WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2012 photo report


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From the ambitious student, to the thriving entrepreneur, the accomplished business owner and the top corporate executive, WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2012 witnessed the coming together of thousands of aspirational women from diverse backgrounds last October at two venues in Kumasi and Accra.
Under the overarching theme “Do The Extraordinary”, the speakers through story-driven keynote presentations and interactive panels, brought to the main stage the issues relevant to the 21st century woman and Africa’s emerging transformation.
This photo report highlights memorable moments at the summit and feedback from attendees.

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WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2012 photo report

  1. 1. extraordinarytheimpact2012 PHOTO REPORTSUMMITWOMAN2.1®“To us, empowerment is not giving women new power; women already have power tobecome whatever they want to. Women have enough power, in the wealth of theirtalents and knowledge, to work on their dreams gracefully and magnificently. WOMAN 2.1Summit develops and encourages women to be their best truest self and to becomemore relevant in the 21st century by taking advantage of new opportunities. Since thebeginning of time, whenever a woman becomes her best she transforms generations andamazes the world. And we think thats powerful and empowering”
  2. 2. From the ambitious student, to the thrivingentrepreneur, the accomplished businessowner and the top corporate executive,WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2012 witnessed thecoming together of thousands of aspirationalwomen from diverse backgrounds lastOctober at two venues in Kumasi and Accra.Under the overarching theme “Do TheExtraordinary”, the speakers throughstory-driven keynote presentations andinteractive panels, brought to the main stagethe issues relevant to the 21st century womanand Africa’s emerging transformation.This photo report highlights memorablemoments at the summit and feedback fromattendees.
  3. 3. 2012 Photo Reportfeatured speakersDzigbordi K. DosooFounder/CEO, Allure Africa Group Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone GhanaUche OfodileBetty Enyonam KumahorMD for Africa, Thoughtworks IncRosy FynnAfrica, Millicom International (Tigo)Head of Brands/Marketing forEsi YankahCEO, Ticklz N’ GigglzSandi OwusuFounder/CEO, Diva Delicious
  4. 4. 2012 Photo Reportfeatured speakersMonalisa OkojieFounder/CEO - Nehita Inc. USACharlene Osei-BaffourFounder, Diamond Pillars Women’s Ministry UKMarilyn OwusuCEO, ACE ConsultBenny BonsuExecutive Producer & OperationsManager - London 2012 OlympicsGloria Buckman YanksonFounding Partner, PlanIt Ghana“The summit has earned a reputationfor pioneering the advancement ofwomen in business, leadership andtechnology and has become known forits roster of high profile speakers.”attendeetestimonialJody TurnerCEO & Futurist, Culture of Future Inc.
  5. 5. extraordinarytheimpactWOMAN 2.1 Summit is an award winning global gathering developingand empowering women and girls in Africa to transform leadership,innovate the future, create enduring businesses, impact families, andimprove the state of Africa and the world.Having received a United States Congressional Award for it audaciousgoal of preparing women for new opportunities in Africa, the summit wasalso nominated in the Global Professional Achievers Award for same.
  6. 6. 2012 Photo ReportDebby OyewaleLagos, Nigeria.“I entered the auditorium that day at thesummit with great expectations and Icame back with so much energy toachieve more. To sit in the sessions ofremarkable speakers can only empoweryou to do more. The summit is ablessing to women.”attendeetestimonial
  7. 7. Abigail NervisaPretoria, South Africa.“Very revealing, enriching andempowering! One extraordinaryevent with an all-round impact” attendeetestimonial
  8. 8. “Sales have been great. People likemy products and that gives me morehope in the aftermath of this exhibition.I have seen the amazing items ondisplay by other designers. I thinkwomen are doing great.”Yaa Owusuaa Opoku AgyemangCEO, YEG Designs.attendeetestimonial
  9. 9. 2012 Photo ReportNaa Oyoo QuarteyHSE Data Analyst, Tullow Ghana Limited.“The information and strategiesI received at the summit havehelped me aligned my careergoals properly. For me it is beentransformational. Expecting morenext year.”attendeetestimonial
  10. 10. Jonathan Dennis AndohRidge Hospital, Accra.“If a man was so inspired andmotivated then you must knowthat you really touched theirhearts and made huge impact inpeople’s lives. Keep up the greatwork. I know it be mega andgiga with time.”attendeetestimonial
  11. 11. extraordinarytheimpact2012 Photo Report
  12. 12. extraordinarytheimpact2012 Photo Report
  13. 13. 2012 Photo ReportAma D. BrownTASC, Accra-Ghana.“...inspiring. Looking forward toattending next years editionwhere I hope to meet morespeakers from all over Africa.And if possible add some formtheatrical performance...”attendeetestimonial
  14. 14. 2012 Photo ReportUchenna MokaAnalytic Catalyst at Thoughtworks Inc.“WOMAN 2.1 Summit is thelargest gathering of highlyambitious black women I haveever witnessed...”attendeetestimonial
  15. 15. 2012 Photo Report
  16. 16. “I have no regrets at all for coming tothis summit. Great speakers. Greatpresentations. I felt complete. I couldn’thave asked for anything better.”Salomey BezuaGhana Airports Company Limited.attendeetestimonial
  17. 17. 2012 Photo Report“Honestly, I have never been this touched in my life like I was at WOMAN2.1 Summit. It was like an endless flow of wisdom and knowledge fromall the speakers. Wow! Powerful indeed. I now know that no matter howsmall you begin, with hard work and determination you will get there. Ihave a passion and I will follow it to the end. You cant measure the impactyou have had on attendees present at the summit. Immeasurable! It wasmore like an entrepreneurial boot-camp and spiritual exercise to ignite ourpassions and sooth our souls. I cant wait for next years summit by whichtime my NGO will be fully on track thanks to the summit.”Sangmorkie TettehFounder/CEO, MadeAid Ghana.attendeetestimonial
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  19. 19. 2012 Photo Report
  20. 20. 2012 Photo Report
  21. 21. 2012 Photo Report
  22. 22. extraordinarytheimpact+233 (0) 203 400 108(0) 243 069 104summit@woman21summit.comwww.woman21summit.comsponsors