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Black belt recruiting review


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Looking for an honest Black Belt Recruiting Review?

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Black belt recruiting review

  1. 1. 5/3/2014 Black Belt Recruiting Review 1/6 Black Belt Recruiting Review Black Belt Recruiting Review By Bennett Watson (Edit) Looking for an honest and unbiased Black Belt Recruiting Review? Are you wondering how good black belt is and if it can help you become a sponsor monster? Black Belt is a MLM recruiting training series put together by Mike Dillard and Mark Weiser. Mark sponsored Mike Dillard back when Mike was waiting tables in Austin Texas. Weiser actually has a degree in Psychology and oddly enough, MLM legend Todd Falcone is his sponsor. So these guys definitely have the credibility and background to put out an amazing network marketing recruiting course. Mark Weiser was consistently ranked top recruiter in his company but it wasn’t always this way. I was amazed to find out that Weiser struggled for years in his business until he learned how to recruit effortlessly using psychology. Top Earner MLM Recruiting Tips& MLM Recruiting Secrets HOME MLM RECRUITING TRAINING GET MLM LEADS GET PAID TODAY FREE NETWORK MARKETING TRAINING BLACK BELT RECRUITING REVIEW MLM RECRUITING PRO
  2. 2. 5/3/2014 Black Belt Recruiting Review 2/6 Why Black Belt Recruiting Is Different From Any Other MLM Recruiting Training I’ve been through several MLM recruiting courses, all very good but they all lacked one thing. Mindset. Most recruiting courses cover the how to’s but do not get into developing the mindset of a top recruiter. MLM recruiting is all about having the right mindset. Majority of Black Belt Recruiting covers mindset and how to think and act like a recruiting rock star. Most network marketers fail in recruiting people because they lack the confidence and posture to be taken seriously. Mark goes into great detail on how to talk to your prospects and how to conduct your business like a professional. Most MLM’ers treat their business like a hobby, and they wonder why people do not want to join their business. Black Belt Recruiting also helps you develop posture which is a must if you want any kind of success in your business. Posture can be confused with being cocky, a jerk or having an attitude. Posture is none of those, it’s about confidence, acting like a professional and always being a good listener. Of all the training I have been through on recruiting none of them besides Black Belt even covered posture. Meet any successful person and right away you’ll instantly know what posture is all about. My Take And Experiences After Going Through Black Belt Recruiting I can tell you that it literally changed the way I conducted my business. My phone calls to my leads were more meaningful and had better results. After a week of listening to “Black Belt Recruiting” my results were phenomenal. I had set every one of my appointments with the leads I had generated, had people showing up to my local weekly opportunity meeting, and recruited my 1st cold contact since being in my business.
  3. 3. 5/3/2014 Black Belt Recruiting Review 3/6 I can say that before Black Belt I was mediocre at calling leads and setting appointments. Afterwards I had prospects wanting to know more about my business and feeling more comfortable talking to me because I was coming from the stance of being a professional. People want to work with successful people. Even if your brand new and have no success at all you can still have amazing results by implementing what is taught in Black Belt Recruiting. If you have the mindset of a top recruiter it will come through subconsciously to your prospects. People will be drawn to you because you exude confidence and posture of a successful business owner. Are you tired of people not taking you seriously? Are you tired of people hanging up on you? Do you want more people showing up to your appointment and weeding out losers? Then Black Belt will cure all of that within a week of just implementing what is taught. One of the biggest paradigm shifts I had while going through the course is learning how to qualify your prospects. I had a bad problem of talking to everyone and wasting time with losers. You know the type of people who have a get rich quick mentality. I would waste time with anyone and everyone and I didn’t care. After Black Belt I learned instantly how to qualify a prospect within a few seconds of the phone call. By asking a few simple questions I was able to determine who I had on the other side of the phone. If I didn’t like them, I let them go. That is when things really got exciting! It’s empowering when you can let prospects go, and move on to better qualified people. In Network Marketing we are taught that everyone is a prospect.
  4. 4. 5/3/2014 Black Belt Recruiting Review 4/6 That is one of the biggest loads of garbage ever taught. Not everyone is meant to be a business owner, and your job is to find people are qualified to do what we do. Just put yourself in the shoes of a CEO. They do not just hire anyone off the street, they have certain criteria an applicant must meet. You should do the same thing in your own business. Act like your the CEO of your own Million Dollar enterprise. Black Belt Recruiting will give you the skills to do just that! To Your Success, PS Check Out Mike Dillard’s Interview With Black Belt Recruiting Legend Mark Weiser. In This Free 72 Minute Video Mark Reveals His Best Kept MLM Recruiting Secrets That Are Guranteed To Recruit 10-20 People Per Month Into Any MLM Company. Related posts: 1. MLM Recruiting (4.2) Looking for help with MLM Recruiting? Recruiting and sponsoring has... Filed Under: Black Belt Recruiting Review Tagged With: black belt recruiting affiliate, black belt recruiting legit, black belt recruiting review, blackbelt profit system reviews, how good is black belt recruiting, magnetic sponsoring review, mark weiser todd falcone, mike dillard, mike dillard's black belt recruiting “I do believe you two have just changed my life. Even though this was only the first call, I have already realized what I’ve been doing wrong for the 16 months I’ve
  5. 5. 5/3/2014 Black Belt Recruiting Review 5/6 been in this industry. You guys ROCK!!!!” - Ray JMK Black Belt Recruiting Testimonial "At the time I joined MyLeadSystemPRO, I was struggling very very hard in my Network Marketing business. I ran out of people to talk to and dried up my list of people I knew. After going through the training from 6 and 7 figure income earners inside the system, I applied what I learned and focused. Long story short, I now have people calling me and emailing me telling me they want to work with ME. Now how cool is that?" - Bluesman Of MLM MLSP Testimonial
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