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Improve Your Reading Skills


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Article: Improve your reading skills

Published in: Education, Technology
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Improve Your Reading Skills

  1. 1. Improve your reading skills Can't seem to finish a book before it has to go back to the library? Can't remember that much of what you read? Is reading a confusing and unpleasant experience? Well, here is some information to help you improve your general and speed reading skills. Improving reading skills Attention/Presence: You can learn anything if you pay attention! Reading takes effort and you must make the effort. The preview, questioning, eye-movement and other methods mentioned below will help you pay attention and get more involved with the reading material. Preview the Chapter: By doing a preview on each chapter as you go along, you will organize your mind before you begin to read, build a structure for the thoughts and details to come, you will be able to sort, understand and remember the information better. Here's how to preview a chapter when information retention and speed is important: o Preview Time: T