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Learning about the visitors to your site


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A/B testing is important because it is an excellent way of binding yourself as a businessman to your clients by learning what they want and need.

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Learning about the visitors to your site

  1. 1. Learning About the Visitors to Your Site
  2. 2. When visitors land onto your website are they excited to bethere or are they already looking to press the back button?The landing page or the front page of a website says a lotabout a website and the services and products that areoffered. If your audience is not enticed to remain by thelanding page, then you are losing potential revenue that youmay or may not be able to recover.
  3. 3. So how can you tell if the landing ormain page of your website isattractive to visitors? You can takeeducated guesses but that is a lot ofhit or misses. And needless tosay, that is a foolhardy approach toyour business. It would be best thatyou hire an online marketingresearch firm that actuallyspecializes in mock site testing orbetter known as A/B testing.
  4. 4. With A/B testing, the marketing firm would work togetherwith your marketing and technical support departments insetting up and implementing a fully functional identical testsite on top of the main site. So while testing isongoing, visitors can still come to your site online andinteract as they normally would. The only differencesbeing that the testing site would be recording what isdone.This will enable you to see in black and white data, whichareas of your site are favorable and which are not, whichservices and products attract the most traffic and which donot. Now you can decide, based upon the actual opinionof your not only your clients but potential clients aswell, as to what upgrades or down grades are needed tohelp make not only your site but your business as well toperform better, more efficiently and profitably.
  5. 5. However, this will not happen if your audience is not evenattracted to your site on their first visit at your splash or landingpage. So what is needed is to have the marketing firm sit downwith you and your marketing firm and come up with a plan ofaction similar to: How should the landing page look Should it be cluttered or a fresh look Which products should be on the landing page Which products should be removed Which services should be out front Which links should be on the landing page Should the checkout be on the top or towards the bottom ofthe landing page
  6. 6. These and similar questions need to be asked and then placedwithin the A/B test to determine the reactions of the public. Oncethe data has been compiled from the testing, then the client and themarketing firm needs to sit down together and determine the bestcourse of action needed to enable the landing page to be a moreattractive part of the website. This would include not only what toadd but maybe just as importantly what not to add to the landingpage.And with a more attractive landing page, the chances increase thatthe visitors to your site will not only visit but they will actuallyremain and become loyal faithful customers. But in order for that tohappen they have to not want to click the back button when theyarrive on your site.
  7. 7. A/B testing is an invaluable tool in helping you todetermine what is and what is not working either with yourwebsite, products or services that you provide. By havingthe customer driven data laid out before you, you will beable to make and educated decision that will enable notonly your site but your business as well to succeed.