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Styles and techniques Powerpoint

  1. 1. Unit30 C1 structuresand techniques powerpoint
  2. 2. Audience Classification AHHH… BISTOOur target audience is stay at home parents andolder people who will be making home meals fortheir families.My advised television channel for Bisto is ITV1 Ihave 3 possible options for the advert to air
  3. 3. Daypart viewing choices 5 times from 19:00- 21:30 (total cost: £397,745) 2 times from 19:00- 21:30 (total cost: £ 119,098) 10 times from 11:00- 18:59 (total cost: £50,200) The first two time periods would be reaching not only our target audience but multiple other viewers people will watch this around the time they are having their dinners making hungry for our product. During the day however we can reach our target audience for longer and cheaper.
  4. 4. How to measure our effectiveness  We can measure the effectiveness of our advertisement by a increase in sales.  We can also see a improvement in BARB by looking at the channels ratings when it airs we’ll know how many people are watching.  We are also going to open a facebook page that will allow for audience to give us feedback.
  5. 5. Techniques Hidden and overt messages Emotional responses or association: solution to a problem fear, concern, compassion, self perception, social position, celebrity endorsement
  6. 6. Social Position Russian Standard Vodka Released 28th October 2009 Can be found here:
  7. 7. Russian Standard Vodka Advert This advert is addressing social position by first addressing what its target audience 20-40 year old socialites and finding out what they use to define social position then making the man in the advert a suave looking, upper class socialite who is presented like a role model to the viewer. This makes the viewer want to be like the man in the advert who has what the viewer is going to perceive as high class status symbols i.e. the suit he is wearing. Their is also physical attraction present because the part of the man and the extras are played by attractive people making the target audience want to buy the product to be with or like people similar to the adverts. The costume and settings are also expensive and glamorous appealing to the target audience because they want to experience the same things as the characters in the advert.
  8. 8. Self Perception Lynx Excite Released on January 18th 2011 Can be found here:
  9. 9. Lynx Excite Advert This advert shows highly attractive women chasing dressed as angels who are searching for a man who is using the new lynx body spray the whole time a quire is singing the words “sexy boy”. Most men who watch this advert will want to be able to go out with women similar to the ones in the advert so they can prove their self perception. This desire to better themselves in the eyes of women will make them want to buy the new lynx body spray.
  10. 10. Regulation advertising OFCOM BCAP Clear Cast ASA
  11. 11. OFCOM OFCOM are a regulatory company that focus on a wide array wireless and fixed line devises such as televisions, radios and mobiles. In the UK companies have to have their licenses approved by OFCOM to broadcast. OFCOM take part in the investigation of complaints of any complaints received by the public
  12. 12. BCAP List of rules that advertisers must adhere to. Covering taste, decency, misleading ads, harm and offence, privacy. Have 32 categories of rules that they use to regulate British advertisement broadcasting The categories are split up amongst General sections, specific category sections and scheduling rules This Code applies to all advertisements (including teleshopping, content on self-promotional television channels, television text and interactive television advertisements) and programme sponsorship credits on radio and television services licensed by Ofcom
  13. 13. Clear Cast They do this by ensuring advertising is cleared before it is transmitted. Ads transmitted on UK terrestrial and satellite channels can be submitted to Clearcast for approval. Clearcast is owned and funded by six commercial broadcasters, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five, Daybreak, Sky, and Turner all of whom are represented on Clearcast’s board. Other broadcasters using Clearcast for clearance pay individually for Clearcast’s services. Pre-production scripts and finished ads are considered against The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising BCAP Code).
  14. 14. ASA The ASA’s aim is to ensure that ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful by enforcing the Advertising Codes. Last year they received 25,214 complaints about 13,074 ads. They thoroughly assessed every one of those concerns and investigated the ads that seemed to breach the rules. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) are the organisation recognised by the government and Ofcom to deal with complaints about advertising