Focus October 2007


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Focus October 2007

  1. 1. focus I M M U N O T E C ’ S A C T I V E L I F E S T Y L E N E W S L E T T E R VOLUME 4 NUMBER 11 OCTOBER 2007 Moving On Up Relocating to a new state did not slow Diamond Distributor When Immunotec Distributors future in order to see a Wayne and Charlene Holloway return.” Because the Immunotec relocated from Florida to business opportunity is real, Georgia a year ago, they Wayne says he doesn’t have to resort thought it would take some time to making inflated claims either. He can to get their network marketing tell it like it is – and people respond. business up and running once And Wayne, along with Charlene, a Silver Distributor, has not looked again. back since. With a team of over 610 They not only keep in touch with their Florida team, but also have forged Charlene and Wayne Holloway Distributors and a customer list a new niche in Georgia with equally strong, enthusiastic Distributors. of over 2,000, Wayne, a Diamond Distributor, felt the need to keep things Executive Diamond Distributor Jonathan Jones, Wayne’s upline, feels that progressing while allowing he and Charlene time to settle into a new way Wayne would succeed anywhere. of life. “Wayne was already effective before the move,” Jonathan notes. “He’s a “I didn’t see it as a change so much as a development, or a transition,” gregarious communicator and he has personal experience with the products.” Wayne recalls. Nevertheless, Jonathan flew to Georgia to support Wayne, along with two The four-year Immunotec veteran said the professional transition was other key leaders in that area, Fred West and Hollis Holloway. made easier because of the Success Guide, as well as Immunotec’s extensive support system. Jonathan admits that it was Wayne who first got him excited about the He acknowledges that the way he did business before the Success Guide Success Guide. worked because his professional needs were simpler at the time. “He saw the potential first. Before the guide, we all had our own way of Having an ironclad, step-by-step system like the Success Guide in place doing things. We were getting the job done, each in our own way, but this became essential, however, as his business expanded. put us all on the same page,” says Jonathan. “I can now build deep into It also allowed Wayne to attract new Distributors by alerting them to their downline and it will give us one united voice. Everything will be potential earnings. done the same way from the start.” “If you’re going to grow a business, you have to focus on income potential A self-described “skeptic,” Wayne says he first realized Immunotec’s as an attraction,” Wayne stresses. “People have to see that there is a viable health potential when Charlene began taking Immunocal after she was See MOVING ON UP / Page 3 Sunshine State Boomtown Just the Florida team finds the Silver lining in bottom-floor opportunity facts, Getting in on the ground floor of an opportunity is often the stuff of business legend. Those fortunate enough to Ma’am do it, recall the prospect with a mixture of gratitude and New catalog pride. The rest wish that they, too, were in the right place at the right time. gives Such may be the case for Eleanor and Asis Cummings, a Distributors the mother and son Distributor team based in Miami, 411 on the Florida, who, according to their upline, are poised to Immunotec dominate in the as-yet-untapped Florida market. product line As with all things in her life, Eleanor did not take her new Participants who are attending Immunotec’s Immunotec Distributorship lightly. She jumped in with sold-out, inaugural Leadership School in both feet in June, promoting to Silver a month later. September will get some pretty good cliff notes The vibrant 66 year-old could be a walking advertisement on the company’s entire product line during the for the benefits of taking Immunocal Platinum, and people workshops. often seek her out to hear her personal product story. And they won’t have to cheat to do it. Eleanor Cummings and her son, Asis See SUNSHINE STATE / Page 3 See JUST THE FACTS / Page 3
  2. 2. Lead By Example By Leslie Vitzthum, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, WESTERN DIVISION WHO SAYS NUTRITION This is a business of leading by DOESN’T COME IN A BOX? example. Everything duplicates to your team… energy, passion and urgency. Your activities and how you work and building a business. With the system duplicates - sharing a our new Product Catalog and packaged story, doing three-way Companion PowerPoint, we have calls, maintaining a growing simple, effective tools for sharing Personal Group Volume (PGV), Immunotec products with customers having regular weekly and monthly meetings. and Distributors. SAME POWERFUL DAILY ESSENTIALS PACK How you introduce a prospect to Beginning today, I recommend ONE EASY BOX that you evaluate your business Immunotec, the way you describe building activities. Are you following the products and promote the the system as covered in the OUR COMPLETE GROUPING benefits of starting with inventory, your participation on the corporate Success Guide? Do you review it OF PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE SUPPLEMENTS calls, and the speed in which you often? Do you review it with your ARE NOW ATTRACTIVELY BOXED – team? Do you regularly listen to build… all duplicates! the companion CD? Have you WHAT A GREAT DOOR-OPENER! Leading by example must be ordered your new Product understood by you as a leader and transferred to your team through Catalogs? Are you training with THE DAILY ESSENTIALS PACK training. The old adage, “do as I say, the new product PowerPoint? IS THE CORNERSTONE OF not as I do,” does not work in this The training materials make the YOUR PERSONAL WELLNESS PROGRAM. industry! We challenge you to system simple to understand and embrace the system and to lead by learn. Use them to improve your example with simple and proven skills to duplicate the system, and CONVENIENT AND EASY TO DISPLAY, activities for success. duplicate success. Nothing is more THE PACK CAN ALSO BE USED: With the Success Guide, we have an easy system for creating a team powerful - or more profitable - than duplicating smart leadership. • AT GROUP MEETINGS • AT TRADE SHOWS Pace, Speed, • AS GIFTS Duplication! THE DAILY ESSENTIALS PACK By Joe Morales, INCLUDES A 30-DAY SUPPLY REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, EASTERN DIVISION OF CORE NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS: Starting your Immunotec Business fast means taking the necessary steps to start it right. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Yet so many people limit their potential through poor planning and execution. Forming a clear picture of where you are going will produce clear, specific and powerful results. Continuing to hold clear and powerful thoughts is one of the hallmarks of all successful Immunotec Distributors. Set the Pace by committing to advance to Silver, Gold, Diamond and Executive Diamond. ASAP! Additionally, utilizing the new Immunotec training program, the Success Guide and Companion CD will take you at warp speed to a powerful duplication process. VITAMIN AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Nothing is left to chance when you become an Immunotec Distributor. OMEGA-3 WITH TURMERIC You decide how much you want to earn each month and how soon you CALCIUM want to enjoy the benefits of that income. The magic of the Immunotec system is People Power! If you learn the system and teach it to your team, you’ll set the pace by keeping the process simple. The best way to get started is to immediately promote to Venture by starting with an Action SPECIAL PRICING! Pack. Next, promote to Silver within 60 days or sooner, and find three people to do the same. Maximize the Compensation Plan, create your SAVE 10 % business story and you will duplicate speed and success in no time. JUST $42.00 US/$52.00 CDN Remember, the Success Guide is the “company work, the company way.” 2 f•o•c•u•s
  3. 3. SUNSHINE STATE / From the front cover 21,000 total organizational volume (TOV) points For Asis, the early success can be attributed to in the same month. being open with people. Asis and Eleanor were in the top tier for July “My mother and I don’t play around with our Action Bonus Points, coming in second and health. Immunocal / HMS 90 is an easy product fourth respectively. to sell and people just look at us and want to Such results are not achieved by accident, says know what we are doing that makes us so Diamond Distributor Foster Owusu, Immunotec healthy,” he says. upline to Eleanor, Asis and their relative, Eleanor believes that though they are both relatively Leslynn Cummings, all of whom promoted to new to network marketing, being able to tap Silver in their first few weeks as Immunotec into the Success Guide has made it easy to get network marketers. top results from the start. “They saw the power in numbers and in working “I like the format,” she said. “It’s easy to use and together,” says Foster, adding, “There is a implement.” ground-floor opportunity in the Florida area. Asis and Eleanor plan to keep the momentum Upline Foster Owusu fully supports the Florida team People don’t know very much about going by participating in all Immunotec phone Immunotec there, so the business potential is trainings and information sessions. They also “I swim 45 minutes a day, five days a week, and almost unlimited.” get daily support phone calls from Foster. bike ride five miles a day, five days a week,” Eleanor explains. To support the growing effort, Foster has spent Asis additionally plans to attend as many time training new Distributors in Miami, She does not own a car by choice, preferring regional training sessions as possible. Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, while Leslie Vitzthum, instead to ride her bicycle wherever she needs “In the wide-open Florida market, combining a Immunotec Regional Sales Director, Western to go. strong work ethic with the Success Guide and Division, has also called in to personally Eleanor also takes Immunocal Platinum every day. encourage Eleanor and Asis, and their team. Immunotec’s array of support tools can yield an “Though my hair is white, people always ask me And now that Florida-based Joe Morales has impressive business return for Eleanor, Asis and why I have so much energy and can do so joined the team as the Regional Sales Director other motivated network marketers,” says Foster. much,” she says. for the Eastern Division, Eleanor and Asis are “The only limitations for Immunotec Distributors Like his mother, Asis Cummings also hit the more convinced than ever that they are definitely are the ones they impose on themselves. I’m ground running with Immunotec, promoting in the right place. teaching my team that the sky is the limit! It’s to Silver during his first month as a Distributor “There is no doubt in their minds that if they do exciting to watch them do the daily actions that this past July. He additionally posted an impressive the work, the support will be there,” Foster notes. will allow them to achieve their dreams.” JUST THE FACTS / From the front cover MOVING ON UP / From the front cover Immunotec is launching a comprehensive new product catalog that breaks down the health line into user-friendly categories. The catalog also comes with a companion PowerPoint presentation that will be available to download in the online Business Centre. Each product page in the catalog offers concise, easy to understand information on the featured Immunotec item and will include the headings: Product Description; You will benefit from this product if…; Highlight Ingredients; Complementary Products. THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION is a short summary paragraph on the featured product. The next component, YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS PRODUCT IF..., explains who should take that product and why. HIGHLIGHT INGREDIENTS breaks down key ingredients and what they do. And finally, COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS offers suggestions on other items in the Immunotec diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent line that might also be of interest to the customer. reconstructive surgery. The new catalog is another vital tool in the Distributor support network. What the Success Manual She discovered its positive benefits from the did for business training, the new Product Catalog will do when it comes to showcasing the start. products. The simplified system will help Distributors upsell when introducing new or existing Wayne then began using it for chronic asthma products and it will also help get new Distributors up to speed that much faster on the entire and also saw a vast improvement. Immunotec line. His “little part-time business” as a Distributor The goal of the new catalog was to trim the fat on the information chain, and break down each grew to the point that Wayne resigned after item into concise language that is accessible to all. Anyone can understand this catalog; a 25 years from an engineering position and Distributor can now take the necessary facts and share them with customers and other Distributors became a full-time Immunotec Distributor. much more easily. Together, the booklet and PowerPoint presentation will help streamline local He grossed an impressive income in his very team meetings and customer sessions. It will also be a great tool for new Distributors and the first year. uplines who work with them. “It’s served our purpose quite nicely,” says The catalog and PowerPoint will ensure that brand-new Distributors will understand the nuances Wayne, who recently attended a regional training of the products from day one. And the sooner Distributors understand the product line, the sooner in Atlanta, Georgia. they are in business! For this unstoppable Distributor, the sky is the For more information on the new Product Catalog, or to order a copy, call Distributor Support, toll-free, limit with Immunotec supporting him, no matter at 888 917-7779. where he calls home. f•o•c•u•s 3
  4. 4. SE T TH E Market Leaders September 12 – 14th, 2008 Atlantic City, New Jersey Pace MOST RECENT DIAMOND PROMOTION SHERATON ATLANTIC CITY Convention Center Hotel TOMMY PANETTA MOST RECENT GOLD PROMOTIONS REBEKAH FELIX DONALD LISE FOSTER CARRUTHERS EKWEGHARIRI FARRISH GEMME OWUSU CANDACE AARON S. JIANA TELMAN PALTRIDGE PETROSINO SAAD SHAMAILOV ANNIE BEAUDOIN HAROLD W. JANSMA DARREN NEELY JOCELYN B. GARCIA KAMI A. LEVY AND LINDA ROBINSON HYACINTH JENNINGS MOST RECENT SILVER PROMOTIONS BRUCE ALBERT DONALD FARRISH FRANK NOVARA RASUL ALESKEROV BEVERLY & MANUEL FILART KAY L. O’DONNELL KAMI APTE PHYLLIS FOX MARIA A. ORTIZ BONNIE A. ASHLEY NICOLE GABOURY CONSTANCE PARKER STÉPHANIE AUBERT JOCELYN B. GARCIA SONIA PROVOST SYLVIA BELINS LOUISE GERARD PAIGE REYNOLDS HILSA BLACKWOOD DARRELL A. GODDARD TOM REYNOLDS JEAN MIGNON BOURDEAU ZHANETA GOLDBERG DANIELLE ROUNDTREE JOSEPH R. BOURDEAU MICHAEL GOLDBERG SOLANGE T. SAMSON ROSE BOZARTH ANGELINA GRATZLE DAISY SARAO OLGA BROUK MARIE HENRY DAMARA SHANMUGAN BETTY BURGESS FELIX IYAHEN MARIYA SHVYDCHENKO DARWIN CARRUTHERS HUGUETTE JAQUEMONT DR. JERRY SOBEL ALEXEI CERCASIN DORA KHAYKIN HOWARD S. STAFFORD TATIANA CERCASINA DR. METRO KURULIAK REINE ST-JACQUES ASIS CUMMINGS ALAIN LÉVESQUE NATALYA STUPAK ELEANOR A. CUMMINGS OLEKSANDR LISEVYCH CLAUDE TÉTREAULT LESLYNN M. CUMMINGS FRANÇOIS MARTEL LINDA Y. TOUSIGNANT ROGER CUMMINGS CÉLINE MATTA GALINA TULAKINA CORI DADDABBO ARTUR MIGIROV VALERIJS TULAKINS ALAN C. DAVEY STACEY MINOGUE IRINA VAINER ANGELA DAVIS MICHAEL MODELEVSKY ELENA VARFOLOMEEVA VIRGIE DEMANSKI JULIE NAULT MARIE-ROSE VENNE PERPETUA EKWEGHARIRI DARREN NEELY BETTY VINSON UCHECHI EKWEGHARIRI CHINYERE NJOKU GIANNA M. WILT ORDER YOUR EXTRA COPIES OF FOCUS ON-LINE OR BY CONTACTING DISTRIBUTOR SUPPORT – (888) 917-7779 FOCUS FOCUS welcomes your The statements made throughout IMMUNOTEC BY THE NUMBERS is published by: contributions, including training this issue have not been evaluated Immunotec Inc. Gutman’s Medline ideas, business-building tips, by the FDA or Health and 888-957-2222 comments, and suggestions. Welfare Canada. The products Editor: Kathryn Stephens 1st/3rd Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT are not intended to diagnose, Chuck Roberts, President Where appropriate, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Spanish Medline kindly include a photo. 888-957-2222 John Andrique, V.P. Purchasing New! Contact Distributor Please e-mail your ideas to: Support for details Gustavo Bounous, M.D., Dir. R & D Prycena Call Jacques Cohen, V.P. International 888-957-2222 Immunocal®, HMS 90®, 2nd/4th Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Wulf Dröge,Ph.D., Snr V.P., R & D Immunocal Platinum®, Leadership Call David Marshall, V.P. Network Services and Xtra Sharp®are registered 888-957-2222 and Sales Support trademarks of Immunotec Printed in Canada July 10, 2007 9:00 p.m. ET Research Ltd. John H. Molson, V.P. R & D End of the Month Call Immunotec Inc. and the Internet 888-957-2222 Richard Patte, Executive V.P. 9:00 p.m. ET Immunotec logo are registered Ken Reid, Executive V.P. Sales, trademarks owned by E-mail Audio/Fax on Demand System Marketing & Network Operations Immunotec Inc. 888-830-4040