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Multiplayer skills gaming - Game Jane


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I have tested a great multiplayer mobile gaming solution from GameJane.

Its really good for gaming with your buddies in a series of quick and accessible games. (my favourite is the classical tanks game here called artillery)

Emailed the team and got the pdf that I'm sharing here.

More info at

Multiplayer skills gaming - Game Jane

  1. 1. SERVICE OVERVIEW MOBILE REAL-MONEY SKILL GAMING The GameJane service lets you play against REAL people for REAL money in classic and enter- taining multiplayer games. You can play anywhere, anytime using your mobile phone. TONS OF WAYS TO PLAY IT You can play against friends or random players in single challenges, or you can participate in lots of different tournaments. There are 18 games available including classsic boardgames such as Chess and arcade games such as Bricks and Artillery. New games are added countinuously. EASY SETUP The small client application needed to play is free to download and free practice play is available from start. Registration is easy and can be done from your handset or on the GameJane web page.
  2. 2. HOW TO GET STARTED 1 VISIT WWW.GAMEJANE.COM On the start page of you enter your phone number in the downlaod form. A text message will be sent to you containing the download link. Alternativly, you can surf directly to on your phone. 2 DOWNLOAD THE GAMEJANE CLIENT When you have received the welcome text message from GameJane, follow the link to download the client. If you have trouble opening the link, you can also type in directly in your wap browser. Make sure the GameJane java client installs correctly. 3 REGISTER AND PLAY! Start the GameJane client on your phone. Make sure you have a working mobile internet connection. The client connects to the GameJane server and you should see a login page. Choose New player and follow the instructions. When you’re done registering, you’re ready to play!
  3. 3. THE LOBBY THE HEART OF THE SERVICE The Lobby is the first thing that greets you when connecting and this is where you do all your GameJane business. This is where you: - Find and challenge opponents - Browse games and alter your game list - Practice games for free - Visit the cashier to fill your account with credits - Search for friends and invite new players - Browse and participate in tournaments - Look at the current rankings - Watch live gameplay between other players
  4. 4. THE GAMES ONE DOWNLOAD - MANY GAMES By using a client/server based platform, you get access to tons of games just by downloading our small mobile client. All games have easy recognizable gameplay and all of them are multiplayer enabled in real time. You can practice all games for free. More games are added countinuously.
  5. 5. HOW DOES IT WORK? MAKE BETS USING CREDITS GameJane players buy credits and use these to make challenge bets. One credit is worth one eurocent. The winner of a challenge gets the total of the bets minus a small percentage (the rake). This is how we get the fundings to run the service. Whenever a player wants to withdraw winnings it’s simple to do so on the GameJane web site. TECHNICAL PLATFORM GameJane is developed using the innovative Swimmer multiplayer platform. By using a thin Java client, all game and application resources are dynamically retrieved from a server. This allows us to constantly and dynamically update the service, and the users will get access to new games and content without the hazzle of extra installations. POWERED BY BASED ON SKILL! GameJane is NOT gambling, it’s NOT a lottery - it’s skill gaming. All games have been developed with this in mind. People play against real people for real money, and the best player takes the winnings. GameJane is a mobile multiplayer platform that works!
  6. 6. For more information about GameJane visit WWW.GAMEJANE.COM or contact Trust Solutions WWW.TRUSTSOLUTIONS.SE