Attraction marketing secrets to build an online mlm


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Copy and Paste URL for free attraction marketing training.
Looking for attraction marketing secrets to build your network marketing business online?

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Attraction marketing secrets to build an online mlm

  1. 1. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros ATTRACTION MARKETIN G PROS Attraction Marketing Tips And Strategies To Build Your Network Marketing Business HOME ATTR AC TION MAR KETING ATTR AC TION MAR KETING ONLINE ATTR AC TION MAR KETING S YS TEM ATTR AC TION MAR KETING S TR ATEGIES ATTR AC TION MAR KETING BLU EPR INT Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. By Bennett Watson — Leave a Comment (Edit) So what the heck is Attraction Marketing? If your new to network marketing you are probably clueless on to what it is exactly.So your here to get the attraction marketing definition and see if it is a better way to build a network marketing business. So where did it come from and what is all the hype about? Let’s dive in on your crash course on “attraction marketing”. Mike Dillard Started The Attraction Marketing Revolution Back in 2008 after being in my business for over a year with no success and broken dreams I resorted to what most people in MLM do. I went to Google to research on how I could build my business via the internet. What I did not know is that a tiny PPC ad targeting my company would spark a change in my network marketing career forever. It was a link to a capture page talking about how to generate leads for your business online. It was a free 7 day attraction marketing bootcamp. I didn’t know what attraction marketing was and really didn’t care. All I cared about was relieving the pain of not making any money in my network marketing business since I had joined over a year ago. The concepts that Mike Dillard shared in his Magnetic Sponsoring marketing 1/6
  2. 2. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros bootcamp spoke and made sense to me. In this attraction marketing bootcamp I realized I was doing what 97% of other in MLM were doing that wasn’t working. I was focused on pitching my opportunity versus branding myself. When I went out into public I was focused on pitching the next person I ran into, and you know how that turned out. I would pitch my family, friends, and even friends of my friends. It got down right embarrassing. Mike Dillard in his course taught me how to become a problem solver versus just another distributor. It doesn’t really matter how great your company or your products are. It’s about how you are perceived and what value you bring to others. I like to think of it as value driven marketing. Instead of pitching my opportunity, I give value and solutions to people in our industry. Attraction marketing is doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. People are looking for leaders who have stepped up and taken on the leadership role. Don’t you feel attracted to certain mentors that you have followed over the years? Why? Because you perceive them as someone of value and someone who can help you. That is attraction marketing! Mike Dillard’s Simple Attraction Marketing Formula Mike had gone down the same path as many do in MLM, a path of failure after failure. Through his struggle he had found a skill that he was particularly good at, copywriting. He found that he could sell with words which is a highly sought after skill. He had bought every course on Copywriting and mastered it. This is what leads me to how to succeed with attraction marketing. 2/6
  3. 3. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros Find something your really good at when it comes to your business. Are you good at writing? Are you good at marketing and generating leads? Are you an expert in health and fitness or your particular field? Then promote it! Mike did the same thing, he mastered and was an expert in copywriting and it had made him millions. 1 sales letter he had written earned him over $22 Million dollars. When it came to copywriting, Mike Dillard is the expert. Attraction marketing doesn’t just have to be in network marketing, you can use it in any area. Now in regards to network marketing you can brand yourself as expert in a certain area. I’ve become quite good at blogging and article marketing, so I give value and tips to people on how they can also build a business through blogging. Aren’t you tired of doing things that aren’t working? Wouldn’t you like to make money in your business regardless if anyone joins your business? When you implement attraction marketing strategies in your business you can start earning multiple streams of income because your income is not just based on the size of your downline. Mike Dillard also started a revolution on how to get paid in network marketing. He knew that 97% of people make less then $100 a month in their business and found a way to get paid even if no one ever joined his business. And it’s the truth. I struggled for a year and earned less then $100. After I learned about attraction marketing through Magnetic Sponsoring and implemented it I made over $200 my first month! 3/6
  4. 4. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros So after that first month of finally earning money in my business I was hooked for life. I knew that this was a better way of building my business. A mentor of mine told me to focus on building a business and not just a downline. I have done that with attraction marketing and now it’s your turn. Here Is The Attraction Marketing System I Recommend. Earn 100% Commissions And Build A 6 Figure Business Without A Downline. Related posts: 1. Attraction Marketing System To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online (12) 2. Attraction Marketing Blueprint For Success (7.5) Filed Under: What Is Attraction Marketing? Tagged With: attraction marketing, attraction marketing blueprint, attraction marketing formula, attraction marketing lead system, attraction marketing mike dillard, attraction marketing strategies, attraction marketing system, attraction marketing training Leave a Reply Logged in as Bennett Watson. Log out? Comment You may use these HTML tags and attributes: < h e = " t t e " > < b r t t e " > < c o y t t e " > a rf" il=" ab il=" arnm il=" <><lcqoect=" <ie <oe <e dttm=" <m <>< ct=" <tie <tog b bokut ie"> ct> cd> dl aeie"> e> i q ie"> srk> srn> POS T C OMMENT 4/6
  5. 5. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros 5/6
  6. 6. 2/7/2014 Attraction Marketing Secrets To Build An Online MLM. - Attraction Marketing Pros Linking Policy Testimonials Disclosure Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use Attraction Marketing Pros Copyright@2014 6/6