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Brands and www (what, when, where)


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Brands timeline online.

Is internet another media? That seems to be driving advertising agencies crazy all over the world.

But the answer is NO.

The online world is a new reality in everybody’s life. It’s another world, but not in the sense that it’s different, which it is. It’s another place where people live another part of their life. Online we go to the bank, to the doctor, we go shopping. We watch concerts, movies, art. We visit friends and have relations with them... and on, and on. The online world offers sex, drugs, rock & roll... and all things in between.

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Brands and www (what, when, where)

  1. 1. Brands and www (what, when, where)Image by Lorenzo Bennassar
  2. 2. Brands and people online.Is internet another media? That’s what’s driving advertising agencies crazyall over the world.But the answer is NO.The online world is a new reality in everybody’s life. It’s another world, butnot in the sense that it’s different, which it is. It’s another place where peopledo another life. In the net we go to the bank, to the doctor, shopping. Wewatch concerts, movies, art. We visit friends and have relations with them...and on, and on. The online world offers sex, drugs, rock & roll... and allthings in between. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  3. 3. Brands and people online.And on top of this, it offers the possibility to behave differently.The ones that we trust online are not necessarily the ones we trust or trustedin the fisical world. The ones that we had to put with, we don´t necessarilyhave to accept them anymore. If you want to watch a movie in the theater orTV, either you pay or you accept endless commercial breaks. Online you cando so where, when and how you want for free (sure, it might not be legal butwho cares)... And on and on, we all know the possibilities so far by now.The net has clearly established its rules (don´t lie, don´t interrupt, don´tshout...) and it’s been demonstrated that either you follow them or you are notpart of it. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  4. 4. Lorenzo Bennassar
  5. 5. 76% of consumers trust moreother consumers than brands.Somewhere, somehow, peoplehave started trusting other peoplebefore brands. Lorenzo Bennassar
  6. 6. Brands and people online.If brands and advertising agencies keep doing things the exact same way they’vebeen done so far, it’s most likely it won’t work in a world that has changed somuch.Of course convencional advertising still works. And it works wonders in thephysical world. How wouln’t it if it’s been improved for the last 40/50 years. Butthat new world where so many behaviours are so different respond to new waysto do things. And we should know it by now.Until now we only had a newspaper page, a billboard or if lucky a 45 seconds tvcommercial to establish that relation. It was hard enough and we’ve done quitewell considering the media. Many brands even enriched that relation throughother channels like packaging, store design, sponsoring... and they got theirmoney back with high interest. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  7. 7. Internet and the brands timeline.So what about the brand’s timeline? What about the need to reach certain peopleon a certain time to get a certain message trough?The bad news is people don’t care about it. They can still do what they want,when they want and where they want it without the brands getting in between.The good news is brands have the best ways available in history toestablish relations with people.Now (and it’s been a few years already) we suddenly have a new place where toenrich our relation with people. Not a new media, but a new world withpossibilities we can´t even imagine yet, where people spend so much time doingalmost everything they use to do in the physical world. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  8. 8. The key is to attrack peopleand offer them something to do...There’s no need to control theconversation to benefit fromtheir interest.Henry Jenkins. Co-Diretor of the “MIT Comparative Media Studies program”
  9. 9. Brands and the new possibilities.Thanks to technology brands can reach people’s hands in a device we carrywith us all day and that wakes us up every morning (mobile andsmartphones).Thanks to technology brands can talk to us, right in the buying decisionmoment, when its only the product and us together. And now the brand inbetween (barcode networks).Thanks to technology brands can be part of the conversation when and wherewe share our most precious moments with the loved ones (social medianetworks. And of course we’re not talking about Facebook banners). (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  10. 10. The real voyage of discoveryconsists not in seekingnew landscapes butin having new eyes.Marcel Proust (i+d)Lorenzo Bennassar
  11. 11. Brands and the new possibilities.Thanks to technology brands have so many new ways to reach people’shearts. Because thanks to technology a brand can demonstrate in so manynew ways it cares about what we think, about what we want, about how andwhere we want it. And when a brand does so we open a little spot for them inour hearts. That’s where real brands live. That’s where a logo becomes abrand.Sure it requires a certain amount of commitment, but after all, didn’t goodrelations depend on commitment already? (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  12. 12. Have you ever seen aMicrosoft Windows stickerin the back of a car?Lorenzo Bennassar
  13. 13. Brands and people.Relations. That’s what it’s all about. In fact, that’s what it’s always beenabout.And the other good news is that, although many behaviours might havechanged in that new world, the hearts of the people are still the same.Because the people are still the same.There’s a new environment with new rules but where the actors remain thesame. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  14. 14. “Communities have alwaysexisted. It’s all about thinkinghow to help people dothe things they want to do.”Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook founder / CEO.
  15. 15. Brands and people.People who want to relate with others. People who want to laugh, love, smile,and even cry. People who want to feel proud and confortable. People whowant to feel loved. And that’s where relations live.That’s where brand can become part of the conversation.Because people love brands who love people. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  16. 16. New realtions. New rules.But what about the brand’s timeline again?Well, the bad news is people have set the rules in this new world. Rules thatmany times make more sense than the ones in the physical world if you askme. But if brands follow those rules the will get their money back. With greaterinterests. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  17. 17. New realtions. New rules.Rule number 1: Let’s become friends first, and then I’ll let you in my heart. Onceyour in you’ll even be allowed to make mistakes. Just be honest and don’t try tofool me (makes sense, doesn’t it?).That’s where, how and when the brand’s timeline will be accepted.If you’re a champagne brand, I’ll expect you wish me happy christmas at the endof the year, and I’ll be glad to see your message in the palm of my hand, nomatter what it is. If you’re a beer brand, I’ll have no problem watching your newcommercial right before entering the liquor store. And if it’s great I’ll even send itto my friends with some nice words of recommendation.The good news is, then, brands will know more about their friends they could everdream of. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  18. 18. New realtions. New rules.Rule number 2: Don’t try to buy me (if you had a date that gave you a tip afterthe dinner you had prepared, it’s most likely you would never repeat that dateagain).And entertain me. Be relevant. Don ́t be repetitive. Be nice. Don’t shout.Behave the way you would want people to behave with you. Don’t beintrusive, unless I said you could send me messages. Not because the lawsays so, but because that’s the way nice friends behave... And if you behavethat way and I don ́t know you, don’t worry, I’ll find you (probably before youfind me) and thousands of friends will help me to. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  19. 19. New realtions. New rules.That’s a nice relationship.That’s the way people like to relate with other people.And that’s the way people like their relationships with brands.In the new world. (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar
  20. 20. (i+d)Lorenzo Bennassar
  21. 21. Thank you (i+d) Lorenzo Bennassar