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Presented at Pesta Komunitas 2012, Surabaya on March 16, 2012.

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Bukan Sekadar Peramban

  1. 1. Bukan Sekadar Peramban Benny Chandra Mozilla Representative , ID Mozilla: Surabaya Regional Leader 16 Maret 2012 Pesta Komunitas Online Surabaya 2012
  2. 2. A Different Kind of Browser
  3. 3. Misi MozillaUntuk mempromosikan• Keterbukaan (openness),• Inovasi (innovation), dan• Peluang (opportunity)di web.
  4. 4. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.
  5. 5. Kisah Mozilla
  6. 6. Firefox: 2012• Add-on compatibility (sejak Fx 10)• Add-on Collusion
  7. 7. Add-on CollusionAllows you to see all the third parties that are tracking yourmovements across the Web.Most tracking happens without users consent and without theirknowledge. That’s not okay. It should be you who decides when, howand if you want to be tracked.
  8. 8. Firefox: 2012Firefox 11: 14 Maret 2012 • Page Inspector 3D View • Firefox Style Editor • Add-on SyncFirefox 12 BETA & 13 AURORA: 16 Maret 2012 • Improved Update Process
  9. 9. Firefox di IndonesiaPangsa pasar Firefox terbesar di dunia!Pengguna di Indonesia Februari 2012: 67,59%(Sumber: StatCounter)
  10. 10. Firefox di Indonesia
  11. 11. Firefox di IndonesiaFirefox Bahasa Sunda: 2012Firefox Bahasa Suroboyo? Madura? ☺
  12. 12. Mozilla ProjectsYang terbaru, di antaranya:• Marketing Collective• Firefox Flicks• WebFWD
  13. 13. Marketing Collective• Kick-Off di London bulan Februari 2012 Kick-• Suka dengan dunia marketing?• Dapat pengalaman sekaligus berkontribusi terhadap Mozilla• Bisa diikuti siapa saja
  14. 14. Marketing CollectiveWhy?• Join the team and help shape Mozilla marketing in your country• Learn new skills, gain experience doing so• Reach out to an audience of millions of people• Fun, rewards and travels
  15. 15. Informasi lebih lengkap:https://wiki.mozilla.org/Marketing_CollectiveSign up form: http://bit.ly/mkg-collective-signup http://bit.ly/mkg-collective-
  16. 16. Firefox Flicks• Kontes video soal misi Mozilla• Mengedukasi pengguna internet soal pentingnya: Privacy, Choice, Interoperability, dan OpportunityBatas waktu: 1 Mei 2012
  17. 17. Kategori• Best :30 Spot• Best Animation• Best Use of New Open Technology• Best Public Service Announcement
  18. 18. Firefox FlicksHadiah:• Grand prize: $10,000, per regional.• Category prize: $5,000, per kategori per regional.• Semua peserta dapat hadiah! “Firefox Flicks prize pack”
  19. 19. Firefox FlicksJuri:• Edward Norton (Actor, Director, Producer, Activist)• Shauna Robertson (Producer, Philanthropist)• Jeffrey Silver (Producer)• Ben Silverman (Founder & Chairman, Electus)• Couper Samuelson (Producer)
  20. 20. Firefox Flicks
  21. 21. Firefox FlicksInfo lebih lanjut:https://firefoxflicks.mozilla.orghttps://twitter.com/FirefoxFlicksfirefoxflicks@mozilla.org
  22. 22. WebFWD• Mozillas Innovation Accelerator and Incubator• Support Open Source projects which extend the Web• Mentorship from industry experts• Access to the Mozilla global network, infrastructure and other world-class resources
  23. 23. WebFWDOpen Source Projects:• A minimum six-month engagement with Mozilla WebFWD• Access to worldwide network of Mozillians, experts, mentors, partners and scouts• Infrastructure support• Coaching and ongoing feedback through mentorship and live participation at weekly LearnFWD webinars• Participation in key WebFWD events such as Summits, Hack Days and other local events, for deeper engagement with Mozilla and the WebFWD community
  24. 24. WebFWDStartups:• Learning modules consisting of 1:1 coaching sessions• Regular 1:1 time with WebFWD staff• Marketing & event support, participation in special events
  25. 25. WebFWD
  26. 26. WebFWDInfo lebih lanjut:https://webfwd.org/about/https://webfwd.org/about/program/https://twitter.com/mozwebfwd
  27. 27. Terima kasih!Blog: www.bennychandra.comEmail: bennychandra@mozilla.web.idTwitter: @bennychandraBlog: blog.mozilla.web.idTwitter: @ID_Mozilla