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The First Follower


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How to attract people and create a movement or a buzz. First presented at a HW Chamber breakfast meeting on 19 March 2013.

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The First Follower

  1. 1. The FirstFollower How to attract people and create a movement, buzz
  2. 2. What is a First Follower???ASK??The person who is first to join in with the leader in an area
  3. 3. Leadership Lessons with Dancing Guy
  4. 4. 1. Lone nut 2. First follower 3. The masses Building a movement1. Lone nut or leader - 2. The important first followers3. Tipping point where the masses join in
  5. 5. Story: Rock Solid Race5K or 10K obstacle race around Escot Park in Exeter First cross country run since school - Took 5K
  6. 6. First tosign up Need a team
  7. 7. First toget muddy First to show the others the way
  8. 8. First to questionHand up at school - Everyone else is asking the same questionhow do we get under there
  9. 9. Firstto keep going Showing others it still can be done
  10. 10. First to eat! Vegi burger story: How empty food stall became busy because wesupported them by buying cup of tea and making it look a safe choice
  11. 11. But it’s difficultIt’s easier to follow to begin withWhy not be a first at something else
  12. 12. First to help Support others directly answering questions, filling out surveysInlinkedIn people who comment later often refer back to your comment
  13. 13. First to followOr just be the first to support something
  14. 14. Follow me@BenKinnairdI’ll help you marketyour business online