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20 things v2


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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20 things v2

  1. Top 20 "Things you know now that you wish you knew at age 20" Ben Ling, Khosla Ventures @bling0
  2. To help with this talk, I turned to my colleagues (and twitter) of Over 200+ public and private responses... .... here are the top 20
  3. Themes A. The importance of people and relationships B. The importance of hustle and perseverance C. What to Optimize for... D. If you're going to start a company...
  4. The Importance of People and Relationships #20 "Learn from not just what you do but who you do it with. The value of surrounding yourself with a great peer group is important for the short and long haul" @hunterwalk, Founder homebrew
  5. The Importance of People and Relationships #19 @mikeyang, Pinterest GC and Head of BizDev
  6. The Importance of People and Relationships #18 "Inspire. People will do exceptional things for you because they want to, not because they have to." @betashop, Jason Goldberg, CEO of @fab
  7. The Importance of People and Relationships #17 "The uncomfortable conversations are the most valuable ones. Whether it is with a co-worker, co-founder, or significant other make sure to always speak your mind and create an environment that invites open communication. This will be the foundation for strong relationships and the feedback you get will be your key source of personal growth." @logangreen CEO of @lyft
  8. The Importance of People and Relationships #16 @briancaldwell, Partnerships for @evernote
  9. The Importance of Hustle and Perseverance #15 @WKortschak, Senior Advisor @Summit_Partners
  10. The Importance of Hustle and Perseverance #14 "I remember always being in a hurry and not having patience. I wish someone told me that you need a lot of patience to be great at something" @om, Founder of GigaOM
  11. The Importance of Hustle and Perseverance #13 @bentsmithfour, Founder of MerchantCircle
  12. The Importance of Hustle and Perseverance #12 "Add value before you ask for value - Prove your impact by accomplishing something before getting hung up in discussions about compensation. Just take the initiative and you'll become indispensable." @sacca, founder of lowercase capital
  13. The Importance of Hustle and Perseverance #11 "Work hard at something that matters to you, sooner or later -- and the sooner the better because you have to work hard in order to make a difference." @eldon, co-editor at techcrunch
  14. What to Optimize for... #10 "Get busy unlearning and forgetting what other people and society want and expect from you. The sooner you can stop listening to others, the sooner you can hear your inner voice, and get busy doing what you want to do and will therefore be great at." @naval, founder and CEO of @angellist
  15. What to Optimize for... #9 @mitch, Partnerships at @Eventbrite
  16. What to Optimize for... #8 "Optimize for working with great people, on hard problems, that impact the world." @bling0, Ben Ling, Khosla Ventures
  17. What to Optimize for... #7 "Pick your boss, not your job" @rabois, Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures
  18. What to Optimize for... #6 "Consider time your most precious resource" @yishan, Yishan Wong, CEO of @reddit
  19. If you start a company... #5 "Attempt GREAT things. Hopefully you'll succeed, but even if you fail you'll meet great people and have a great life while trying. After each success or failure figure out what your next GREAT thing is you're going to attempt." @tomkatis, Founder and CEO of @voxer
  20. If you start a company... #4 "Most things are not as risky as they seem" @sama, Sam Altman, Partner at YC
  21. If you start a company... #3 "Work on something you believe in deeply and don't relent until you've reached your goal. Good things will break your way as long as you never give up." @Mototwit, Matt Douglass, Co-Founder @PracticeFusion
  22. If you start a company... #2 "A. Make sure you're building something that wasn't possible just 18 months ago B. Make sure you focus on something that you really want to be working on for at least a decade." @levie, Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of @boxHQ
  23. If you start a company... #1 "I don't mind failing but if we succeed it better be worth succeeding. Most people reduce risk to the point where the consequences of success are inconsequential" @vkhosla, Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun and Khosla Ventures
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