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Jonas Kollbergs presentation from Open Source for Mobile at Kista Mobile & Multimedia Network

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Mobile Showcase Moblin2

  1. 1. Intel Confidential Moblin Intel Corporation Software & Solutions Group 1
  2. 2. Intel Confidential The Moblin Ecosystem Vision Universe of “PC” & Internet New Applications Innovations MIDs Netbooks Auto future… Usage Model Usage Model Usage Model Usage Model MW, Apps MW, Apps MW, Apps MW, Apps OS & OS & OS & Sys. Infra. Moblin Sys. Infra. OS & Sys. Infra. Sys. Infra. Platforms such as Intel® Atom™ processor based MID, netbooks, IVI… Establish a mobile & embedded software ecosystem that leverages the existing PC Linux ecosystem and attracts new innovations 2
  3. 3. Intel Confidential Product Development Model Upstream Open Source Projects Projects ConMan GNOME Clutter Mozilla uPnP Fast Boot Audio Manager Gstreamer SDK/Compliance GEOClue Etc. Etc… Closed 3rd Party Source Apps Compliant OXM Commercial Products OS • Open source distribution • Integration of advanced technologies •Commercially supported • Test & validation on •Customizations reference platforms •Integration of 3rd Party code & licenses • Moblin Compliant •Test & Validation on customer hardware 3
  4. 4. Intel Confidential Technical Value Features Benefits Optimized for Power, Performance Improved Power Efficiency, and Footprint Responsiveness & Reduced BOM Cost Optimized for Faster Boot and Improved Responsiveness Resume Times Support for full browser/plug-ins Deliver a full Internet and Media and Media formats/codecs Experience Customizable UI & Rich User Optimized Application & UI (3D) Experience; Enables OEM support based on OpenGL differentiation Standardized Linux Core Stack Ensure Application Compatibility across Moblin distros Multiple Distributions Across Geos Multiple OSVs to Choose From 4 4
  5. 5. Intel Confidential Compliance spec at a glance OSVs, OEMs, ISVs may customize UI and apps. Moblin Core: • Leverages LSB4 plus newer components • Maintain native app compatibility (GTK,QT, etc.) • Best mobile internet experience (support Mozilla, Webkit, Flash..) • Best media experience (Available codecs, hw acceleration, etc.) Drivers need to be upstream in the Netbook Compliance profiles MID • Rev0.5 version is available for review today IVI • Early specs & tests be published on April/May „09 • MID and IVI profiles to be defined 2H 2009 • DRAFT spec & tests available Q2 2009 5 5
  6. 6. Intel Confidential Summing it up • Take a look at Moblin Netbooks and MIDs here today • Download Moblin 2.1 and test it on you Netbook • If you have a Linux version of your software: Test it. • If you are interested in more information or have an application that fits the MID/Netbook segment please feel free to contact us. 6 6