Kafui A. Prebbie Using Technology To Build Globally Competitive Business, What Women Can Do


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As technology shrinks the world into a small village, what are the technological tools that enhance and advance business growth? How can women use the internet, the WWW, blogs and social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning and others to build enduring global business and resourceful partnerships that transforms?

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Kafui A. Prebbie Using Technology To Build Globally Competitive Business, What Women Can Do

  1. 1. Kafui A. Prebbie kafui@onevillagefoundation.org an Effusion Motivate initiative effusionmotivate@gmail.com http://www.effusionmotivate.blogspot.com Coming Up: WOMAN 2.1 SUMMIT 2010 Sept, 2010
  2. 2. Using Technology To Build Globally Competitive Business, What Women Can Do Kafui A. Prebbie kafui@onevillagefoundation.org ICT Department | Country Director University of Education, Winneba | oneVillage Foundation-Ghana
  3. 3. AN OBSERVATION In rural areas women have ownership of property, businesses – though small, etc. BUT 1. there is lack of women in IT sectors 2. there is lack of IT knowledge for Integration into Business Ethics
  4. 4. OBSERVATION… In an astonishing statement, Todd Stottlemyer, chairman and chief executive of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) mentioned, "Small businesses owners are adamant: Don't ask us to send our tax dollars to Detroit to pay for their mistakes without significant restructuring and effective independent oversight."
  5. 5. GLOBALIZATION • Globalization has fundamentally changed the game of business • Strategic frameworks developed for purely domestic business necessarily fall short in the international business context • Managers – including women entrepreneurs & leaders require new approaches to understand and cope with these far-reaching changes
  6. 6. GLOBAL FRAMEWORK CONVINIENCE is the new definition of SPEED SPEED is the vehicle for SUCCESS SUCCESS is the justification of EXISTENCE
  7. 7. REMEMBER In the current intense competition of global markets and global sourcing, only a network of electronically-linked cooperative firms with a consumer-focused supply chain (called a value chain) will out-compete stand-alone firms
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES Why? Who? What? How? With what? Situation Institutions Plan Implement Funding Human Need Local Govt. Strategize Use Sectors Grants Schools Specific niche Follow Up Government Unemployment initiatives Systems Monitor Service Skills Deficit Businesses Charges Development Venture Poverty Billing Reward Actors Capitals
  9. 9. THE PREPOSITION • Today’s global landscape is fiercely competitive; it is critical to stay several steps ahead of the trends, markets and technologies that ensure success. • Learn to think globally and act locally in order to succeed • Adopt Global Competitive Strategy – adopt a unique set of strategic tools for international business
  10. 10. International (Inveneo Inc) Vertical alignment National - British Council Local – Immediate Environment (Winneba Open Digital Village) Horizontal integration Business Ideology & Strategy
  11. 11. SOME TOOLS • Invest in speed of response – traditional businesses • invest in knowledge of targeted global markets • invest in strategic alliances and value-chain cooperative networks eg. Inveneo, NComputing, Winrock, British Council, etc. • Invest in creating irresistible brands – these elements create gravitational attraction
  12. 12. Elements Of Marketing Gravity INVEST MONITOR EVALUATE Commercial publishing Position print papers Radio referrals interviews website TV networking Appearance newsletters Services and advertising Relationships 3rd party Stakeholders Word of endorsement Mouth s Trade Association Horizontal Progression
  13. 13. Elements Of Marketing Gravity • Commercial Publishing: In a professional Mag – use your brand frequently and early • Advertising: its good if its strategic and tactical • Radio & TV Interviews: Always prepare with 2 or 3 points you want to make • Position Papers: Write 1 every month – at most every quarter • Website: Easily navigable, customer focused, downloads quickly, offers a sale
  14. 14. BRANDING • PERCEPTION IS REALITY – Advertising is geared towards to influencing and shaping reality. • Better have fewer elements that are UNIQUE • Don’t expect quick hits - it is not like an ambush
  15. 15. a CONFESSION “Caterpillar is thriving today not because we survived globalization, but because we embraced it. We must look at globalization and international competition as an opportunity to make ourselves stronger and more efficient.” Dr. James W. Owens, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar, Inc.
  16. 16. ACT My thoughts were... Your thoughts are... Our collaborative strategy...THE ACTION
  17. 17. CONTACT email: kafui@kafui.com cells: 0244 429 448 020 816 5057