Change the World- Start Here!


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You want to change the world? You can start right in your own backyard- the American university campus. Why?
Take 15 minutes out of your day to check out this presentation and see why reaching the university will help you reach the world.

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Change the World- Start Here!

  1. 1. Hi, I’m Ben Korinek.Let’s pretend thatwe’re sitting downto have a cup ofcoffee together andtalk. Now that wefeel comfortable,let’s begin!
  2. 2. Imagine with me…… Imagine a country where 50-70% of all studentsraised in Christian homes abandon their faith afterhigh school, creating a church that is slowlybleeding to death.
  3. 3. Imagine with me…… Imagine a country where only 3% of collegestudents are actively involved with a church
  4. 4. Imagine with me…… Imagine a country that is considered the 3rdlargest unreached nation in the world, surpassedonly by China and India…
  5. 5. No need to imagine- this is modern-day America. 3rd LARGEST Unreached Nation
  6. 6. It’s hard to believe Americais the 3rd LARGESTunreached nation!But one of the mostunreached places in the 3rdlargest unreached nation isthe college campus…
  7. 7. That’s why webelieve theuniversity is theMOST strategicmission field inthe world!
  8. 8. Think about it…- The nation’s future teachers, lawyers, engineers,artists, film-makers, entrepreneurs-the molders of society-are attending our universities right now. Imagine the impact for the Kingdom they could have…
  9. 9. Think about it…- 40% of political leaders in foreign nations sendtheir sons and daughters to American universities. Imagine the impact these international students could have in their home countries… A true way to fulfill the Great Commission!
  10. 10. Think about it…- 80% of people who come to know Christ do so before the age of 25. In a sense, this may be our last opportunity to reach the 3 million students attending our universities
  11. 11. Look,There are TONS ofgood reasons toreach theuniversity. Butwhy don’t I let youhear it from thestudentsthemselves…
  12. 12. Since Converge started, we have been seeing stories like these time and time againSince our first year on the UWO campus, we have seen...
  13. 13. Over 100 students attending a local church
  14. 14. We have held multiple evangelistic events reaching a total of over 5000 studentsPicture taken from 2011outreach at UWO with 4200 inattendance
  15. 15. 12 dorms with a dedicated small group. Reaching over 100 students weekly
  16. 16. A new group planted at Lawrence University!Reaching over 50 students weekly
  17. 17. The point is, we are doing something exciting on the college campus.If you think about it, the world’s future politicians,teachers, doctors, business leaders, directors, authors,actors, musicians, engineers, etc. are being trained inour Universities.-So you don’t like the kind of music they’re coming outwith these days? You don’t like the political policiesthey’re drafting? You don’t like the movies they’remaking these days? For that to change, then we gottareach the an actualPicture taken at university!Converge Gathering
  18. 18. Will you join us inreaching the most strategic missionfield in the world?
  19. 19. To fully become a part of the team, or even to let me know you are interested, go to: www.convergexa.tumblr.comClick the ‘support’ tab and choose the option that works best for you!
  20. 20. Now, let’s reach the world! Thanks for viewing!