electric fireplaces into magical focal points. Adding anelevated hearth is a cozy option if you love to cozy up next to the fireplace. 7
  8. 8. C A B B DD C EA. Floors. B. Patios. C. Gorgeous curves.Heavy-duty concrete has been A sturdy option for patio areas Concrete is no stranger to thepromoted from the outdoors to that take a beating from use or outdoors and is right at home inthe indoors and brings a the elements. your outdoor living space.decorative flair along with it. Decorative concrete offers a stark Outdoor sink overlays are justConcrete overlay spread existing contrast to the bland poured one example of how you canfloors or subfloors with cement concrete look with a variety of bring the durability of concreteboard can take on any color and colors and finishing options that together with the designstain, patterns, decorative cuts or mimic the look of real stone, possibilities usually reserved fora combination of any to achieve cobblestone and anything else the indoors.any look that’ll last a lifetime. you can imagine. D. & E. Outdoor elegance. The perfect solution for permanent outdoor cooking stations. Concrete overlays built around the BBQ or prep area will never rust, rot, look tacky or show their age. And it’s so easy to clean. 8
  9. 9. Custom PatternsFolded-in color Acid stain Swirls of colorContrasting textures Carved and filled design Incised designStenciled designs Found items as stencils Plastic bag mold 9
  10. 10. Standard PatternsClassic 1 Classic 2 Rose Stone 1Rose Stone 2 Jonzite 1 Jonzite 2Black Granite 3 Grey Granite Brown Granite 10
  11. 11. Standard PatternsSanded Onyx Raised Stone Blue SnowflakeOro Fino 1 Oro Fino 2 Oro Fino 3White Marble Winter Dusk Custom Backsplash 11
  12. 12. About Benoah Renovations & Remodeling Benoah is a design/build remodeling company with highly trained design and construction teams in Virginia and Texas. As a design/build company, we put you in the driver’s seat, guiding the design vision, materials selection, and budget. It also streamlines the number of people involved so that your questions and expectations are never misinterpreted or lost in the shuffle. Benoah isn’t the new contractor on the block or a fly-by-night operation. We’ve been in the business for decades and we’ve learned the difference between what looks good on paper and what really works in your home. Benoah approaches your remodeling project from both perspectives. We know what true construction costs are. This way changes can be made during the design stage instead of the construction phase, which can be pricey. There are so many choices to make when remodeling. But first and foremost, your satisfaction with the end result depends on the quality of your contractor. Call us for a complimentary design consultation and estimate.Locations in texas and virginiaCall: 214.799.9966 or