Should you migrate to SharePoint 2013?


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What you need to look at in SharePoint 2013 to help make a better decision on whether or not to upgrade.

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Should you migrate to SharePoint 2013?

  1. 1. Should you migrate to SharePoint 2013? Here is what you need to know with Benjamin Niaulin SharePoint GEEK
  2. 2.     Benjamin Niaulin
  4. 4. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features!
  5. 5. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features!
  6. 6. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios
  7. 7. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios
  8. 8. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios Key Concepts to Make it Work
  9. 9. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios Key Concepts to Make it Work
  10. 10. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios Key Concepts to Make it Work Tips & Tricks
  11. 11. WHAT WE WILL LOOK AT Cool New Features! Supported Scenarios Key Concepts to Make it Work Tips & Tricks
  12. 12. New Interface
  13. 13. Social in the Enterprise with SharePoint 2013
  14. 14. SharePoint 2013 Yammer
  15. 15. •Publish from SharePoint to Yammer from the ribbon •Use Search to find results from both with Federated Search There isn’t much integration OOB... For those on Office 365, you will be able to replace the NewsFeed link to your Yammer network Yammer Integration
  16. 16. Microblogging You can now use: Mentions “@” Hashtags “#” “Follow” and “Like”
  17. 17. SkyDrive (My Site) ≠ SkyDrive ≠ SkyDrive Pro
  18. 18. Only available on Windows with Office 2013 Offline Synchronization If you have Office 2010, then you get SharePoint WorkSpace SkyDrive - Not SkyDrive Pro
  19. 19. Find your Sites
  20. 20. Find your Sites I LOVE THIS!
  21. 21. Security presented as Sharing
  22. 22. Looking at the Infrastructure No more User Profile Sync problems!
  23. 23. New Problems •The Distributed Cache Service •Easy as a single server •Difficult when redundancy is required •Requires PowerShell knowledge •Needs a “Cache Cluster” Microsoft recommends having a dedicated server (but with redundancy, that would mean 2 - ouch)
  24. 24. Community Site New Site Template available with SharePoint 2013 Standard
  25. 25. Community Portal A Site that aggregates all Community Sites! ...Thanks to the new Search
  26. 26. Collaboration
  27. 27. Document Libraries Lots of small upgrades that makes it a lot better
  28. 28. Document Libraries Drag & Drop it! Not Perfect though...wait where’s my Metadata?
  29. 29. Document Libraries Edit in DataSheet View got upgraded! You can now Create Columns
  30. 30. Document Libraries
  31. 31. Office Web Apps Integrated Office Web Apps 2013 makes SharePoint 2013 even cooler! Document Previews right from your library.
  32. 32. Edit Page got better Copy Paste from Word now maintains your styles 100% - AWESOME!
  33. 33. Code No longer depend on the Content Editor WebPart - Much better for future upgrades
  34. 34. Videos on Pages Play videos straight from your page in HTML5
  35. 35. Site Mailbox photo: TechNet Blog Exchange 2013 Outlook 2013
  36. 36. Discover your Content
  37. 37. Problems we’ve faced •Hard if not impossible to see content from other lists/libraries on other Sites •Even worst for another Site Collection •XSLT! •Change the way results are shown •Contextual Results •Having to ask Admins for every little thing..queries •And much more...
  38. 38. Search in SharePoint 2013 changes EVERYTHING
  39. 39. What’s new with Search SharePoint Search + FAST •“Continuous Crawl” •Result Sources •Result Types •Query Rules •Content Search WebPart •Search WebParts upgraded •Search Center upgraded •No more XSLT needed for results •Query Suggestions “autocomplete” •New Architecture •Includes a Documentum Connector •Indexing in HTTP supports anonymous crawl
  40. 40. Continuous Crawl •Only works on SharePoint Content Sources •By default every 15min •Set- SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlContentSource •Once indexed, content appears almost right magic •Lots of added pressure on the Server
  41. 41. Continuous Crawl - UI Configuration
  42. 42. Power to the Site Collection Administrators!
  43. 43. Search Schema Managed Metadata managed at the Site Collection Level
  44. 44. Result Sources No more Search Scopes (Except if you upgrade from SharePoint 2010) Result Sources also replace Federated Search
  45. 45. Result Types Define conditions to identify certain result types and associate actions to them Usually used to change the display of these result types within the Search Results
  46. 46. Query Rules Remember Best Bets? Promoted Results?
  47. 47. Query Suggestions Managed at the Farm Level from Central Administration Can be exported and manipulated, otherwise will grow with time
  48. 48. Content Search WebPart 
  49. 49. Content Search Essentially 2 thing 1. Query 2. Display
  50. 50. Licensing Only available in the Enterprise version...
  51. 51. Alternative Search Results WebPart Step-by-Step
  52. 52. Brandingwith SharePoint 2013
  53. 53. The Design Manager
  54. 54. Web Content Management with SharePoint 2013
  55. 55. Product Catalog A Site Collection template where lists/ libraries meant to be reused like “Catalogs” should be stored. Then consumed by Publishing Sites.
  56. 56. Cross-Site Publishing
  57. 57. Managed Metadata Navigation Use your Terms to create a navigation Finally some FRIENDLY urls
  58. 58. Migration & Upgrades
  59. 59. There can be only 1 ...upgrade scenario according to Microsoft, only Database-Attach is supported this is only from SP2010
  60. 60. Run 2010 in 2013
  62. 62. Governance Should not strike fear when said out loud Should not be a burden to carry during the project
  63. 63. A Governance plan helps establish rules. With so many users and sites, it helps maintain everything together.
  64. 64. but keep it simple.
  65. 65. or it will turn into a document NO ONE will read
  66. 66. Information Architecture is the logical way of organizing your SharePoint architecture
  67. 67. it will help you define things like Metadata Columns Sites Navigation Hierarchy Content on Pages and everything else that will be used in your SharePoint
  68. 68. Make sure you have a plan SharePoint Migration is no easy task
  69. 69. set goals and milestones to measure the success of your migration
  70. 70. This can be simple Look at what you want to Remove Migrate Rebuild And this will be even easier to do if you did an inventory of your sites before
  71. 71. step by step
  72. 72.     Benjamin Niaulin Thank You