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Article: Scheduling

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  1. 1. Scheduling We all have very busy lives! Full-time occupations, studying, fitness ambitions, family and social responsibilities adds up to a great deal of time to manage! A common complaint, therefore, is that there is just not enough time to go around... Confronted by several duties simultaneously, often people fail to do any of them. The vital purpose of scheduling is to free you from inefficiency and anxiety that is, at least partially, a function of wasted time, stress, lost productivity, inadequate planning, hasty, last minute cramming, etc. Its not meant to enslave you - you will look forward to activities instead of dreading them. Being successful at any level requires habitually scheduling effectively. Preparing a well- organized time schedule as a routine is one of the best techniques for improving your time management skills, achieving outstanding success and maintaining an active approach to your life. To-do list: Make it concrete, make it happen! Begin by jot