Mozilla: Bukan Sekadar Peramban


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Presented at Mozilla Goes to Campus: STIKOM Surabaya, 10 May 2012.

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Mozilla: Bukan Sekadar Peramban

  1. 1. Mozilla: Bukan Sekadar Peramban Benny ChandraMozilla Representative , ID Mozilla: Surabaya Regional Leader 10 Mei 2012 @ STIKOM Surabaya
  2. 2. Kisah Mozilla
  3. 3. Apa itu Mozilla?Browser?Mozilla adalah organisasi nirlaba yang berdedikasi untuk menjaga kekuatan Web tetap di tangan masyarakat.Komunitas global dari para pengguna, kontributor, dan pengembang.
  4. 4. Misi MozillaMengkampanyekanKeterbukaan (openness)Inovasi (innovation)Peluang (opportunity)di Web
  5. 5. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere
  6. 6. What is Mozilla?
  7. 7. Dari waktu ke waktu23 Februari 1998: Mozilla project5 Juni 2002: Mozilla 1.023 Septer 2002: Phoenix 0.1 (stand-alone browser)15 Juli 2003: Mozilla Foundation9 November 2004: Firefox 1.07 Desember 2004: Thunderbird 1.031 Juli 2009: Unduhan Firefox tembus 1M
  8. 8. Firefox sesuai kebutuhan• Firefox Nightly (• Firefox Aurora• Firefox Beta• Firefox (• Firefox Extended Support Release ( US/firefox/organizations/) Untuk organisasi besar: universitas, sekolah, kantor Tersedia mulai versi Firefox 10 (saat ini: 10.0.4)
  9. 9. Firefox: 2012• Firefox ESR• Improved add-on compatibility (Fx 10)• Page Inspector, Style Inspector (Fx 10)• Page Inspector 3D View, Add-on Sync, Style Editor (Fx 11)• Improved Update Process, line numbers Page Source (Fx 12)
  10. 10. Add-on CollusionTo see all the third parties that are tracking your movementsacross the Web.Most tracking happens without users consent and withouttheir knowledge. That’s not okay. That’It should be you who decides when, how and if you want tobe
  11. 11. Firefox: 2012Firefox 13 Beta: Redesigned new tab page: presented most visited sites Redesigned default home page: quick access to bookmarks, history, settings, and moreFirefox 14 Aurora: Enables HTTPS by default for Google searches
  12. 12. Next release Firefox 13 Firefox 14 Beta Firefox 15 Aurora 5 Juni 2012
  13. 13. Firefox di IndonesiaPangsa pasar Firefox terbesar di dunia!Pengguna di Indonesia April 2012: 66,36%(Sumber: StatCounter)
  14. 14. Firefox
  15. 15. Firefox di IndonesiaFirefox versi Indonesia: sejak 1.0Firefox versi Sunda: on progressFirefox Suroboyo?
  16. 16. A Different Kind of Browser
  17. 17. Mozilla Products• Firefox for Mobile• Thunderbirds• SeaMonkey ( Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editing• Lightning and Sunbird ( Calendar Project• Camino ( Web browser optimized for Mac OS X
  18. 18. Mozilla Projects BrowserID ( You can use one easy-to-remember log in for all sites that support BrowserID. You never have to trust a website with your password because they never know it. Also, your password cant be stolen if one of those websites gets hacked. BrowserID doesnt track your activity on the websites you visit (privacy policy). WebFWD
  19. 19. WebFWD
  20. 20. WebFWDWebFWDMozillas Innovation Accelerator and IncubatorSupport Open Source projects & StartupsMentorship from industry expertsAccess to the Mozilla global network, infrastructure and other world-class resources
  21. 21. WebFWDWebFWDInfo lebih lanjut: @mozwebfwd
  22. 22. Ini juga…• Mozilla Marketplace• Boot2Gecko Diperkenalkan di Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona
  23. 23. Get Involved Ingin terlibat dalam proyek Mozilla? Mudah & banyak cara!
  24. 24. Get Involved• SuMo – Support Mozilla (• Localization (• Hunting bugs• Build add-on add-• Firefox Affiliates (•…
  25. 25. Get Involved• Mozilla Reps: represent Mozilla in their country/region Passionate about the Mozilla Project Mozilla community member• Student Reps Minimal 18 tahun dan masih kuliah
  26. 26. Terima kasih!Blog: www.bennychandra.comEmail: bennychandra@mozilla.web.idTwitter: @bennychandraMozilla Reps: Indonesia CommunityBlog: blog.mozilla.web.idTwitter: @ID_Mozilla