Hacking Kickstarter - Marketing Tips for your Campaign


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Here's a list of marketing tricks for your Kickstarter campaign.
Tips on how to reach out to bloggers, attract press and generate maximum buzz around your Kickstarter campaign.

Inspired by Mike Del Ponte's campaign with Soma.

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  • Awesome write up Ben!

    Kickstarter campaign creators should know the following:

    With their new campaign, they should have a strategy for the following:

    a) Getting featured on Kickstarters weekly newsletter and/or becoming the Staff Pick of The Day
    b) Using the press effectively, to get your campaign the attention it deserves
    c) Getting more Backers to view and/or support your campaign

    If they don't have a strategy for these 3 tactics, they are possibly making 3 BIG mistakes.

    Here are 2 resources they can use to get their creative juices running -

    •Yancey Stickler, co-founder of Kickstarter, shares his thoughts on How To Get Your Campaign On The Front Page Of Kickstarter. It is a quick video (1:30), give it a listen. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkRlk1Eu8Ps]

    •Here is an article I wrote for Entrepreneur.com, highlighting 10 Tips from Successful Campaign Creators. Read the quick comments campaign creators left when asked 'What is the 1 tip you have for running a succesful campaign?' [http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229782]

    Learn: How To Promote Your Campaign To A Targeted List Of Hardcore Backers at www.BackersHub.com
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Hacking Kickstarter - Marketing Tips for your Campaign

  1. 1. Hacking Kickstarter
  2. 2. Never done a Kickstarter project Marketing aspects are similar to a startup
  3. 3. Me • Moved to Israel two years ago • Marketing team at Wibiya / Conduit • Growth at lool ventures • Built Mapped In Israel • Contribute at Business Insider / TechCrunch
  4. 4. Tweet me @benln
  5. 5. http://bit.ly/STXvyF Inspiration
  6. 6. Inspiration
  7. 7. Main focus: Facebook Direct traffic (primarily via email) Twitter Kickstarter Blogs Top referrers
  8. 8. Blogs • Relevance • Readership • Relationships • Reach
  9. 9. Research • Find 10 Kickstarter projects similar to yours • Make a list of press, tweets, mentions
  10. 10. Blogger Reachout • Find relevant writer • Find email using Rapportive (will explain after) • Come up with an angle, provide value • Very short email • Follow up using Rapportive
  11. 11. Rapportive • Browser plugin for Gmail • Find anyone’s email in the world • Connect easily on social networks
  12. 12. Blogs • Ask – Post in newsletter – Facebook page – Twitter feed – Any other channel they use
  13. 13. Your contacts • Export contacts from Gmail – Influencers (Klout) – In-the-know friends – Acquaintances • Different email to each group
  14. 14. Friends • Create a Facebook group • Host a party • Share the insider information • Make them a part of the team
  15. 15. Landing page • Keep it simple • Maximize sharing on Facebook
  16. 16. Tools • Zirtual • Boomerang • Mailchimp • Custom Kickstarter dashboard
  17. 17. Connect • Email: b@langonline.com • www.BenLang.me @benln Ben Lang Questions?