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Multivariate Tests – The Newest Technique in Learning About People Visiting Your Site


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Multivariate testing, tweaking your site to make improvements and eventually create more sales

Published in: Business, Technology
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Multivariate Tests – The Newest Technique in Learning About People Visiting Your Site

  1. 1. When dealing with abudget into thebillions, firms such asMicrosoft, Facebook andIBM among othersstruggle to know themindset of their clientbase. With so much atstake, that is why thesesame firms investmillions even more tofind out.
  2. 2. Every year, Microsoft forexample, continues to promoteits core business of the Windowsoperating system. Microsoft andits founder Bill Gates, knows thathe has to fight off the OpenSource attacks led by the Linuxoperating system as well as thebrowser attacks led by Mozillaand Firefox. With these dualbattles on going, Gates realizesthat he has to maintain his corebase while, attracting new usersto be able to survive in this newinternet age.
  3. 3. Despite knowing this, Gates alsorealizes that he has to be able totweak the Windows operatingsystem to help it maintain itsmarket share as well as theInternet Explorer browser.However, knowing this does nothelp Gates at all unless he knowsthe mindset of his customer. That iswhy Gates routinely has hiscorporation, Microsoft; useMultivariate testing to open up thewants of his clients so that he canremain on top of the softwareworld.
  4. 4. Gates is an owner who realizes that the softwareworld changes constantly and this is due to the everchanging wants and wishes of the buying public. Justa few years ago smartphones were all the rage and totap into that market Microsoft developed the Windowsphone in large part because of the Multivariate testingthey sponsored whether or not consumers wouldsupport a Windows based phone as compared to theAndroid system that first appeared on the market.
  5. 5. Finding a positive response to theWindows phone in the smartphonemarket, Gates has thrown the fullweight and support of Microsoft intothe full development not only into themaking of handsets but in the actualtelecommunication industry. Thishas, put such telecommunicationgiants as AT&T and Verizon on alertbecause they now know that theyhave a competitor in Microsoft thathas the resources and patience todominant a market that they onceran with a free rein.
  6. 6. Thanks to Multivariate testing, Microsoft discoveredthat its clientele, were very open to having analternative to the dominance of Apple and it iconicportable music player, the IPod. Apple, for years wasable to dictate as king of the portable media marketvery high prices, as well as the demand that users hadto use its software and ITune store.
  7. 7. If Apple had taken thetime to find out whatusers thought about theirbusiness approach, theywould have found aground swell ofdiscontent against it;however, Apple wasblinded by theirdominance and neverreally considered thatthey had a threatbecause of the popularityof the IPod.
  8. 8. Microsoft, thanks in large part to Multivariate testing, diddiscover that Apple’s stranglehold on the portable mediaplayer market was causing discontent. So with thatknowledge, Microsoft developed its own portable mediaplayer, the Zune. And not only did Microsoft develop andlaunch its very own portable media player, but they alsodid so on a platform that was not as closed and difficultto expand as Apple’s IPod because of what they learnedfrom the results of the Multivariate testing.
  9. 9. Multivariate tests, it is a technique that has been inplace for years to learn about the paying public. Firmssuch as Microsoft have used the testing for years tonot only learn about their own customer base but theircompetition as well.
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