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Lost & Found - Production Roles


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These are the production roles for my first documentary - Lost & Found - a story about the Life of 32 year old Henry Amankwah and how Religion assisted him in overcoming adversity

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Lost & Found - Production Roles

  1. 1. Lost  and  Found   Henry  Amankwah  Tes5monial     Produc5on  Roles  
  2. 2. Director/Assistant  DOP/Editor  –  Benjamin  Tedeku   In  charge  of  telling  this  compelling   story  visually,  I  believe  I  have  all   the  components  necessary  to  lead   my  small  team  and  execute  this   illustra5on  effec5vely.       Due  to  my  close  rela5onship  with   Henry  Amankwah,  only  I  know  in   technical  aspects  how  I  want  this   to  look,  &  with  a  dedicated  team   around  me  that  are  passionate   about  helping  portray  my  vision  on   screen,  The  “Lost  and  Found”   documentary  will  be  one  to  watch   out  for.      
  3. 3. Co-­‐Director  –  Henry  Amankwah     Who  else  was  a  beRer  nominee   to  co-­‐direct  than  Henry   Amankwah…nobody.  Yes  indeed,   I  nominated  the  main  man   himself  to  assist  me  in  enhancing   visual  aspects  of  this   documentary  as  well  and   providing  a  load  of  necessary   informa5on  that  would  tell  his   story  correctly.       I  saw  this  as  an  opportunity  to   work  with  a  dear  friend,  mentor,   brother  and  personal  inspira5on,   to  inspire  others  with  his  own   story  the  way  it  impacted  myself    
  4. 4. Cinematographer/Ligh5ng  –  Haydn  Thomas   Technically,  I  saw  no  other  candidate   come  into  compe55on  with  my  good   friend  Haydn  Thomas.  Taking  on  the   role  of  Cinematographer/D.O.P  with   ease,  Haydn  approaches  his  work   with  humility  and  avails  himself  to   hearing  instruc5on  while  adding  his   own  special  technical  touch  to  it.       I  have  worked  with  Haydn  for  around   about  three  years  now,  a  friend  that   understands  my  visions  and  is  easy  to   communicate  with,  having  Mr.   Thomas  on  my  team  is  nothing  but  a   benefit  for  me  and  I  am  proud  to  have   him.    
  5. 5. Sound  Score/Ar5st/Composer  -­‐  Kieran  Asare   When  you  see  someone  play  an   instrument  with  a  passion  like   Kieran  does,  you  have  to  recruit   him  to  your  team  ASAP,  and  that   is  exactly  what  I  did.       Kieran  is  a  very  talented   musician,  who  composes  his   own  music.  I  portrayed  my   vision  to  him  and  it  clicked  with   him  straight  away.  Having  an   individual  like  him  on  the  team   is  sure  something  I  will  not   regret  and  will  surely  come  with   reward.  
  6. 6. Actor  –  Bernard  Mensah   Working  with  giYed  actor  Bernard  Mensah,  is   not  something  that  is  new  to  me.  Bernard  has   displayed  his  talents  in  numerous  films  &   theatre  produc5ons  e.g.  Na5vity  (2009),  Gone   Too  Far  (2013),  A  Class  Apart  (BBC  Film),  The   Lion  King  etc.       I  have  worked  with  Bernard  for  around  about  4   years.  Bernard  is  a  passionate  &  humble  actor   ready  to  take  instruc5on  and  work  it  to  the  best   of  his  ability.  I  have  no  doubt  that  Bernard  will   deliver  an  award  winning  performance,  even   though  his  role  in  my  produc5on  is  small.  He  will   portray  “Young  Henry”  in  the  reconstruc5on   planned  for  the  documentary.    
  7. 7. Project  Manager  –  Catherine  Sarpong   Catherine  is  a  well  organised  leader   and  a  vital  member  of  this  team.  As  I   can’t  take  on  all  the  organisa5on  of   this  documentary  on  my  own  chest,   Catherine  offered  her  help  to  me,  to   ensure  that  my  documentary  goes  to   plan.       Catherine  is  a  passionate  actor  with  a   love  for  theatre/drama.  She  has   wriRen  and  organised  her  own  plays,   which  she  has  showcased  at  churches   and  events  in  the  past  years.  I  have   faith  that  Catherine  will  play  her   posi5on  on  my  team.