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Evaluation question 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation question 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Inspiration My music video was heavily inspired by other rock/indie bands such as Foo fighters, kasabian and Kaiser chiefs. I used many of the conventions of This genre such as an emphasis on the band and not narrative, and using many Shots of the band singing and playing.
  3. 3. Clothing and props In my music video I used a lot of practical props, such as guitars And other instruments leaving out anything that would not normally appear at A bands gig. As for clothing we split the filming in two filming one half in suits And formal attire and the other half in casual clothing. This was done to make The faster half of the song fit with the change in clothing and to give the impression That the band work better when not dressed to impress. This approach to clothing and props is a large component of music videos of my Chosen genre as it gives a more realistic and down to earth feel to the video.
  4. 4. Effects In post production I decided to add some effects to make the shots look More professional and dynamic. Some of these effects include fades, head And tail burns and also some colour correction. These help to make my music Video look like some of the other high budget music videos of my genre, however By not using too many I still managed to give my video a gritty/indie feel which is One of the main conventions of this genre.
  5. 5. Editing techniques One of the main techniques that I used to make my music video look and feel better Was the idea of pacing, I wanted my music video to start off slow the same as the Music and to gradually built up to the point in the music where the tempo suddenly Increases. I achieved this by using a slow cut rate in the beginning of the video and By also using lots of longer shots such as the band walking or messing about, I also Made the effects more dramatic as the song progressed including more over the top Filters and transitions. Overall I feel that this did a good job of pacing the video and Kept up with the pacing of other videos of the same genre.
  6. 6. Narrative Initially in my music video I wanted to have a strict narrative based off the lyrics In the song, I felt that this would be an easy way to decide what I needed to include In my video. However after talking to someone who makes music videos for bands I decided to not go for a linear narrative and leave it up to the viewers to decide what The narrative is. This way I was free to create whatever I want in the same style as The arctic monkeys and I feel that this is what gave me the freedom to create what I eventually did. This style of loose/non-existent narrative is very commonly used in Music videos of my genre as they give the video a kind of wild and free atmosphere That suits that genre of music very well.
  7. 7. Representation In their music videos and songs the Arctic monkeys are represented as a Rebellious, loud group of lads. This is shown by their use of shots such as Them walking through town or hanging out at a pub. In my music video I wanted to give the same impression, I did this by using Lots of fast cuts and by making the boys dress casually in the faster part of the song. Another thing that I did was include some of the iconic shots of the band walking down A street chatting and just being lads.
  8. 8. Target audience The target audience of my music video, and that of the arctic monkeys in general Is roundabout 17-25 year olds predominantly males. This matches well with the Image of the band as they are also shown to be within their own demographic. I tried to tailor my music video to this same age range by including lots of fast cuts And effects, but also by dressing up the lads in a way that was familiar to the Audience and allowed them to associate with the band in the same way that the Official music videos do.
  9. 9. Digipak I decided that for my digipak I wanted to create something that gave a very similar Feel to my music video, that being a indie/rebelious feel. To do this I used some of The stills from my music video ( such as the one being used for the background ), I like doing this because it allows the viewer to easily understand that they are Linked and that they are all about the same band creating a synergistic effect and Creates some brand recognition.
  10. 10. Digipak conventions My digipak follows many of the main conventions of other products. For example It includes a track list on the back page which tells you which songs are in what Order and also includes the timings of the songs. Another convention that is used In my digipak is the inclusion of the production company’s copyright information And contact details. I also included the album name on the front page and on the Spine as well as the serial number.
  11. 11. Website inspiration When I was researching websites to find inspirations for my website I looked at Some of the websites by bands of the same genre and style as the arctic monkeys, Such as kasabian, oasis, and kaiser chiefs. One of the conventions of these Websites that I decided to take was the dark background colours with white text From the oasis website, this gives it a grungy, indie feel and helps to match with The colour scheme of the music video.
  12. 12. My Website I have linked my Music video on The home page Of my website This helps to Promote it and Draw attention. I put links to buy Arctic monkeys Albums on Amazon I Placed many links on this Website to social media website Such as Facebook and Twitter
  13. 13. Website Gigs page Photo from video To show a connection Gig list which is A convention From websites Of
  14. 14. Website Gallery page Gallery page, Typical Convention of Ban websites
  15. 15. Website contact page I used my contact Details for this page To make it seem Like a real website