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First Impressions


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Article: First impressions

Published in: Business, Education
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First Impressions

  1. 1. First impressions There's no second chance to make a strong first impression, which is critical in the development of relationships with unfamiliar faces at business and social encounters. Although we've all been advised not to judge people on our first impressions, we all do it. Within seconds, we pass judgment on how people present themselves and appraise their behaviour from head to toe. Even at a glance we scan for those common surface clues! And the impressions we create are virtually irreversible for good or for bad whether anyone likes it or not... By learning the 'rules' you'll start enjoying poise and success beyond your wildest imaginings! First-time acquaintances will be eager to see you again and you'll open up opportunities for friendships, jobs, promotions, love relationships, networking and sales. This is both challenging and exciting. Do you make your first impression your best? Here are some ways to be a fabulous first impression achiever in any situation: