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Kazasa Interior Design


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This is Kazasa Interior Design, a lot for the Sims 4 BuildnShare challenge # 1. It has a waiting area, reception desk, two half baths, an office with small kitchen and sitting area, and an art studio/game room for work and play. The small yard also has some nice landscaping for artsy nature loving sims.

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Kazasa Interior Design

  1. 1. Kazasa Interior Design Kazasa Interior Design is the ideal workspace for Interior Designers. Complete with a large waiting room, reception desk, large office with small kitchen and area to relax, as well as a moderately sized art studio/game room and two half bathrooms, any sim would be comfortable working here. Its curbside appeal is an additional plus for those artsy nature lovers.
  2. 2. Side view with landscaping
  3. 3. Backyard
  4. 4. Reception desk
  5. 5. Reception
  6. 6. Reception and waiting room
  7. 7. Waiting room Left side Right side
  8. 8. Waiting area
  9. 9. Waiting area half bath
  10. 10. Office
  11. 11. Office
  12. 12. Office
  13. 13. Sitting area in office
  14. 14. Kitchen in office
  15. 15. Kitchen
  16. 16. Olivia Kazasa at her desk
  17. 17. Half bath by office
  18. 18. Studio Shelves are bare for her to put her pieces of work on once she starts using the woodworking bench, or if she finds cool stuff in the world.
  19. 19. Workspace in studio
  20. 20. Play area in studio because everyone needs to take a break and play sometimes.
  21. 21. Arial view of the building, it is only one floor.