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Searching for tips and strategies to master MLM Sponsoring? I give you a pat on the back for seeking answers to improve your MLM recruiting skills. Because what is about to be revealed is hardly ever spoken of. A way to sponsor and recruit reps for your business on auto pilot and have them all call you.

Let's face it prospecting and old school tactics SUCK.

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MLM Sponsoring Exposed

  1. 1. 11/21/13 MLM Sponsoring Exposed MLM RECRUITIN G PRO Top Earner MLM Recruiting Tips& MLM Recruiting Secrets HOME MLM R EC R U ITING TIPS MLM R EC R U ITING S EC R ETS MLM R EC R U ITING S YS TEM MLM PR OS PEC TING NETWOR K MAR KETING R EC R U ITING MLM Sponsoring Exposed By Bennett Watson (Edit) Searching for tips and strategies to master MLM Sponsoring? I give you a pat on the back for seeking answers to improve your MLM recruiting skills. Because what is about to be revealed is hardly ever spoken of. A way to sponsor and recruit reps for your business on auto pilot and have them all call you. Let’s face it prospecting and old school tactics SUCK. No one is teaching MLM sponsoring tactics for the 21st century, it’s the same old song and dance. Create a warm market list, call them until they join but if they don’t keep calling them until they change their number. Is that about right? So how is that working out for you? Would you FINALLY like to discover how to sponsor and recruit people into your business WITHOUT all of the 80′s and 90′s style recruiting methods? How would you like to be able to relax and not stress anymore about having enough leads, enough people to talk to, and worry about recruiting any longer. Confused by MLM Sponsoring? school tactics SUCK. Yes! Great let’s dig deeper. MLM Sponsoring Secrets 1/5
  2. 2. 11/21/13 MLM Sponsoring Exposed So what is this mystical and magical secret to “MLM Sponsoring”? It seems simple when your upline is showing you the plan and telling you all you need is 2 people, then they get their 2 people and so on and on. That sounds warm and fuzzy and all BUT the best laid plans never work out like they should. The truth is that most companies do not teach MLM recruiting skills that involve warm market afterlife. What do you do when the hunting ground called your warm market list is spent? Do you go out and create a new WARM market? You could but that could take a very long time. Go buy lousy MLM leads? I beg you please do not stoop that low. You have no idea do you? Don’t feel bad because I was in the same boat. I had burned up the warm market list 3 or 4 times to only recruit 1 person, lame right? So what is this secret to MLM sponsoring no one seems to be sharing? Lead Prosperity The first element to success with MLM sponsoring is being able to generate leads on demand. Don’t you think this would make MLM sponsoring made easy? Imagine if you had more leads then you knew what to do with. Let me share with you what really turned my business around and made sponsoring and recruiting a lot easier. Once I had learned about how to use a MLM Recruiting System like My Lead System Pro to do all of the prospecting,sifting,sorting and presenting for me is when things began to change. No longer did I have to go out and prospect people who MIGHT be interested in my wonderful business opportunity. Using a system like MLSP is crucial when it comes to MLM sponsoring. With traditional methods most of your time is spent MLM Prospecting. Which in my opinion prospecting STINKS. Now you can focus on the activities that will pay you. So to have success in MLM Sponsoring you need a MLM recruiting system like MLSP that will present your opportunity to hundreds or even thousands of people per day. Now doesn’t that sound better then you going out and talking to hundreds of people? MLM Sponsoring And Knowing What To Say And How To Say It Leads are one crucial piece of the sponsoring and recruiting puzzle. Knowing what to say and how to say it is another crucial piece to the MLM recruiting puzzle. I’m sure when you started out in your business your upline gave you some scripts to follow right? They give you scripts because if you try to wing it on your own then you will blow it big time. Scripts are great for warm market because it is someone you know personally. But what about when your out using a lead system like MLSP and you start approaching cold contacts? Do you know what to say? Do you know how to answer an objection to your business? 2/5
  3. 3. 11/21/13 MLM Sponsoring Exposed What do you say if they say is this a pyramid or I don’t think I have enough time? Like I said before generating leads is a big piece of the sponsoring puzzle but this is still a people business. Dealing with people can be like herding cats! So learning phone skills and how to speak with prospects is crucial to your success in your MLM business. I have been to a lot of company training events, conventions, and super Saturday’s. But none of them ever taught me how to talk to people or close them into my business. I had to go outside of my company to get MLM recruiting training. So where do you turn for help with sponsoring and closing? In my opinion Ray Higdon is one of the best recruiters out there in the industry. I’ve gone through a ton of audio courses on sponsoring and recruiting, and so has Ray. He packaged all of his knowledge into his MLM Sponsoring Series where he shares how he sponsored 28 people in 21 days. MLM Sponsoring Made Easy Now I am not talking about the easy like your upline said where you get 2 then they get 2 and they get 2. In review of this article there are just 2 things you really need to do. Use A MLM Recruiting System Develop Your People Skills Sounds simple right? Basically all we do in network marketing is present our opportunity,products or service and then collect a decision. MLM Sponsoring will become easier once you learn how to master lead generation and recruiting skills. Got A Few Minutes? Discover How To Become A Lead Master When Top Earners Reveal Their Most Lethal Lead Strategies Share this: Google+ Bennett Watson Follow 157 3/5
  4. 4. 11/21/13 MLM Sponsoring Exposed No related posts. Filed Under: MLM Sponsoring Tagged With: MLM recruiting, mlm sponsoring, mlm sponsoring formula, mlm sponsoring made easy, mlm sponsoring secrets, mlm sponsoring system, mlm sponsoring tips “I do believe you two have just changed my life. Even though this was only the first call, I have already realized what I’ve been doing wrong for the 16 months I’ve been in this industry. You guys ROCK!!!!” - Ray JMK Black Belt Recruiting Testimonial "At the time I joined MyLeadSystemPRO, I was struggling very very hard in my Network Marketing business. I ran out of people to talk to and dried up my list of people I knew. After going through the training from 6 and 7 figure income earners inside the system, I applied what I learned and focused. Long story short, I now have people calling me and emailing me telling me they want to work with ME. Now how cool is that?" - Bluesman Of MLM MLSP Testimonial Copyright@2013 MLM Recruiting Pro 4/5
  5. 5. 11/21/13 MLM Sponsoring Exposed Legal Disclaimer |Linking Policy|Testimonials Disclosure|Privacy Policy |Terms Of Use 5/5