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What the Shrink Can Teach the Community Manager


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What the Shrink Can Teach the Community Manager

  2. 2. A bit about me (I’m not a psychologist) @benmason Head of Community at Hypernaked
  3. 3. Our resident Consumer Psychologist Adam Ferrier, Gobal Head of Behavioural Science at Naked
  4. 4. Our thinking about community helps us on a broad range of clients
  5. 5. So I wrote myself a snappy title just before my holiday… How to apply behavioural psychology insights to the practices of community management and wider community marketing programmes. This presents a simple version of established psychological understanding and works it into tactics and techniques that can make community management practices much more effective.  
  7. 7. Behaviour is a way of thinking about the people you manage every day
  8. 8. And this thinking about behaviour is relevant not matter how big or small the action you’re asking
  9. 9. Freud’s approach to psycho-analysis taught us a lot “Why do you think you feel that?” I want to change Our underlying subconscious leads to our outer behaviour
  10. 10. And that theory directly informed 20th Century communication thinking Then it must influence these ACTIONS ACTIONS FEELINGS FEELINGS If you influence these Start here THOUGHTS THOUGHTS Our underlying subconscious leads to our outer behaviour
  11. 11. This approach thrived in the era of mass media
  12. 12. Psychological theory has moved on since Don Draper was around “Behaviour change is achieved through action, more than thoughts or feelings” Meta-Study, 2010
  13. 13. A key concept to understand in this is Festinger’s cognitive dissonance The reason why people think that they keep smoking to stay slim.
  14. 14. Which gives us a major insight: action is better at changing your mind ACTIONS ACTIONS Force an action and people will align their FEELINGS FEELINGS thoughts and feelings to that action THOUGHTS THOUGHTS
  15. 15. Some people have known this for a long time “If you want to make a friend, let someone do you a favor”
  16. 16. Modern psychological practice has adopted this Much more focus on actions, small goals, active treatment I want to How to focus on change breathing and other physical activities How to practise in smaller groups How to alter your cognitions
  17. 17. Advertising hasn’t moved on as much FEELINGS FEELINGS THOUGHTS THOUGHTS ACTIONS ACTIONS
  18. 18. During this time time social media tools have appeared More Facebook users in the UK last week than watched any TV channel apart from BBC1
  19. 19. Tools that allow interaction with millions of people Lots of small actions required
  20. 20. Meaning that small actions can easily be used to influence behaviour
  22. 22. Simple way to frame community member decisions: Motivation + Ease motivation Ease
  23. 23. Within these are multiple spurs that help change behaviour Motivational Ease Spurs Spurs
  24. 24. Let’s focus on a few of them today Motivational Ease Spurs Spurs Collectivism Eliminate Complexity Framing Ownership
  25. 25. The XX and the ownership of their new album, Co-exist Ownership Collectivism Framing
  26. 26. Sailor Jerrys and collectivism via a tattoo
  27. 27. Queues down the street in the rain for a logo tattoo – extreme collectivism Collectivism Eliminate Complexity
  28. 28. Olympic volunteers were brilliant due to collectivism Collectivism “their firm belief that they were part of something bigger transmitted itself to visitors from home and abroad and to the rest of the city. Coe said they represented "the best of British”” The Guardian
  29. 29. The collectivism was especially evident during rehearsals for the opening ceremony Ownership Collectivism “the main reason I did this, was the sense of empowerment that the organisers had placed upon my… shoulders” attendee
  30. 30. Gaga’s little monsters as collectivism and framing “They are the kings. They are the queens. They write the history of the kingdom, while I am something of a devoted Jester.” Gaga, on her fans
  31. 31. St John’s Ambulance as framing, eliminate complexity (and skilling-up)
  32. 32. Hailo is framed differently to the cabbie community and the investor community
  33. 33. Airbnb made holiday rentals way more popular by eliminating complexity and collectivism Eliminate Collectivism Complexity
  34. 34. SO LET’S RECAP
  35. 35. Actions are more powerful than words ““Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand” Confucious
  36. 36. And now we have tools to involve millions
  37. 37. And the theories to support how and why we use them motivation Ease Collectivism Eliminate Complexity Framing Ownership
  38. 38. Now it’s down to you to see what’s possible “The greatest achievements in human history never involved more than 100,000 people” Luis Von Ahn Wikipedia co-authored by 16m people reCaptcha translates books via 750m people
  39. 39. MANY THANKS