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Global network


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Global network

  1. 1. Global network
  2. 2. <ul><li>Global Networks publishes high quality, peer - reviewed research on global networks, transnational affairs and practices, and their relation to wider theories of globalization . The journal provides a forum for discussion, debate and the refinement of key ideas in this emerging field . The international team of editors are committed to open and critical dialogue and encourage the reasoned scrutiny of claims about the coming shape of the world . Contributions are drawn mainly from anthropology, geography, international political economy, business studies and sociology, but they also include history, political science, international relations, cultural studies and urban and regional studies . </li></ul>
  3. 4. Types of Network LANs ( Local Area Network ) A LAN is a network usually confined to a small geographical area. This can be a building Or a college campus.
  4. 5. MANs ( metropolitan Area Networks ) A MAN covers an area larger than a LAN and smaller than a WAN
  5. 6. WANs (Wide Area Networks) WANs connect multiple LANs and MANs that are located in different Places.
  6. 7. VDO http :// www . youtube . com / results?search_query = ado ++ of ++ global ++ ntwork&aq = f
  7. 8. Pictures of a global network