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Presented to the Seattle Search Network - July 2014. Walks through a couple of key tactics and ideas related to driving awareness for your content to earn links/coverage:

1. set a foundation for social sharing of your content
2. do a better job of using your "owned media" to promote content
3. leveraging paid media to promote content

You can see a walk-through of these basic concepts in our Moz Whiteboard Friday on the topic.

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Content Marketing with Flavor Flav

  1. 1. ContentMarketingw/FlavorFlav Ben Lloyd – Add3 - @blizzle
  2. 2. Today’sTheme “Winning at SEO is all about execution” -Ben Lloyd “Yeah Boyee!” -Flava Flav
  3. 3. Assumption You’ve Put In the Work !  Content strategy !  Based on target audiences !  All stages of buying journey !  Incorporating SEO Best Practices
  4. 4. …YouProbablyStillNeedtoPromoteIt IfYouBuildIt…
  5. 5. !  You Don’t Have a Content Marketing Process !  You Don’t Spend $$ To Market Content !  Nobody is Excited About the Results !  Your Program Will Fizzle and Die Getting It Wrong
  6. 6. Social/Content Lifespan 3 Hours 18 Minutes Studies show that the lifespan of a social link is SHORT! You have to work hard to make sure your followers see your content
  7. 7. Actual Results Meh If all you do to promote your content is make it go live and do some one-off social promotion, this is what your results will usually look like.
  8. 8. Better Outcome This looks a little better! The chart above shows what happens when you apply different tactics in your content marketing strategy. We did this over time, which makes it easy to see the impact of individual tactics. Now - we roll these out in a more condensed fashion. :) The rest of this presentation walks through content marketing tactics.
  9. 9. Planning Your Attack
  10. 10. PLAN YOUR ATTACK •  Social Media Presence •  eMail list •  Blog Owned Media •  Paid social ads align with target audiences Paid Media - Nothing markets itself* •  Social amplification (RTs, shares, etc) •  Editorial/blogger coverage Earned Media (ie – the “new” links!) Think about your strategy as having three major tactical categories. I like to think of earned media being the result of doing a good job at building awareness and trust through owned and paid media. If you’ve got good content - owned & paid can help your content EARN media
  11. 11. Owned Media Pt 1 Give Your Content Marketing a Chance
  12. 12. Test Your Social Buttons Remove barriers to EARNED shares of your content If you’re lucky enough to have a visitor decide that they want to share your content - make sure it looks right. Do your descriptions and images look right? If not - fix them. I don’t want to share content if it doesn’t look right
  13. 13. <- This Becomes This -> Optimize Your Open Graph That content looks GOOD - I don’t mind sharing that! A little work with Open Graph will keep your content looking right when it gets shared If it looks good on a social network, it’ll draw more attention, and draw in more visits and shares
  14. 14. Twitter Cards This is your standard ol’ boring looking tweet…
  15. 15. Twitter Cards Summary Card Product Card Player Card Implement Twitter Cards for your content, and Tweets of your content will look good! There are a lot of different types of Twitter Cards > find the right kinds for your content.
  16. 16. Twitter Cards Results Increased Twitter Visits Higher RT Rates Relative to Others Overall Increase in RTs By simply implementing Twitter Cards, we’ve experienced better results from Twitter.
  17. 17. “I like having a selection, I just don't like making a choice” -Carrie Renee Mathews Jam Study: “The presence of choice might be appealing in theory… in reality, people might find more & more choice debilitating” -Professor Sheena Iyengar, Columbia University Choices Are Overwhelming 2010/02/27/your-money/ 27shortcuts.html?_r=0 Giving people a lot of choices makes it hard to make a decision / perform an action. Having too many social buttons on your content has the same impact…
  18. 18. Align Sharing Options Focus on your audience and the outcome you want •  Which channels are most effective for you? •  What are the goals (actions) you are trying to achieve? •  Note – different content / site sections may have different goals! Change it up if necessary
  19. 19. Examples Good example: Moz blog post vs SEO guide… Different options for different content? A LOT of options overall Follow HP at top vs share article below pic Deprecated options bottom right
  20. 20. Owned Media Pt 2
  21. 21. Frequency & Timing This Really Works Pick the right times of day and days of week to share your own content on social media
  22. 22. Post Your Content Multiple Times Kissmetrics Share your content multiple times. Don’t assume your followers saw your one Tweet about your content - remember, the shelf life of a Tweet is only 18 minutes! (see earlier slide) Each new post should be accompanied by a schedule that spans days/weeks/months of sharing. I really like this visualization from KissMetrics to help visualize. Here’s a great post: Text
  23. 23. Post Your Content Multiple Times PULL QUOTE STATE A FACT KEY TAKEAWAY COMMENTARY PICTURE FROM POST TIP: @MENTION SOURCES + USE HASHTAGS TRY DIFFERENT TYPES OF POSTS – GET MORE SHARES/RT’S Don’t just share your content the exact same way every time Vary it up - re-use the best-performing posts. The right side of this slide is an example of different Tweets and Facebook posts we wrote for the same piece of content
  24. 24. Rule(s) of Thumb Are you engaged on social media? Or are you just broadcasting your own content? Don’t just broadcast your own content… At the very least - share great stuff from other people, engage with others, get ‘personal’ How much of your own is right? It depends. :) Check out Buffer’s blog linked-to above.
  25. 25. Don’t Neglect Your Email List @flavorflav Some of your contacts don’t follow you on social media… or they may never see your Tweet or Facebook post or LinkedIn update for whatever reason… Don’t neglect your email list - people that receive your emails are some of your biggest fans - they’ll probably help you spread the word.
  26. 26. Paid Social
  27. 27. PAID SOCIAL FOR CONTENT MARKETING Diminishing reach of facebook organic posts, firehose of tweets, etc Link building is time consuming, difficult, low ROI and at times, risky Social targeting = interests & audiences (personas!) Pssst – ongoing client engagements Paid social advertising can be a very cost-effective way to generate awareness for your content and help overcome some obstacles to organic content promotion in social
  28. 28. FACEBOOK ADS FOR CONTENT MARKETING •  Create real •  Use your customer personas •  Custom audiences •  RSS subscribers, newsletter subscribers, etc •  Tip - use your custom audience to create “lookalike” audiences •  Tip - target people that like wordpress, blogs or tech crunch, mashable etc •  AdRoll retargeting Don’t just “Boost” posts! campaigns
  29. 29. SU PAID DISCOVERY CONTENT MARKETING •  Excellent targeting •  High volume •  Tip – visually engaging content works best •  Additional social amplification as a side-effect •  Does SU work well for you? Consider adding the button ACTUAL Visits for Cheap
  30. 30. PROMOTED TWEETS FOR CONTENT MARKETING •  Precise targeting •  Pay per engagement (psst impressions are free) •  Tip: Target lists of users who ‘look like’ the users you want to reach (kind of like ‘look alike” audiences •  Adroll retargeting Promoted Tweets
  31. 31. OTHER OPTIONS I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT That statement isn’t entirely true - I do know something about these options/networks but we didn’t use them in the making of this case study. :)
  32. 32. Earned Media?
  33. 33. Quick Recap The basic story here is this - sticking with this piece of content and bringing these different tactics to bear over time has resulted in awareness that helped this piece of content EARN media… including increased organic traffic over time from all different channels
  34. 34. Flav Says Thanks @blizzle @flavorflav