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TV Advertising - a double-edged sword


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Sometime ago, people were glued to television sets and never missed any commercial advertisement. But today, the scenario is different. The extent of innovation and captivating ideas determine the success of a commercial, even minimalism can become the secret of success.

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TV Advertising - a double-edged sword

  1. 1. Television is an inevitable choice, part of every home, tough to find a home without a television !
  3. 3. TV Advertisement, the most expressive medium, - has a big reach; - possess the competence to influence target customers; - has the ability to impact or impede a potential customer’s buying decision;
  4. 4. The appeal and likeability of TV commercial ads contribute to their viewing factor and eventually trigger call-to-action.
  5. 5. DEADLINE
  6. 6. On average, Commercial advertisement last between 30-60 seconds the message should neither be too short nor too long and distract viewer attention has to be conveyed effectively within those short seconds
  7. 7. Benefits
  8. 8. Perfect timing
  9. 9. A Commercial ad reaches the audience at a time when they are most attentive and open to grasp information.
  10. 10. The impact of audio and video
  11. 11. TV commercial ads have maximum retention power and are more influencing because of the combination of audio and video. They use the right kind of emotional appeal to persuade specific kinds of audience after careful understanding of customer mindset and preferences.
  12. 12. Ample scope for creativity
  13. 13. Since the medium combines numerous elements, there is ample scope for unleashing creativity and innovation in the ad messages. Graphics, animation, diverse motions and the power of light and sound can be harnessed for creating a better impact.
  14. 14. Charges
  15. 15. Charges of a TV Advertisement differs according to - popularity of ad spots - timing and - programming schedules
  16. 16. Popular Commercial Characters
  17. 17. Fido Dido of 7up fame Onida Devil Vodafone zoo zoos
  18. 18. TV commercial ads require - flawless conceptualization - brilliant implementation and - periodic assessments to create a matchless output.
  19. 19. !
  20. 20. The extent of innovation and captivating ideas determine the success of a Commercial advertisement. Sometimes, minimalism becomes the secret of success. Advertisements that are silent, use abundant white space and sparing words, manage to create more impact.
  21. 21. Two important concepts that drive TV Advertising. - Market segmentation - Target customer analysis When a business has substantial information on both, creation of a good television commercial is enabled.
  22. 22. Fact
  23. 23. TV Commercial ads has to be aspects of interest and audience does not switch over during such breaks.
  24. 24. Sometime ago, people were glued to television sets and never missed anything. This was because the concept was novel and there seldom were other digital mediums that did this job. But today, the number of people who avoid commercials on television or even the internet is alarmingly high and growing. The first couple of seconds of a commercial must have maximum impact so as to lead the customer or prospect to sit through it.
  25. 25. A brilliant Commercial advertisement influences all groups of people, but it always lies in the ability of the TV advertising agency !
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