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Imagine dragons


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Analysis of Imagine Dragons

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Imagine dragons

  1. 1. Alternative American Rock Band. Las Vega, Nevada. Members; - Dan Reynolds - Daniel Wayne Sermon - Daniel Platzman - Ben McKee
  2. 2. ARTIST BRAND IDENTITY Imagine Dragons are an American alternative rock band from Las Vegas. Lead singer Dan Reynolds brought the band together in 2008, there connection as a band only grew along with there identity. They went onto release the breakthrough single “It’s Time” a anthemic foot-stomping track which encapsulated the band’s unvarnished emotional sound. A mystery itself is the identity of the bands name, "Imagine Dragons" is really a pseudonym, an anagram of their "real" name, known only to the band and their kin. An interesting persona to whom they are as an ever establishing band. Imagine Dragons have connoted a brand and identity through there music, by creating distinct sounds and compiling various genres into one song. Their image connotes four people who I would say are normal, dressed in neutral colours of black and not representing anything specific apart from themselves. The narrative and identification of the band I find is very cryptic, you can only know more by following there music. They are full of metaphors and my ideology is that they are and have overcome things of the past and there triumphing above them now. As a band and with there music. The mise-en-scene of the band as a brand is there distinct name which has been represented in a form of a logo, the bands logo. It is present throughout all there artwork and promotion. The house style of the text/logo is serif bars have been added to ends of letters and even the over lapping/merging of letters within the word. Again repeats the bands persona of mysteriousness, with slight darkness and a distinct identity.
  3. 3. ALBUM ARTWORK Imagine Dragons had released various singles into they had there debut album released, ‘Night Visions’. I find that the tone of the band follows through with its artistic artwork covers. The ones which have been created with the design of dark pastel colours use a depth of field which bring mystery. You become focused into the centre when observing them, drawing you into the enclosed animated environment. There is a darkness and obscurity about these artworks which reflect upon the identity of the band successfully. With there live action design shows the band itself within a real setting or a manipulated background of posed positions. You have full focus of the band within these compositions, such as the ‘On Top of The World’ poses the band essentially atop of something and stopped mid motion. They are an unconventional band, still being established and at the moment they are just representing themselves presently. The image and identity could all change in the future, right now this is how I can identify Imagine Dragons.
  4. 4. Music Videos I have analysed three music videos by Imagine Dragons each are unique from one another with subliminal messages and metaphors reflecting back onto the song and the band. • Radioactive is by far the most mysterious incorporating live action with boxing match between puppets. There is a relationship between the visuals and the lyrics, known as synaesthesia. Illustrating from the lyrics it is identifying society and in the representation of the ‘pink bear’ an underestimated, smaller person whom can in a moment of a crisis stand up for themselves and overthrow the ‘big guy’ (purple monster). • Demons shows a live performance of the song Demons and throughout the video the camera scouts through the crowd targeting specific people. It then cuts to a connectional reality of there demons/sins and shown showing ‘where they hide’ as illustrated in the song. It is an interesting narrative to the concept of peoples inner demons and this amplifies the bands perception of ‘demons’. Uncovering more of there identity. • ‘It’s Time’ is the breakthrough song which helped emulated imagine dragons to the established band they are now. With the anthemic foot-stomping track band’s unvarnished emotional sound is further address by the music video. Its show the band together lost within an apocalyptic world, dark, unknown and mysterious. Shadowed by the clouds the mise-en- scene of the video shows them trying to find a way out. An understanding to who they are and what they’ve got to do, by the end of the video you see they have found it. It was time. Screenshot of ‘Radioactive’ – Imagine Dragons Screenshot of ‘Demons’ – Imagine Dragons Screenshot of ‘Its Time’– Imagine Dragons