Product development by Ben Geva, XCORE Technology founder


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XCORE is innovation and product consulting company which works with high-tech companies and leading entrepreneurs. XCORE focus on bringing your innovation to launch with the highest success rate.

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Product development by Ben Geva, XCORE Technology founder

  1. 1. Product DevelopmentBy Ben GevaCEO of XCORE TECHNOLOGIES
  2. 2. About me• Ben Geva• CEO of XCORE TECHNOLOGIESInnovation consulting and product development for entrepreneurs and largecompaniesSocial ecommerce
  3. 3. What are we trying to achieve
  4. 4. The product cycleIdeaNeedBusiness?MarketingSpecR&DLaunch
  5. 5. Idea and Strategy• Talk to people• Define business or marketing goals• Marketing strategy (marketplace, widget, APIs)Business?NeedIdeaMarketing
  6. 6. Defining the productDevelopmentteamProductmanagementMarketSalesCurrent customers Prospective customers CompetitorsSpec
  7. 7. Defining the productSpecWhat to build in the firstversionUsually 5% of the what your thinkyou should build
  8. 8. Specs – MRD/PRD• Purpose and scope• Target demographic• Product overview• Functional req• Usability req• Technical req – security, networks, platform and performance• Interface – integration, APIs, protocols• Assumptions, constraints, milestonesSpec
  9. 9. High fidelity prototype• What is it?• Why?• For testing user interface issues• For demonstrating product to potential customers (internal or external)• To clarify the specificationSpec
  10. 10. Development• 50% of the project no end game• Make sure you have the resources for your goals• Plan your milestones carefully• Baby steps• Test test test!• It is your ship to the moon….R&DFelix Baumgartner
  11. 11. Method• Business and Dev team are aligned by milestone• Low cost– cloud computing, conti integration, open-source, JIT scalability• Short iterations – biweekly• Zero pre-conflicts between parties• Working software much better than any doc• Short response to change• Management tools…R&DR&D
  12. 12. Project plan• Scope• Delivery management• Schedule/timeline• Financial management• Resource management• Quality management• Risk management• Change managementR&DSpecsWork EstimateArchitectureDevelopmentDelivery 1QA :functionaland technicalAcceptanceTests
  13. 13. Launch• Be prepare for the morning after• Marketing – user acquisition• Funnel analysis – A/B testing (user retention and conversion)• Scale• Successful launch: What would you do for ?!Micha Kaufman: “Fiverr didn’t launch with a huge marketing budget but instead we had a clear vision of organic, viral growth and that is exactly what happened. Ordinarypeople, like you and I, just saw the service, used it, and dug it instantly, and from there just spread the word all over”.Launch
  14. 14. Launch new featureLaunch
  15. 15. Launch new featureLaunchReq metReq not metNoExcitementExcitement
  16. 16. To pivot or to pivotInstagram, which started out as a virtual "check-in" site and end up as a photo-sharing service• It is very common to pivot nowadays due tobudget• Startups which pivots 2-3 times raised moremoneyLaunch
  17. 17. Find the magic sauceIdeaNeedBusiness?MarketingSpecR&DLaunch
  18. 18. By Ben Gevaben@xco.reMobile: