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Focus Magazine 09 06


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Focus Magazine 09 06

  1. 1. focus A N A C T I V E L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E J UNE 2009 DR. PATRICIA KONGSHAVN: Silver The woman behind the discovery of Immunocal® Success! GET F.I.T.T.! Find out how one Consultant is doing it while helping others! ARE YOU PACKING A PUNCH IN YOUR BUSINESS? Other Consultants are and they reveal all in this issue! BREAKING NEWS! IMMUNOTEC GOES INTERNATIONAL You can now expand your business into Ireland and the U.K!
  2. 2. Message from the Editor Table of Contents A Word Get Silver and Get F.I.T.T. was the title of our March promotion FEATURES in which 162 Consultants achieved Silver rank status. A warm 2 DR. PATRICIA KONGSHAVN: THE from the congratulations to you all for your perseverance. See page 4 WOMAN BEHIND THE DISCOVERY for profiles of some of the achievers and find out what makes OF IMMUNOCAL® President them tick. 4 SILVERS MAKING THEIR WAY Our business is driven by people. Specifically, it is driven by you. And by people TO THE TOP! It is said that behind every great man stands a great woman. just like you. Our business is based on everyday people who can make things And that stands true for Dr. Patricia Kongshavn. She met 10 OVERHEARD AT THE MAYAN RIVIERA happen by inspiring other people to make things happen. And we have a name for Dr. Bounous in 1975 and their collaboration would later result DURING THE REACH FOR THE everyday people who demonstrate that they can step up to the opportunity to make MOON INCENTIVE TRIP in the discovery of Immunocal®. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, a real difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. We proudly call them “All great achievements require time”. Indeed 22 years later, 14 HOW ONE CONSULTANT SUPPORTS Immunotec Consultants. And we have another name for Immunotec Consultants Immunocal® is the leading dietary supplement scientifically OTHERS TO BE F.I.T.T.! who promote our products with such passion, dedication, and innovation that proven to consistently raise glutathione levels and maintain the immune system. We’re they earn incredible rewards for their efforts. We call them Leaders. 18 PACK A PUNCH IN YOUR BUSINESS confident you’ll enjoy reading the complete story on page 2. WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS! This issue of Focus is all about the leaders, and the leadership qualities that result Our “Reach for the Moon” 2009 incentive trip was launched at last year’s Annual Event. in outstanding achievements. We are pleased to pay tribute to the Consultants 20 IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! Qualifiers would be whisked away to the prestigious 5 star Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort who also wanted to be known as leaders. How? They simply decided that they at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. Fast forward to May 2009 after the return of our esteemed 24 RECOGNITION wanted more, and made a decision to get it. Immunotec offers the products, qualifiers. For those who were there, we want you to relive those memories on page 10. And tools, programs, and promotions to gain higher rank and make more money. In 29 MEET YOUR REGIONAL SALES we hope to see many new faces at our next incentive trip. Stay tuned for the next utopian PROFESSIONALS fact, more people have been promoted in the last three months than ever before incentive trip location, which will be announced during the Ignite 2009 Regional Events during a 90 day period! Our company is “on a roll” because YOU are on a roll! this September. As we pay tribute to our leaders with this Silver issue, we look to all of our We often receive questions from Consultants who are hungry for tips on how to grow their Consultants to enjoy the kind of personal wealth and success that will help to business. One sure bet is to keep looking towards new opportunities and fertile territory. On propel our company to one that generates $500 Million dollars in sales. Our May 1, we opened up the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Page 20 features a top leaders already know that it is a simple business, but one that requires brief glimpse from some of the leaders already on the forefront of these expansion countries dedication and tenacity. So read the great quotes from those motivated leaders and of their passport for global success. who qualified for the incentive trip to the Mayan Riviera, and hear about how We have all experienced the one size does not fit all concept; and so when some of our they drive their own success. Enjoy the many testimonials about how individual Consultants find that winning combination, they want to scream it from the top of Consultants have begun their rise by using the tools that are readily available. the Empire State Building! Turn to page 18 where the Wallys, the Carls, the Fosters, the Read the article entitled “Pack a punch in your business with the right tools” to Candices…. share what business tools have worked for them. learn some excellent tricks of the trade. Last but not least is our Recognition Section featuring Consultants who have excelled in This issue honors the many Consultants who earned Silver rank, are well on performance during the last few months. Pages 24 – 28 are dedicated to them, in honor of their way to enjoying great success, and are working toward long term residual their dedication to their respective businesses and in recognition of their achievements. income. The journey toward achieving Diamond status –and above– is just that: Enjoy! a journey. And it starts at the very same place. Everyone who has achieved the top ranks began at the beginning, and persevered, while helping dozens (if not hundreds) of people along the way. People just like you! Mary Politis Editor James A. Northrop President & CEO A N A C T I V E L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E focus FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DESCRIBED IN THIS MAGAZINE, PLEASE CONTACT: FOCUS Immunocal®, Immunocal PlatinumTM, PNT 200®, is published by Immunotec Inc. Immunotec Inc, and the Immunotec logo Editor: Mary Politis are registered trademarks of Immunotec Inc. Writer and Contributing Editor: Mona Andrei Publications Mail Agreement No. 40052703 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Immunotec Inc. 300 Joseph Carrier for Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 5V5 the Printed in Canada The content published in Focus magazine is not intended The statements made throughout this issue have not been to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. The products are not Publications Mail Agreement No. 40052703 intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. 300 Joseph Carrier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 5V5 Item #0000580 2 4 10 18
  3. 3. Finally, Drs. Kongshavn and Bounous’ moment of eureka came when they were able to prove that the positive effects Dr. Patricia Kongshavn: that the whey protein had on the immune response of the test mice was due to the high content of the amino acid, The woman behind cysteine. In turn, the provision of cysteine enabled the mice to generate glutathione at the cellular level. And glutathione, as we know today, is crucial for the maintenance of a strong the discovery of immune system. This is the single most important discovery that changed Since its development, Immunocal’s integrity has been reinforced our understanding of the role that nutrition plays in with worldwide patents that ensure the highest standards. Immunocal® maximizing the immune response. Immunocal: Every once in a while something extraordinary happens Scientists are a passionate breed of people. To the rest of us - is fat-free. it seems they get onto something and don’t let go until their that forever changes the way we understand our own bodies understanding impacts life as we know it. Of course their - contains less then 1% lactose. and the functions associated with optimized health. e findings – especially when it concerns the human body – - has a high protein biological value (>110 BV) providing all benefit us tremendously by improving our health, which groundbreaking discovery surrounding the role that whey essential amino acids. ultimately improves our quality of life. protein plays on raising glutathione levels at the cellular level U.S. Yet because of their single-minded fascination, we often is one such case. take for granted that scientists are individuals with lives - Natural food protein concentrate in the FDA category of GRAS outside of the laboratory. In addition to her work as both a (generally recognized as safe). scientist and a professor, Dr. Kongshavn was also a devoted wife and mother. In many ways she was ahead of her time, - Listed in the highly respected U.S. Physicians' Desk Reference. By now, you know that this very discovery lead to the that lasted over 14 years, their complementing areas of with a reality that was inundated with challenges of the - Listed in the important resource U.S. Pharmacist’s Red Book. development of the high-quality, dietary supplement B expertise proved fruitful indeed. extraordinary variety. trademarked in 1997 as Immunocal®. Canada As we know today, this pioneering team was the first to Her husband at the time was an engineer. Yet due to illness, A name very much associated with Immunocal is discover a natural way to raise glutathione in the body. - Has been assessed by Health Canada and issued an NPN (natural became unable to work. This left Dr. Kongshavn to be the Dr. Gustavo Bounous. It was his research program that Together, they designed their experiments and wrote and product number). sole provider for her family and in many ways, single parent pioneered the isolation and preparation of the undenatured published journal articles in relation to their work. to her three young children. - Listed in the 2009 edition of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals milk concentrate that helps to sustain normal glutathione THE WORK and Specialties, also known as The Canadian Drug Reference for levels and ultimately a strong immune system. Even though the different aspects of her work were very Many hours; many experiments; many questions. These Health Professionals, this reference book is the most widely used involving, Dr. Kongshavn made what some may take for Another name that is strongly associated with Immunotec’s were the driving forces behind the discoveries that, gradually source of drug information in Canada. granted into a priority, including having dinner with her cornerstone product is Dr. Patricia Kongshavn – the yet progressively, led to the development of Immunocal®. family. This left many tasks to be done during the evenings principal collaborator in this important research program. Initially they were able to demonstrate that by feeding mice after her children had gone to bed or on weekends, such as Drs. Patricia Kongshavn and Gustavo Bounous first met a whey-based protein, the animals developed an immune preparing for lectures, writing journal articles and assisting in 1975. At the time, Dr. Kongshavn was working as an response that was much greater than that seen in mice fed her graduate students with their theses. husband, Peter Wood, divide their time between Vancouver independent investigator as well as professor of physiology any other edible protein. Most importantly, it protected As with many women whose lives are dictated by Island and California, in a charming little town situated in and immunology at McGill University. the mice against cancer and prolonged their lives by an responsibility, Dr. Kongshavn learned how to organize the the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. impressive 40%. Dr. Bounous, who had already been named Career Investigator many facets of her life and made it a point to enjoy leisure Outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and skiing of the Medical Research Council in 1968, had come to Dr. Although excited by this discovery, it left them scratching activities with her children such as skiing in the winter and continue to play a big part in her life. Kongshavn’s laboratory in the Department of Medicine at their heads and yearning for more answers. How could this camping and hiking during the summer months. McGill because he was taking a sabbatical to fully concentrate be? Especially since at the time, whey protein was considered We are confident that we speak on behalf of tens of Dr. Kongshavn retired from McGill and relocated to on his important research project. His goal was to find a way to be an insignificant source of protein in comparison to thousands of people when we say that we will be forever Western Canada in 1990. to improve the functioning of the immune system through other protein sources. grateful to Dr. Patricia Kongshavn for her important changes in the protein component of the diet. “I live a very pleasant retired life with my second husband,” contribution as principal collaborator in the discovery that More hours; more experiments. Every step forward resulted she stated recently. Although to many, she’s just as active lead to the development of Immunocal®. The dedication Dr. Bounous, a surgeon and surgical researcher whose in new questions. How could this protein source, believed as ever. she has demonstrated in her work with Dr. Gustavo interest centered on nutrition, and Dr. Kongshavn, who to be of low quality, promote such a high bioactivity? was engaged in research in immunology, couldn’t have been They had the “what happens when”. They needed the “why She continues to contribute as a keynote speaker at events Bounous continues to have a positive impact on lives all better suited for their work together. With a collaboration it happens”. that focus on health. As well, Dr. Kongshavn and her over the world every single day. 2 Focus Focus 3
  4. 4. Natalie Paré Granby, Quebec (Canada) I want to work full time on my Immunotec business so that I can enjoy the best quality of life with my family. “ Natalie’s ultimate objective is to enjoy the best quality of life possible. How does she plan to get there? Through her Immunotec business of course! Two things in particular are helping Natalie find success as an Immunotec Consultant: ” 1. the Immunotec, Your Key to Living Well CD/DVD 2. the valuable experience that her Upline shares with her Our Get Silver and Get F.I.T.T. promotion that ran In recognition of the impact this promotion has had, we are And her strongest tool is in sharing testimonials with very excited about this issue of FOCUS Magazine because during the month of March was a great success. In it celebrates your success as individual Consultants as well potential Consultants. Every day, Natalie takes advantage of every opportunity to speak about Immunotec and does so total, 162 Consultants promoted to Silver within the as our success as a team! with passion. She finds that because everyone has a vested month! And now, as promised, we’re handing the stage over to the interest in health and financial gain, people listen. And Top Achievers (based on TOV) of this promotion . . . because she’s sensitive to their needs, she can easily find a solution for them on whatever level they seek. Vision for the future: “I want to work full time on my Immunotec business so that I can enjoy the best quality of life with my family. My objective is to reach Diamond status within the next 18 months.” Words of wisdom: “Speak from your heart, let your passion shine, believe in your dreams and remember that every setback is an opportunity to grow and reach even higher.” Words of gratitude: “I’d like to specifically thank Louis-René Jobin for sharing his passion for Immunotec!” IMMUNOBITE 4 STEPS TO ACCOMPLISHING ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING 1. Decide what it is that you’re absolutely committed to achieving. 2. Decide to take action. 3. Decide to constantly be aware of what’s working and what’s not working. 4. Decide to continue to change your approach until you achieve what you want, using whatever life gives you along the way. Common denominator: make the decision! 4 Focus Focus 5
  5. 5. As someone who recognizes the power behind visual demonstration, Oleg gets a lot of use out of the PowerPoint Oleg Dubel Presentations found in the Business Center. These have Mary Barnard proven helpful for his own understanding of the Immunotec Pacifica, California (U.S.) experience, which enable him to comprehensively relate the Land O Lakes, Florida (U.S.) message of the business opportunity to others. School teacher by day, Oleg plans to focus his energy on growing his business during the summer months. He considers his best asset to be his ability to satisfy the To achieve Silver status in March, curiosity and need for validity of the people he approaches. And with all the clinical research and scientific backing I focused on signing up three new Consultants. behind Immunotec products, this is no challenge for Oleg; especially since he enjoys the interaction that is naturally involved in network marketing. For Oleg, people make the world go round, which makes “ According to Mary, she has three things going for her: a great Upline that supports and encourages her in her growing his Immunotec business a perfect fit! endeavor to succeed, a wonderful and supporting husband, and, as she puts it, “the best product ever!” ” With this much enthusiasm, reaching the level of success that Mary envisions for herself is only a matter of time. Timothy Vu In achieving Silver during the month of March, Mary found San Jose, California (U.S.) that working with the sales tools, specifically the website and brochures, were key for her. Her strategy was simple. She spoke to everyone she could about Immunotec – including family, friends and even people she just met. my business expands, I plan to become Her attitude in speaking to people about Immunotec was one of confidence and belief in what she has to offer: an opportunity for a better quality of life through health and a full time Immunotect Consultant. wealth. When asked about her focus for March, she was right on Members from Timothy’s Upline organization have been with her answer. “ consistent in their messaging. They’ve taught him to always “To achieve Silver status in March, I focused on signing up focus on the benefits of Immunotec products and to gain knowledge through research. This advice, coupled with three new Consultants. That was the most important thing ” his ingrained passion for helping others, is sure to create a to me. From there, the focus went to helping them sponsor strong organization. three new Consultants of their own.” Timothy depends strongly on the Immunotec website for his knowledge base. From the training videos to the brochures, all the information he needs is at his finger tips. His vision for the future? “Currently I'm a full time Software Developer from the IMMUNOBITE Silicon Valley, and as my business expands, I plan to become HAVE A GOAL? WRITE IT DOWN! a full time Immunotec Consultant.” “ e most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure Passion is a virtue and one of Timothy's best assets as he that as soon as you set it, you immediately begin to create momentum. truly loves sharing ideas with other Consultants! e most important rules that I ever adopted to help me in achieving my goals were those I learned from a very successful man who taught me to first write down the goal, and then to never leave the site of setting a goal without first taking some form of positive action toward its attainment.” - Anthony Robbins, Self-help writer and professional speaker 6 Focus Focus 7
  6. 6. Nancy Landry St. Pierre Jeremias Abarca Degelis, Quebec (Canada) Bayside, New York (U.S.) There’s nothing better than helping someone rediscover There’s a world of opportunity themselves through a better quality of life on every level! out there, just ready for the taking! “ Nancy finds great value in the Immunotec, Your Key to Living Well CD/DVD. She feels that it is an easy-to-use “ There’s no doubt in his mind. The website is Jeremias’ favorite sales aid. tool that facilitates the process of approaching people and making them aware of the control we have as individuals ” “Everything I need is right at my finger tips whenever I need any information.” ” for improving our health and quality of life. He also finds the Immunocations a great help, especially in Health is something Nancy is passionate about. And since planning for the Training Calls as he depends on these to the month of March is also the month that she celebrates increase his understanding of the different aspects of his her birthday, she decided to honor both by committing to business. offering her friends and family a solution for improved health and a business opportunity. What did Jeremia focus on that helped him achieve Silver during the month of March? His biggest focal point was on “In order to speak about the Immunotec products and creating an awareness of Immonotec and the products. He opportunity with confidence, you must be a product of went through his inventory of products and, as he puts it, your product,” Nancy says with conviction. “got them out there for people to see”. As well, he made sure She attributes her March success to one-on-one meetings, he had a good supply of brochures on him at all times. honesty and sincerity when telling her story and to her “The brochures helped me get the attention of new people. strong listening skills. Even though they had never heard of Immunotec products, Another key aspect for Nancy is team spirit within her the brochures generated a lot of interest,” Jeremias states organization. with enthusiasm. “There’s nothing better than helping someone rediscover FROM ONE CONSULTANT TO ANOTHER themselves through a better quality of life on every level!” “Work hard and never settle,” Jeremias advises other Consultants. “There’s a world of opportunity out there, just These testimonials reflect the actual experiences of the Vision for the future: “I want to continue creating awareness ready for the taking!” individuals; your experience may vary. of Immunocal and Immunotec, which are bringing my dream for a better future even closer.” Words of gratitude: “Thank you Immunotec and to everyone on my team!” IMMUNOBITE TO P 2 0 G E T S I LV E R A N D G E T F. I . T. T. Q UA L I F I E R S Timothy Vu, San Jose, California (U.S.) Jennifer A Thu Nguyen, San Jose, California (U.S.) According to a “Life...supplemented" Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Impact Study, 79% of physicians and 82% of nurses in the U.S. recommend Jakub Yusupov, Pacifica, California (U.S.) Derek Kuruliak, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) dietary supplements to their patients. e study also shows that an almost Oleg Dubel, Pacifica, California (U.S.) Joe Castano, Fountain Valley, California (U.S.) equal number – 72% of physicians and 89% of nurses – take vitamins, Larisa Bershadskaya, Lafayette, California (U.S.) Natalie Paré, Granby, Quebec (Canada) minerals, herbal and other supplements themselves. Lucie Blanchard, Granby, Quebec (Canada) David Smith, Corona, California (U.S.) Now isn’t it nice to know that even the experts believe in what we promote – Alex Vinokurov, Pacifica, California (U.S.) Daniel Simetin, Mirabel, Quebec (Canada) the key to health and wellness! Marc Vandeberg, Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) Faye Campbell, Killarney, Manitoba (Canada) Go on. Grow your business with confidence . . . and in good health! Nancy Landry St-Pierre, Degelis, Quebec (Canada) Cecilia A. Mensah, Maple, Ontario (Canada) Jeremias J. Abarca, Bayside, New York (U.S.) Elizabeth Dupuis, Bromont, Quebec (Canada) Mary Barnard, Land O Lakes, Florida (U.S.) Josette Bourdage, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec (Canada) 8 Focus
  7. 7. ote to Gold. I make to help the Silvers prom “I worked with my team . I work le EVERY day. I feel like it is my duty it a goal to talk to peop le day of my life.” this business every sing Columbia (Canada) sultant, Duncan, British - Bev Walsh, Gold Con next le when I get home. The to talking to more peop of guests with Overheard at the “I’m looking forward I will be bringing lots ting is on May 14th and Mayan Riviera company mee me. I love my trip to Mex ico. Thanks Immunotec!” ada) for British Columbia (Can r Consultant, Crofton, during the - Karen Lebitschnig, Silve the incentive trip . . . “The people here are wo is spoiling m nderful . . . e … the cu the service home, I’m co stomer serv at the resort ntacting EV ice is great “I earned a tri . . . When I p for two and about Imm unocal on th ERYONE! I actually spok get relaxing and I’m here with e plane durin e to someone enjoying this my Mom. We opportunity new list of pe trip. When I are both is huge!!!” g the flight over here. Th ople to talk to get home, I will make a e about Immu - Carrie Stra - Tanika Dalla notec!” sheim, Silve s, Silver Cons r Consultan ultant, Bram t, Cheshire, Oregon (U.S. pton, Ontario (Canada) ) ond status by the end “My goal is to reach Diam up the Saskatchewan of the year. I plan to open tings when I get back. I area through home mee to plant the seeds and went out ahead of time . I also have Health & “This is such a treat for now we are moving there me. I have never in my team by long distance wonderful – like a QU life been treated this Wealth meetings with my EEN! I’m going to wor . . . love being treated get home. I want to go k even harder when I phone calls. Love the trip Diamond in May.” like a QUEEN!” - Wilma Poetker, Gol d Consultant, Winnipe Consultant, Belleville, g, Manitoba (Canada) - Suzette McKay, Gold Ontario (Canada) hs of the qualification period “I came in during the last two mont e the trip. From here, my plan and I really worked hard to achiev is to go Diamond!” Montreal, Quebec (Canada) d ed during the very last week of the Con - Patrick Botros, Silver Consultant, “I signed up in January and qualifi tion qualification period!!! Loving it!” Crofton, British Columbia (Canada) - Harriet Brooke, Silver Consultant, “I am having a great time and I get back, I’m I’m meeting peo going to imple ple to network ment a 90-day with. When “This is such a precious trip! I’m a business.” plan for my Im munotec Fitness Trainer and Aerobic Instructor - Bruno Landry and I share Immunotec with my clients. , Diamond Consu ltant, Lac Beaup ort, Quebec (C The research that Immunotec does anada) helps me build my business.” - Caroline Lapointe, Gold Consultant, Quebec, Quebec (Canada) 10 Focus Focus 11
  8. 8. network with other e Kit! like this resort. And as I “Love the Immunocal® KickStart “I’ve never seen anything new .” g I’m going to use it as a bridge for leade rs, I’m getting some great ideas ers. I’ll ec (Canada) sign-ups as well as new custom Consultant, St. Constant, Queb ourage utilize - Normand Robert, Diamond also encourage my Consultants to l ess . . . I this tool for growing their busin people will use it as a visual tool because need to see and touch something.” “This has been ltant, first class. Th e resort - Robin Husband, Gold Consu is friendly an tenay, da) d accommoda ting. I’m Courtenay, British Columbia (Cana bringing more of my leaders next trip!” on the - Wally Kralik, “I was very impressed Platinum Consu with the design Lakefield, Ontar ltant, of the Immunocal® io (Canada) KickStart Kit . . . very professional. I have actually used it twice here in Cancun as a prospecting h tool with much success. I also appeared on the Leaders call May 1st to share my successes here in Can cun in utilizing this piece to build my business.” - Jim Hawley, Diamon d Consultant, Peterborough, Ontario “This is the nicest resort I have ever seen. I like the true all inclusive (Canada) properties. I’m taking the things (tools) that I have learned here back. I enjoy mingling with the top performers and keeping in touch with other leaders. “After 8 months of being part of the Immunotec fami with the quality products ly, I am surpassed “I plan to sell my gym and go full time with Immunotec – it is all part of they offer and the world class treatment they give the Cons recognition and the big plan while raising my children – I want to build my freedom!” ultants! What an enriching and rewarding experience this has been!” - Susan Feil, Gold Consultant, Red Deer, Alberta (Canada) - André Chelini, Gold Cons ultant, St. Leonard, Quebec (Canada) rk with ayers and wo “The Reach for the Moon incentive trip was truly spectacula r. It made me th tennis pl ily and get to network wi ectin g with fam realize how fortunate we are to have this opportunity available to us. Having a queen. I I am reconn “I feel like hen I get home, e system!” a business with Immunotec enables you to have a lifestyle many people ’s market. W their immun dream about.” the women to maintain courage them (U.S.) friends to en lney, Maryland nsultant, O - Gina Capparelli, Gold Consultant, Poughquag, New York (U.S.) ick, Silver Co - Sandy Ch nity of this “To have the opportu “Unbelievable reso in our hand rt! First Class and Immunotec business now I’m spoiled. to one of the I’m going to make a and be able to travel new list of people in the world to contact when I get most beautiful places back. I intend to bec Immunotec ome Diamond by and be with our June!” nce of a What’s next . . . family is an experie while - Dr. Greg Eisert, lifet ime. To have all this If you feel you missed out or KNOW that you are on Gold Consultant, wealth is Courtenay, British creating health and your way to the top, the next exciting incentive trip will Columbia (Canad a) awesome.” be unveiled during the Ignite 2009 Regional Events this Diamond September. - James Cummaro, New York for top Consultant, Rhinebeck, Be there and be among the first to find out where who attended what is attainable "The trip to the Moon showed all n (U.S.) represent a high quality organizatio Immunotec is sending you next! indep endent network marketers who will want to make every effort to such as Immunotec. All who didn't attend These testimonials reflect the actual experiences of the qualify for the next trip." individuals; your experience may vary. ltant, Richardson, Texas (U.S.) - John Solleder, Platinum Consu 12 Focus Focus 13