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A Brief Introduction To Contino - A London based consultancy specialising in DevOps & Continuous Delivery

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Contino Overview

  1. 1. The DevOps & Continuous Delivery Experts
  2. 2. We transform the results of software delivery projects through the successful adoption of practices. and DevOps Continuous Delivery
  3. 3. DevOps is a cultural shift in how software development and IT operations work together. It is about focusing everyone’s attention on the business goals of software, and enabling on-going, active collaboration between developers and operations to achieve those goals.
  4. 4. Continuous Delivery is a set of practices that facilitates significantly faster release of high quality code. It involves using test, deployment and infrastructure automation to release early and often in small batch sizes of change.This is achieved without compromising quality or system availability.
  5. 5. DevOps is how we get there Continuous Delivery is the aim and
  6. 6. Putting these practices at the front and centre of how software is developed and ran leads to significantly more efficient and effective software delivery. This can have a transformative effect on the entire organisation, who are able to deliver and iterate faster and innovate in the marketplace as a result.
  7. 7. Higher Quality Faster and More Frequent Delivery Less Release Risk Increased Agility Increased Efficiency & Cost Savings ReducedTimeTo Market The Benefits Of This Way Of Working Are Significant
  8. 8. Implement DevOps Raise efficiency, quality and speed through better development and operations collaboration Migrate To The Cloud Migrate and deliver applications in the Cloud with scalability, resilience and security Automate Your Infrastructure Add agility to your infrastructure through automation, virtualisation, and configuration management Deliver Software Projects Develop and deliver software projects in a style aligned with our DevOps and Continuous Delivery led approach Deliver Continuously Move from big, risky releases to continuous delivery through test, release and deployment automation Agile Operations Turn operations into a competitive advantage, allowing fast, efficient and agile software delivery Our Services
  9. 9. Our Methodology We have taken the latest insights from the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements and combined them with many years of practical experience in the field. These have been codified into a set of clear implementation patterns that can form the basis of any change Our People We have been building a network of the most talented people in this space for over a decade. Our people have been working in this way before the terms existed.They combine both technical skills and organisational change experience and have helped shape and continue to refine our methodology. Why Contino? Our Focus We specialise in DevOps & Continuous Delivery so understand this at a deep level - including all of the organisational, process, cultural and technical elements to make the initiative a success. We add value for our clients at every stage of the process from discovery to end to end implementation.
  10. 10. Begin The Conversation With Our DevOps Discovery Process EndTo End Review Of Your DevOps Readiness Uncover Hidden Inefficiencies & Opportunities Knowledge Sharing & Education StartThe Collaborative Conversation Between YourTeams
  11. 11. Contact Us Benjamin Wootton - Co-founder 07463 898 809 Matt Farmer - Co-founder 07903 843 529