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The Fast Lane Opening Sequence


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The Fast Lane Opening Sequence

  1. 1. The Fast Lane (Opening Sequence) By FilMWise Entertainment
  2. 2. Idea for ‘Opening Sequence’• Genre – UK Drama• We have come up with an idea of an average London teenage boy that has been trapped in the life of gang culture. His Mum has recently passed away and he is living by himself or with girlfriend in a flat.
  3. 3. Character ProfilesOur opening has two main characters, althoughothers will be in the piece they are not the mainfocus. Our characters are Damien and Cavell.Their profiles are as follows…
  4. 4. CavellThis is the main character and focus in the piece. His mumpassed away of a long-term illness she was battling with. He isnow living with his girlfriend in a flat. Damien is his best friendmore like a brother. Cavell is trapped in the life of gang cultureand goes day by day making money by typically selling drugs. Aswell as selling drugs he wants to go to University, so he does anapprenticeship in Engineering.
  5. 5. DamienThis is Cavell’s best friend more like a brother to him. He supports and caresfor Cavell ever since his mum died. He also is trapped in the life of gang cultureand sells drugs like Cavell. He is the older of the two friends. He is quitetalented at football and is at college studying sport.Both characters want a better life, they are just finding ways to betterthemselves.Our target audience is teenagers/young people aged 16-24. The film openingwill captivate a visual element of the life of one of the many troubledteenagers that live in the capital
  6. 6. Where did we draw inspiration from?After seeing productions such as Kidulthood,Bullet Boy, Adulthood and Top Boy we decidedthat at London based UK youth drama would bea good choice as this is a very popular themewithin the media industry at the moment. Wealso had access to actors that fit this genre verywell.
  7. 7. Project TitleWe came up with a variety of names for our prodution,we settled on “The Fast Lane”. The following are thenames that made it to the final decision.•The Fast Lane•No WayOut•Only Way Out•Herbs•Mummy’s Boy•Way of Life•Stick Shooters•Ambitious Army
  8. 8. Content – The PlanIn this opening sequence we will see ‘Cavell’ getting ready for whatappears to be just another day. The opening sequence will providevisual elements of the boy waking up, having a shower and or washingface/brushing teeth, getting dressed and leaving the house to meet hisfriend who has come to pick him up in the car.There will a short dialogue between the boy and his friend, giving theaudience enough information about the boys situation and to know alittle bit about the storyline before the pair drive off in a car.Soon after, we will witness a drug exchange between a group ofyouths, and the two friends, that were firstly introduced. Adisagreement takes place and a weapon is pulled out, howeverbecause of police sirens that are heard, the groups scatter and our filmopening draws to a close.
  9. 9. ShotsA lot of our opening sequence doesn’t havedialogue in it, rather it contains a variety ofcamera shot to show action. We incorporatedmany different camera techniques such as 180degree shots and a walk around shot.
  10. 10. Main DialogueDamien: *looks around and then at Cavell* How you been man.Cavell: *sighs, shakes and looks out the window*Damien: *Sits up* Look man I know it’s hard, it’s just a part of life, just gotta keep your chin up and move on.Cavell: *Remains in silence for a moment and speaks* I just can’t believe she gone man, just wish she was still here Damien: I hear you bro, and I’m sorry, but there’s no bringing her back and you know it.Cavell: *Looks at Damien and back out the window”Damien: We need to be on our job, do what we do best *pauses*…………….You got the ting/stick.Cavell: *Pulls out gun and shows it to Damien*Damien: Nice nice let get going. We got the ‘mandem’ waiting, time is moneyDamien turns on turns on music and starts car, Cavell stares at him and back out the window. The pair zooms of in thecar.
  11. 11. Schedule for shooting
  12. 12. Actors• Cavell – Ben Tedeku – Ben is a member of our group and was therefore an easy choice as an actor as he knew exactly what was required• Damien – Lavell- Lavell was chosen as he attends an acting school and we believed he could play the part effectively.
  13. 13. Distributor• Revolver Films was chosen as our film distributor as it one of the UK & Eire’s leading "All Rights" distribution & production companies. With a spirit of pioneering innovation, they have distributed the world famous UK film productions including Kidulthood, Adulthood and Anuvahood. This UK success has influenced our decision in choosing them as they have the UK market in their grasp already as a trusted distributor of quality UK productions