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The Olsen Complex


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This is the Olsen Complex for the Sims 4 buildnshare5. It consists of three houses with colonial architecture on the outside, one 2 bed, 2.5 bath home with a modern interior, one 1 bed, 1.5 bath home with arts and crafts interior, and one 1 bed, 1.5 bath home with coastal/eclectic interior.

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The Olsen Complex

  1. 1. The Olsen Complex This complex features three homes with colonial style exteriors and vastly different interiors. The main home has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms with a modern interior. The home on the left was built for Don Olsen’s parents, Leroy and Charlotte. It features an arts and crafts interior with 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms. The home on the right was built for Judy Olsen’s mother Vivian Smith. It features a mixture of coastal and eclectic interior with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms. Pictures of the main home can be found in the slideshow for Olsen’s Modern Colonial.
  2. 2. View from Don and Judy’s back patio This lovely path leads from Don and Judy’s back patio all the way to the back of the lot with a seating area and paths to the front doors of both additional homes. The home on the left is Leroy and Charlotte’s and the home on the right is Vivian’s. While both still feature colonial exteriors there are minor differences in the siding, size, and shape of the homes.
  3. 3. Leroy and Charlotte’s home Leroy and Charlotte’s home features 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, living room, kitchen with eat-in dining, a sewing/craft room, and a den. The rooms feature plenty of space with only one rug for Charlotte to get around with a walker and large doorways for easy maneuvering. To stay true to the arts and crafts style the interior is infused with warm woods throughout.
  4. 4. Top down view of roof The home features one solid gabled roof, but the porch/patio area features a flat sun roof so the tenants can relax in the shade or get a bit of sunshine.
  5. 5. Leroy and Charlotte’s Floorplan
  6. 6. Front Patio area Each side of the patio area has a table and two chairs, as well as a tea set on one side. Plenty of space for the Olsens and a couple guests.
  7. 7. Should be columns here. To the left is the living room, half bath, and sewing room. To the right is the kitchen and dining. Straight ahead is the hallway that leads to the bedroom, en-suite full bath, and Leroy’s den. There should be columns where the arrows are pointing, but they disappear when you get too close. View from front door
  8. 8. Living room The living room comes complete with two loveseats and an entertainment center. There are two end tables but no coffee table so that Charlotte has no problems maneuvering. The doors lead to the half bath and the open doorway leads to Charlotte’s sewing room. Both are double wide for easy entry.
  9. 9. Imagine brown, round columns here. The living room features a nice built in entertainment center with plenty of storage space for movies and CDs. It comes complete with a flat screen television and a stereo. Living room
  10. 10. Kitchen and Dining This large kitchen and dining provides everything the Olsens need with plenty of space for Charlotte’s walker.
  11. 11. Column Kitchen and Dining Plenty of cabinet and counter space, as well as seating for four people.
  12. 12. Half Bath The half bath is located right next to the living room and the sewing room. This way Charlotte does not have far to go when she is working in her sewing room.
  13. 13. The Half Bath
  14. 14. Sewing room Charlotte’s sewing room has plenty of space for her to move around. It comes with a desk for writing or sewing, an old time camera, a violin, an easel, and a woodworking table. It is mostly purple with some red accents.
  15. 15. Sewing room
  16. 16. Sewing room
  17. 17. The Den Leroy’s den comes with a flat screen television, a fireplace, and plenty of seating so he and friends can enjoy the game together.
  18. 18. The Den
  19. 19. The Den
  20. 20. The Hallway The hallway leads to the den, which is the door straight ahead, and to the master bedroom in the other direction.
  21. 21. The Hallway This is the view of the hallway leading towards the door to the master bedroom.
  22. 22. The Master Bedroom The master bedroom is relatively large to allow plenty of room for Charlotte to maneuver. Other than the usual amenities the bedroom also has a standing mirror, two racks for shoes, a chess table, and the only door to the full bathroom.
  23. 23. Master Bedroom
  24. 24. Master Bedroom
  25. 25. Master Bedroom
  26. 26. Master/full Bath The full bath has a shower/bath combo, hamper, toilet, double sinks for Leroy and Charlotte, and a vanity with seat so Charlotte does not need to stand while getting ready for the day or for bed.
  27. 27. Full Bath This is the only spot in the house with a rug, and it is only there so that Leroy and Charlotte do not slip when getting out of the shower.
  28. 28. Full Bath
  29. 29. Leroy Olsen and his Den Leroy is enjoying his big screen television in his den. Unfortunately, there’s no hockey on the sports channel…
  30. 30. Charlotte and her Sewing Room Charlotte is enjoying her “sewing” room already. Now she just needs to buy a sewing machine and she will be all set…
  31. 31. Vivian’s Home Vivian’s home features 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths, living room, kitchen with eat-in dining, an office, and a greenhouse. The rooms feature plenty of blues and greens, as well as some pink to go with the coastal/eclectic theme. Her office has plenty of space to write as well as a couch and plenty of bookshelves so she can read to her hearts content.
  32. 32. Back view of Vivian’s greenhouse Vivian’s greenhouse is located at the back of the house with a door leading outside, a door leading into the kitchen so she can put fresh produce in the refrigerator, and a door to the half bath so she can clean up a bit before entering the rest of the house.
  33. 33. Top down view of the roof The majority of the house is covered by a gabled roof but the patio area and the greenhouse both have sun roofs so Vivian and her plants can get plenty of sun.
  34. 34. Vivian’s Floorplan
  35. 35. Front Patio Area Each side of the patio area has a table and two chairs, as well as a tea set on one side. Plenty of space for the Vivian and a few guests.
  36. 36. View from front door Column Straight in front of the front door is a chess table for Vivian to gain her logic skill or enjoy a nice game with a friend. The two doors ahead are the bedroom on the left and the half bath on the right. The living room is to the left and the kitchen/dining room is on the right.
  37. 37. The Front Door This is a view of the front of the house from the bedroom/bathroom doorways.
  38. 38. The living room has plenty of seating and a large entertainment center for storage. The Living Room
  39. 39. The Living Room Plenty of seating, a large television, and a stereo for entertaining. The built-in entertainment center has plenty of space for all of Vivian’s movies and CDs. The door there on the left is Vivian’s office.
  40. 40. Vivian’s office Vivian’s office provides a nice desk with a computer for writing, a couch for relaxing and a couple bookshelves for storing all of her books.
  41. 41. Vivian’s office Behind Vivian’s desk is three bookshelves, providing plenty of storage.
  42. 42. Vivian’s office The bookshelves
  43. 43. The full bath features a shower/tub combo, a decent toilet, standing mirror, double sinks, and a vanity with seat. This bathroom is only accessible through the bedroom. Full Bath
  44. 44. The vanity comes with a seat so Vivian does not have to stand while getting ready for the day or for bed. Two sinks provide adequate water supply for Vivian and any potential guests. Full Bath
  45. 45. The bedroom Vivian’s bedroom comes with all of the necessary essentials, as well as an easel, bookshelf, and a chair to sit and read in.
  46. 46. The bedroom Plenty of lighting so Vivian can see the tiny print in her books.
  47. 47. The half bath The half bath, located between the bedroom and the greenhouse, provides the basic amenities: a toilet, sink, mirror, medicine cabinet, hamper, and some clean clothes. This way Vivian can come in straight from her garden and clean up a bit.
  48. 48. The double doors lead to the living room and the other door leads out to the greenhouse. The Half bath
  49. 49. Vivian’s greenhouse Vivian’s greenhouse comes with plenty of pots for planting, all the tools she needs, and a hose to refill her waterer. There are doors leading outside, to the kitchen, and to the half bath.
  50. 50. The greenhouse has windows on four sides and a sun roof so the plants will get plenty of sunlight. Greenhouse
  51. 51. Vivian’s kitchen provides the basic amenities, plenty of storage, and seating for three people. The kitchen
  52. 52. Vivian’s kitchen also provides a hutch for her nice china dishes. The door ahead leads out to Vivian’s greenhouse where she can get fresh fruits and vegetables for her meals. The Kitchen
  53. 53. Vivian and her Greenhouse Vivian has already planted a bunch of fruits and vegetables. If she wants to plant much more though she may have to expand…