How to lose weight fast -- An easy and fast solution to permanently stop lose weight fast


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How To lose weight fast. This is a trick that helped me to lose weight fast. If you are looking for the best way to lose weight fast... Make sure you watch this video and download the rapid weight loss plan workbook by going here:

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How to lose weight fast -- An easy and fast solution to permanently stop lose weight fast

  1. 1. Hi, this is Ben, and in the next 2minutes I’m going to give yousome tips to permanently stop youfrom having to find a rapid weightloss plan…that’s causing you befat and out of shape…
  2. 2. I’m going to show you why trying tofollow a rapid weight loss plan bycutting out the foods you love couldactually be murdering your chancesof success…
  3. 3. Has this ever happened to you?
  4. 4. You look into the mirror and you don’t like what you see…there’s nogetting around it, you are getting fat! You decide that it’s time to go ona diet, so you go online to research it.But you end up frustrated because there are so many diets andmethods and pills and foods and…the list goes on.Maybe you have even tried on of those “fad diets” with amazingclaims of losing a ridiculous amount weight in a week, only to give upin disappointment and frustration…You give up and miserably accept that your situation will neverchange.
  5. 5. Listen… It’s NOT Your Fault!
  6. 6. It turns out that it’s very counter-intuitive to stop looking for a rapidweight loss plan…That’s why most people FAIL to lose fatand get into the best shapes of theirlives…
  7. 7. People often have the “shiny object”syndrome; they start to believe crazyclaims because they are so fixated withthe promises that all of these diets make.As humans, we are drawn to promiseslike these in the hope that the next one is“the one”…
  8. 8. So Here’s A Few Secrets ThatWill Help You To PermanentlyAnnihilate Your search for aRapid Weight Loss Plan
  9. 9. Step 1: You need to know exactly how many calories you need to lose weight. To do this, first youneed to get your height and weight in kilos and centimeters (Tip: 1 pound = 0.45 kilos, 1 inch =2.54 centimeters).Step 2: Figure out your Base Metabolic Rate (the number of calories you would need to eat tomaintain your body weight if you were completely inactive). To do this, use the following formulaaccording to your sex:– Men: [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [4.92 x age (years)] + 5– Women: [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [4.92 x age (years)] -161Step 3: Then on a scale of 1.0 to 2.0, determine how active you are overall (1.0 = completelysedentary, 2.0 = extremely active). For example, if you exercise 3 times a week and lead amoderately active lifestyle, you would be about 1.6.Step 4: Multiply the number you got from step 2 by the number you got in step 3. This gives youyour Total Energy Expenditure, which is the number of calories you need in order to maintainyour weight right now
  10. 10. Step 5: Multiply the number you got in step 4 by 0.8. THIS IS THE NUMBER OFCALORIES YOU NEED TO EAT IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT! 6: Count every calorie that you eat using a food scale. This is CRITICALLYIMPORTANT. Keep track of everything you eat in a notebook to make sure you keepwithin your calorie limit (Tip: Meal timing doesn’t matter, you can eat 5 small meals aday or 1 huge meal a day; it’s totally up to you!)Step 7: Work out at the gym 3 times a week with weights to make sure that you losefat and not muscle. Cardio is optional, but not requiredStep 8: Eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass.
  11. 11. Heres What You Need To DoNext…
  12. 12. Use the tips I gave you in this video to get one step closer tolooking great and feeling great…Then, If you want to supercharge your PROGRESS and getadvanced tips to lose fat forever, have amazing self confidenceand be fit… and completely end your search for a rapid weightloss plan then you MUST check out this site:’ll make your life so much EASIER, and help you get the bodyyou desire a lot FASTER than if you try to go about it on yourown…