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Join a confidential peer forum group to connect with our community and learn, grow, lead faster.

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Founder City Talent (employees)

  1. 1. 
 The Founder City Project
 An Ecosystem Skillset Training for founders, executives, managers, employees, to interconnect through peer-learning groups, diversity and storytelling. Founder City sponsors all women, so programs are $0 for all female employees. Additional supporters include:
  2. 2. Access to 
 talent (i.e. Founders, Managers, Employees) Access to customers 
 (i.e. Enterprise, Consumers) Access to capital 
 (i.e. VCs, Angels) Our talent ecosystem must grow 100% by 2020, to survive. Access to capital and customers follows access to talent. 
 So what if we focused primarily on talent?
  3. 3. 3 We are training founders, executives, managers, employees to build the most diverse, interconnected and supportive talent community in the world. It’s a multi-company community of 8-10 person peer forum groups that meet monthly, whose members are trained to learn, grow, lead faster. *Canada needs to fill *at least* 200,000 new tech jobs by 2020 (Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)). We need an Ecosystem Skillset that transforms our community’s attractiveness to leaders from other industries and geographies.*
  4. 4. Peer forum groups are trained to tap diversity for collective intelligence. Domain experts: Defaults to common expertise; lowers utilization. *; Collective intelligence: Diverse distributed team for orthogonal thinking. Building a confidential, non-judgemental (i.e. safe) forum 
 that compounds individuals’ problem-solving and intellect.
  5. 5. 5 Late stage founders Late stage executives Late stage managers Mid stage founders Mid stage employees Mid stage managers Early employees Early employees Early founders Early employees Early managers Mid stage founders Mid stage executives Early founders An Ecosystem Skillset Founders, executives, 
 managers, employees — 
 interconnected through 
 peer-learning, diversity and storytelling.
  6. 6. Ben Zifkin 
 Founder @ Hubba. Jim Murphy 
 Founder @ Boltmade (acquired by Shopify). Michael Katchen 
 Founder @ Wealthsimple. Allen Lau 
 Founder @ Wattpad. Huda Idrees
 Founder @ Dot Health. Catherine Graham 
 Founder @ commonsku, RIGHTSLEEVE. Mallorie Brodie 
 Founder @ Bridgit. Jessica Weisz
 CCO @ Soapbox. Heather Payne
 Founder @ HackerYou, 
 Ladies Learning Code. Some of the best founders spend 80% of their time thinking about talent, about you. + Our trainer (name not released yet) has been hand- picked by founders; has 15 years’ experience designing/ building/delivering over 50 learning and recruitment programs at startup/scale-up cultures, was a key early customer of Rypple, ClearFit and other local founders. Our founders are uniquely qualified to lead this multi-company training program.
  7. 7. Ecosystem Skillset TimeWeek 1:
 60-90 mins virtual 1 Understand our community's mission, ethics and accountabilities. Crafting memorable first impressions. Practice effective feedback. Our training: building community, peer learning, storytelling.
  8. 8. Ecosystem Skillset TimeWeek 2:
 4 hours in-class 2 Connect with others through building trust. Explore vulnerability 
 and empathy. Demonstrate techniques 
 for experience-sharing, 
 coaching and peer-learning. Our training: building community, peer learning, storytelling.
  9. 9. Ecosystem Skillset TimeWeek 3:
 60-90 mins virtual 3 Practicing approaches that rapidly build credibility. Demonstrate techniques for 
 memorable storytelling. Explore how stories define and extend organizations’ culture. Our training: building community, peer learning, storytelling.
  10. 10. Ecosystem Skillset TimeWeek 4:
 4 hours in-class 4 Share video stories about work culture. Surface unconscious bias and diversity. Establish foundation for peer learning groups. Our training: building community, peer learning, storytelling.
  11. 11. Here are the results that you can expect. Entry-level employees will be able to open doors, become more effective communicators, learn faster, build leadership skills, connect better with managers, and convert more employee referrals. Managers will become more connected within our community, enhance management skills, build diverse talent pipelines and high-performing teams, while improving employee engagement. Executives will amplify leadership profiles in our community, integrate with peers to learn faster and solve problems, build an ability to win key hires, and deepen trust to motivate and retain the best talent.
  12. 12. 12 1. Ensured effectiveness, because it’s a founder-led, multi- company program; employees/peers are the best ambassadors and teachers. 2. Additive; no risk (participation doesn’t reduce 
 competitiveness, nor share founders’ trade secrets). 3. Low cost/time (minimal time and Founder City sponsors women, so our programs are $0 for female employees.) Why our training approach works.
  13. 13. Diverse connections build more, better leaders across the Toronto/Waterloo ecosystem. Diversity is our competitive advantage in Toronto-Waterloo, 
 so it must be built into everything that we do. Founder City sponsors diversity by making all programs $0 for female founders and employees. Founder City Talent is subsidized 2/3 by grants, with 1/3 remaining cash used to support R&D and female founder/employee training.
  14. 14. Here’s the process. (We’ve removed all risk) Founder City creates groups of 8-10 Level 1 or Level 2 peers and select a peer-leader for each forum group. • Cannot mix Level 1 (uncertified) with Level 2 (certified) people. 1. Sign up Sign up for “Level 2” forum groups (sponsored by employer, training grants, Founder City). Sign up for “Level 1” forum groups (free). 2. Level 1: online 3. Level 2: in-class (optional) Trainees complete “Level 1” online training module. • Earn “Level 1” forum training badge. Trainees complete “Level 2” training class, at McKinsey or Cassels Brock (our hosts). • Earn “Level 2” forum training certification/badge. 4. Launch peer forum groups5. Operate peer forum groups Founder City helps maintain forum groups and monthly meetings via forum group peer-leaders. Add new members, remove unfit members. Level 2 forum group Level 1 forum group
  15. 15. Join us! Employees Sign Up
  16. 16. Who is behind this? Ben Baldwin 4x Toronto founder and multi-patent-holder in predictive 
 analytics for human work behavior. Board Member at 
 Drucker Institute, Member of Silicon Valley i4j think tank. 
 Wall Street Journal Startup Guru, Inc Magazine Columnist. Supporters, both in-kind and financial, include:
  17. 17. 17To join us, follow this link — Jim Collins told me: I’ve found West Point grads are happier and more fulfilled than Stanford grads, because the structure they shared forced them to connect at a deeper, more honest level.