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Big button cash cow ppt


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Big button cash cow ppt

  1. 1. A smart scale solution to helpbutchers track profitability
  2. 2. 100 and 1 waysto cut a cowWhat to do???For whole animal butchers to take off, they need to trackand understand input costs and revenue.Whole animal butcheries have a unique problem. Awhole carcass can be cut up 100 different ways, and it’simpossible to track profitability of the original animal.
  3. 3. CaseCarcassTrackingprofitability isreally hard!StageOther ProductsButcher buys a1200 lbs cow.Cost: $1200The beef isbutchered and soldfrom the case.Revenue: $1600Labor cost: ?Some beef is madeinto secondaryproducts.Revenue: $800Labor cost: ?Was I profitable on this cow?What cuts & products are profitable?
  4. 4. How can we do capture information in this messy,bloody, non-tech friendly environment?
  5. 5. The simplestmeat cuttracking toolevery butcherwill love to use
  6. 6. A crystal ball forbutchers
  7. 7. A crystal ball forbutchersSEARCH BOXSKUProducerAnimal1259
  8. 8. A crystal ball forbutchersTHE REPORTFull Belly FarmsSKU: #1249Animal:PorkAmount Sold: 50lbsRevenue to Date: $300Cost to Date: $200PROFIT: $100
  9. 9. We crunch thenumbersWe optimize thedataSO BUTCHERSDON’T HAVE TO!
  10. 10. 150 whole animalbutchers in theButcher’s Guild1,000 wholeanimal butchersacross the US
  11. 11. Anil, Sarah, Chris,John, Andrew, Sherry,JacobTEAM CA$H COWPhoto: Chris