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Music magazine evaluation


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Music magazine evaluation

  1. 1. Music Magazine Evaluation
  2. 2. Introduction My task was to construct a music magazine consisting of a front page, contents page and a double page spread. I did lots of research on different genres and in the end I decided to do a Christian Hip-hop magazine. The magazine had to look professional enough so if it was shelved with real magazines it would still look professional. I decided to do a Christian Hip-hop magazine because I did not want to follow the normal Hip-hop genre and I am into Christian Hip-hop. It is a relatively popular genre and there are quite are a few artists who do that type of music like Lecrae, Trip Lee and KJ52. (pictured below) Lecrae Trip Lee KJ52
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My magazine front cover has a big bold masthead, situated at the top. So the reader can identify the magazine I have a top strip but the real magazine has just text, other magazine also have top strips. This highlight the text inside, catching the readers eye I used the rule of left thirds so the readers see the shelved magazine I also have a main image, also a mid close up like the real product. Due to my magazine being a Hip-Hop magazine the person in the main image of my magazine also has a serious facial expression, therefore keeping with the theme My magazine also has a colour scheme (Black, Red and White) like the real product to make my magazine look more effective and professional. I chose those particular colours because in my audience research it was the most popular and it links with the Hip-Hop theme- Black shows mystery and goes with most colours, red represents danger and white because it contrasts with danger and because it is a Christian Hip-Hop magazine the colours are not all doom and gloom. My Magazine Real magazine product I have a bottom strip like magazines, but not many Hip-hop magazines have them. In this way I developed come conventions.
  4. 4. My barcode is situated in the right hand corner, compared to the usual place of the left corner. This is different and I have developed this convention because I did not think the reader would be interested in the barcode so there was no need to position it in the left side. I also have a feature article but again it is situated in the right side going against the rule of left thirds. This is because I did not want to follow the usual conventions and I thought that it made the article stand out more. I have used different colours and fonts for effect like on the real product. My magazine contains sub-articles also and only a brief explanation. So the audience get a quick overview. My product has a list of additional artists situated at the bottom left corner, this is different because on most magazines it is situated at the top. This gets the reader interested because they might see famous artists they are interested in and want to read more The pug containing the date issue and price is at the top right corner instead of in the barcode. I did this because I thought it attracted the reader more I also have a strap line so the reader can easily identify the magazine.
  5. 5. Page heading biggest, boldest text so catches readers eye, like on a real product. Simple yet effective layout like on many real magazines so to not overpower the reader but interests them. Box out containing date, issue and magazine name. So to remind readers of what magazine/issue they are reading. Like the reminder on the bottom left corner of the real product. This is not a usual convention of a music magazine and in this way I challenge conventions. Same colour scheme as front cover, keeping the magazine looking authentic. Like on real magazines Simple font but still catches the readers eye. I also used Block writing for the article headings, like the real product, to make the article stand out. Two images, again the clothing and expressions keeping with the Hip-hop theme, like in the real product. My magazine has a clear bold page number so the readers can easily flick through the magazine. Like most real magazines. Also contains the menu which includes the features. Unlike other real products my magazine has only features and not any regulars or adverts
  6. 6. Image on one page and article on the other. Simple and effective layout. Used quite often in real products. Like in many other real products my magazine has quotes linked with the article. I have an interview style article like many articles in real products. I have also used a simple plain font so it easily understandable. No double page articles from real products have really fancy fonts for the article text because they need to be easy to read Big bold page numbers like in many real products so the readers can easily navigate throughout the magazine. Byline, this is also in all real magazines and it made my magazine look authentic. However, it is not always positioned right under the article. Hip-hop style image- a mid-shot with a grimace in the facial expression. Also the model in my magazine is wearing a chain, many Hip-hop artists wear ‘bling’, including watches, wrist and neck chains. Gold and silver are extensively used
  7. 7. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My media product targets mainly 16-19 Christian Hip-Hop lovers. I have represented this by using models are all in their youth so the audience automatically bond with the magazine, making it personal. Hip-hop teens are often stereotyped negatively but I wanted to primarily make sure that people were positively stereotyped in my magazine. Also as a Christian Hip-hop magazine I wanted to not link with the usual Hip-hop theme which could often contain drug representation and bad things like swearing. So I have represented good moral. However I have kept the magazine as a Hip-hop magazine and made sure that it is not boring as often Christians can be stereotyped as boring by many secular people. I have also used a variety of ethnicities so the whole 16-19 age range is represented. Further, the main article are about a new young Hip-hop group that are similar age to the target audience. I did this because it could inspire the audience. My magazine would contain the type of magazine to hook the target audiences. Like, for example there could be advertisements on the up and coming concerts by big names like Lecrae and I would have adverts on clothes or trainers. I am trying to target people from the psychodynamics inspirers and egoists. Another way my media product represents and targets particular social groups is by using the right clothes and accessories in my images. As you the models throughout the magazine keep with the
  8. 8. Hip-hop theme. For example on the front page the model has a hood up and is wearing a silver chain. The audience would like the fact that there are many big names featuring in the magazine, this draws the readers in. I think that magazine would be easily recognisable as a Hip-hop magazine and also it is potential that is would appeal to any young Hip-hop lover and especially Christian Hip-hop lovers. I feel my media product would be popular in this particular social group because the Hip-hop industry is big and although it is Christian normal Hp-hop lovers would also be drawn towards my magazine.
  9. 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? The kind of media institutions that might distribute by magazine would be a well published music distributor like EMAP or BBC. Also maybe IPC media might distribute because they publish famous music magazine titles such as NME which is very successful so my magazine could be successful through them too. They are all well known and respected magazines and they publish many successful magazines. Therefore, they are the ideal publishers because since they are well known my magazine is likely to be published in mainstream due to the companies being influential and having contacts. My magazine contains the codes and conventions of a normal magazine and if these media institutions helped then my media product could be widely distributed. My magazine might be distributed in well known retail shops like WHSmith. This is because it might encourage people to purchase it because if they see my magazine alongside other well known names then people might be intrigued. WHSmith also produce a range of genres so many might purchase the magazine. My magazine would also advertise the company when it would be purchased. Further, I believe my product would be very successful and many people, including those within and outside the niche market, would buy my product and lots of profit would be made. My magazine would be unique on the shelves because it is a Christian Hip-hop magazine so it might intrigue people. However people might be unsure on buying my magazine which is different, and might not buy my magazine product.
  10. 10. Who would be the audience for your media product? The target audience for my music magazine would be people of the age 16-19 and people who like Christian Hip-hop. However, my magazine could also target people outside the age range on either side because I have not got any contents that is only targeting 16-19 year olds. Nevertheless my magazine in a whole is targeting adolescences aged 16 through to 19. I am not only targeting Christian Hip-hop lovers but also people who are new to the genre or are interested in learning more about Christian Hip-hop. In this way then audience bracket is larger so ultimately in the long run more profit is made. The target audience would want to buy my magazine because it features all the big names. It also contains a wide variety of information on well known areas and stars. My magazine promotes Christian Hip-hop as a fun lifestyle. For example the main article is about four-five normal Christian youths who have a passion for music. Further, I have targeted a specific genre but I have slightly targeted males more than female. I have done this by featuring mainly male models in my magazine and having more masculine colours. I have done this because as a male myself I can relate more to what males like. However, females would still want to read my magazine and are targeted. This is because females would be attracted to the male models. Also although the colour palette is more masculine, they are the general colours of the hip-hop genre so a female hip-hop lover would still be targeted in this way. Target Audience Gender: Male and Female Age:16-19 Genre: Christian Hip-hop (also people who are new to genre or are interested
  11. 11. How did you attract/address your audience? I have attracted and addressed my audience using various ways The image on the front page features the model looking directly at the reader. This makes it more personal and creates a bond with the reader. It is also directly addressing the reader. The image also fits the Hip-hop genre and targets the specific social groups. The masthead is bold and attractive because it is eye catching. It is also in a clean gradient so it is not too plain but also not too overpowering. It enable the readers to identify the magazine. Strap line is short and snappy to attract the reader. For the headline I used rhetorical questions as they are attractive because the readers would want to find out the answers. In this way the audience are drawn into reading the magazine. It also addresses the reader as if the reader is being asked. The top and bottom strips attract the audience and are persuasive. In the top strip I have offered a free CD and this attracts the audience into thinking they are getting a freebie. Also buy using a well known artist (Lecrae) it further attracts the audience. I chose offer a free CD because in my audience questionnaire a free CD was the most popular. On the bottom strip I have used words like exclusive and backstage to attract the audience. It further attracts the audience because it is information on a well known Christian Hip-hop band. Overall the top and bottom strips entice the audience.
  12. 12. I realised that the price might deter the audience because if it was too high then the audience might not be able to afford it but it was too low then the audience might think the magazine is bad quality. Also since my audience are mainly students the price could not too high. I chose the price to be three pound because in my audience research questionnaire three pound was one of the most popular. Also it is a price that students can easily afford. Further, by offering freebies and exclusive information the audience know they are purchasing something worth their money. The colour palette I have chosen links with the Hip-hop genre so the audience are attracted. I also used vivid contrasting colours and this catch the readers eye making the magazine more effective. Also I used a black background because back generally links with most colours. By using red and white it contrasts with the black, catching the readers eye. A list of additional artists are shown. This attracts the audience because the artists are well known and famous.
  13. 13. I have provided a short snippet of information with each article to further interest and attract the reader. I used the same colours except in a different format. I chose a white background because I thought having black again would be repetitive and white enhances other colours so the audience are attracted. I made the title of each article heading bold so the readers are attracted. I used a classic and simple layout to attract the audience and making the magazine more effective. The models are again looking directly at the reader so they are addressed. I have also used people of different ethnicity so the audience are attracted I used a clear and interesting typography so the reader are attracted because the reader would not get bored as the font is interesting.
  14. 14. The Title is big and bold. It also runs across both pages. This attracts the audience because it make the doubler page spread look professional. It also gains the readers interest and tells the audience what the article is about. Also by having it as the largest piece of text it attracts the reader in to reader the article. The layout is a simple layout. It is also professional as many real magazines have a double page spread like this. It this way the audience are attracted to it. I used a big image for my double page spread because I thought that if there was too much text than the audience might be deterred. By having a picture on one side and text on the other it ensured the balance between text and image, keeping the audience interested and attracted. Further more in the audience questionnaire the majority said a balance between text and image was best. The image links with the article and because it is big it encourages the reader into reading the article. By having sun beams behind the image and a red glow around it enhances the image and further attracts the reader. I kept my journalism light and simple. Together with the font it ensures that the audience is not put off by being too complicated. I made the introduction at the beginning and a quote and the end a different colour to attract the audience and get them into reading the article. I did an interview style article but I never kept with the usual question and answer and I provided some background information along with the questions and answers. I made sure the language would entice 16-19 year olds and in this way the target audience were attracted.
  15. 15. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout the process of constructing my music magazine I have learnt a great deal about technologies. Firstly I have learnt how to use Blogger. I had never made a blog before and I learnt how important it was and useful because I could work on my magazine inside and outside of school. I learnt how to make my blog easier to navigate by making pages and posting things in order. I learnt that blogs are useful and when I progress through higher education they will come in useful. Secondly I learnt much more about Adobe Photoshop. I have learnt that when producing a high quality professional image Photoshop is very useful. For example you can change the lighting, add effects and air brush any unwanted parts to make a picture excellent and good enough to be featured on a magazine. I also learnt that good quality camera must be used in conjunction with Photoshop to make a first-rate picture and I learnt how to use a camera properly (in this case a Nikon D90 SLR). Furthermore, I have learnt how to use Adobe Indesign effectively. I now know why Indesign is compulsory because it produces a high quality professional looking magazine. I have learnt how to effectively use Indesign to make sure the finished product is top shape. I have learnt how to reduce the risk of problems through various ways, like for example making layers for each different individual thing so when the finished magazine is exported nothing goes missing. Finally I have learnt that using technologies can be frustrating but they are I great help and without them I would not be able to product a professional looking magazine. I have learnt to appreciate technologies more and I have developed skills on many new programs.
  16. 16. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? School Magazine Front Cover Music Magazine Front Cover
  17. 17. Looking back at my preliminary task (school magazine), I feel that I have learnt a great deal through the progression to the full product (music magazine). For my preliminary task I produced a school magazine front page and contents. One of the things I learnt was how to use technologies properly and effectively. Of all the things on the previous slide I learnt how to properly use them mainly during my main task. I have learnt that the slightest of things like, for example, the lighting level can have a big impact on the magazine. I have also learnt how to make a professional looking magazine. As you can see, my school magazine looks unprofessional due to various reasons including the image quality. The music magazine looks a great deal more professional and neat looking. Further I have learnt the crucial importance of using specific codes and conventions to target a target audience (often a small bracket). I never knew this because in school magazine codes and conventions are often broken because they have no commercial pressure. Through my research for my music magazines I have also learnt more about the magazine industry and by looking at real products it helped with ideas for my music magazine. Like the colour palette for example. I have learnt that often simple is more effective than complicated and I have further learnt that everything makes a difference to the overall impression of the magazine. Finally, most importantly, in the progression from the preliminary task to the full product I have learnt that I need a strong sense of dedication and hard work to pass this AS level and although there was hard work it will be overall fulfilling when I reach the grade I wished to have.