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Created: 5 December 2011

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TRS3 BGordon

  1. 1. The Riches: Season 3 Summer/Fall 2012 Integrated Promotion The “Brick by Brick” Promotion$ Manager, Integrated Promotions Benjamin Gordon 5 December 2011
  2. 2. The Riches The Challenge Primary: Drive tune-in amongst the target audience (A18-49) for the new Fall 2012 season of The Riches. Secondary: Re-acquaint American viewers with the$ program’s characters, themes, and key narrative threads.
  3. 3. The Riches$ The Insights
  4. 4. The Riches In 2012 and 2013, election advertising and media coverage will be in full swing due to multiple presidential, state, and municipal races... • Over 30 municipalities across the US will be holding mayoral elections over 2012 and 2013, including: •Los Angeles 5 of the top 20 most populous cities in • New York City$ the US • Detroit • Boston Combined Greater Metropolitan Areas • Houston have reach of over60Mpeople • Candidates, media and public already engaged in campaign programs and voter mobilization.
  5. 5. The Riches … including the mayoral race for the City of Ducaine, home to The Riches. Key Narrative Thread: • Real estate magnate Hugh Panetta has enlisted the help of his “trusted” partner Doug Rich/Wayne Malloy to help him win the Ducaine mayoral election… at any cost.$ PANETTA “Out with the old. In with the Hugh” - Hugh Panetta FOR MAYOR • Being mayor will allow Panetta to push through shady development projects unhindered and help the Malloys pull off their biggest con ever!
  6. 6. The Riches Election campaigns boast some of the most successful tactics for mobilizing and engaging adults ages 18-49. Candidate campaigns are strategic marketing machines that: •Harness the power of individuals’ personal networks to expand reach and engage new people.$ • Garner massive press and audience awareness. • Present unlimited opportunities for multi-platform engagement and content creation.
  7. 7. The Riches Successful campaigns mobilize media and public interest by empowering each individual to engage in the political process. •60% of US Internet users research, create, or engage with election content during campaign seasons. •59% of these users leverage social media tools to rally the support of$ their networks. •33% of adults 18-49 shared their campaign activity and voting experiences via text, e-mail or posting on a social network site. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Post-Election Survey, November-December 2010
  8. 8. The Riches$ The Idea
  9. 9. The Riches The “Brick by Brick” Promotion A promotional campaign and contest under the guise of a mayoral campaign, launched in key markets during the height of real election campaigning. Promotion aims to turn each user’s social contact list into a network of potential new viewers.$ The promotion allows each participant to become a part of the con to get Panetta into office. Viewers are offered the chance to build their American dream, “brick by brick”, by “con-vassing” their friends to get in on the scheme and support Panetta’s bid for the mayors office… all for the chance to win a golden brick worth $10K!
  10. 10. The Riches The “Brick by Brick” Promotion Objectives: Primary: Drive tune-in to Season 3 by$ • Engaging viewers and their networks in the development of The Riches key narrative thread, and • Driving tune-in to Season 1 & 2 re-runs over the summer, thus re-building the viewer base. Secondary: • Re-introduce characters, story lines, and themes from The Riches.
  11. 11. The Riches The promotion engages audiences via a multi-wave strategy leading up to the Fall 2012 premiere. S1/S2 Other S3 “Brick by Brick” Promotion Re-Runs Marketing$ April 2012 Wave 1: May 2012 Outdoor/Digital June 2012 & Social/ TV July 2012 Campaign Wave 2: Tour & PR Traveler Sabotage August 2012 Stunts September 2012 Series Premiere
  12. 12. The Riches Wave 1 launches the staggered, multi-platform promotion to market, driving audiences online for contest initiation and content. Outdoor Digital/Social Campaign posters and media: • Voter Registration Ad Units • Campaign & PANCO websites • Billboards: Digital & Poster • Social Media Campaign Trail: • Transit Shelters •Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, • Bus Signage$ GetGlue • Taxi Topper Signs • SEO/SEM program(3-months) TV • :15 “campaign” bumpers during S1/S2 re-runs Key Messaging: • “Panetta for Ducaine: Building the Experiential/Mobile American Dream, Brick by Brick” •Campaign Tour & Street Teams/Canvassers •Drive to website and Facebook page • Campaign Hotline for “voter registration” and a chance •“Text BUILD to HUGH” mobile draw to win a gold brick worth $10K to build your American Dream. PR Stunts •Pre-recorded Radio & TV Interviews • Paid for by PANCO. w/ Hugh Panetta • Fake magazine/newspaper interviews & cover stories
  13. 13. The Riches Once online, users engage in a social media “con-test” challenging them to turn members of their personal networks into engaged participants, while uncovering and creating “con-tent”. Step 1: Voter Registration & Con-test Initiation Users register through the “Voter’s Registration” Facebook/Mobile Application and receives one “brick” (re: entry) towards the $10K Brick of Gold.$ Step 2: Con Thy Neighbor “Registered Voters” earn additional “bricks” by 1. Engaging in a series of digital and social media “cons” and “con-tent” creation aimed at turning as many of their network connections into registered and engaged supporters of the Panetta Campaign. 2. Responding to prompts in trafficked pop-up ads while watching previous seasons of The Riches on FX. Step 3: Hidden Con-tent Winning certain bricks, collaborating with fellow “con-vassers”, and hitting milestones also unlocks hidden content and hints pertaining to Season 3 of The Riches.
  14. 14. The Riches Wave 2 builds momentum by introducing a series of fake “sabotages” by the Travelers, which reveal content and opportunities to gain more entries. Outdoor Purchased media made to look graffitied and sabotaged:$ • Billboards: Digital & Poster Key Messaging/Content: • Transit Shelters • Don’t believe the campaign lies. Find out what’s really going on in Digital/Social/Mobile Ducaine. • QR codes directing users to hidden content • Hidden content and clues about Season 3 of The Riches. • Fake “infiltration” of digital/social/mobile campaign • Tips to earn more contest entries. elements to reveal hidden •Courtesy of your neighborhood messages and content: Travelers. • Campaign & PANCO website •Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GetGlue, and GoWallapages • SMS video and picture clues and messages
  15. 15. The Riches How will this promotion drive tune-in? 1. Promotion combines multiple points of audience connection with increasing levels of personal involvement. Engagements allow a viewer to contribute to the storytelling process, creating further incentive to continue exploration and discovery through tune-in.$ Engagement Season 3 Promotion S1 & S2 Re-runs Discovery Experience Exploration Experience Exploration 1. Encourages viewers to tune-in to previous seasons of The Riches in order to gain clues and contest entries, thereby re-building the viewer base leading up to the Fall premiere. 1. Utilizes a unique strategy by competing with actual election campaigns for a piece of public interest and media coverage.
  16. 16. The Riches Ballpark Budget1 Outdoor2* $834,600 Billboards: Digital & Standard Posters (8-week) Bus Signage (King Size, 4-week) Transit Shelters Taxi Top Signs (30 per market, 4-week) Campaign Tour/Street Team* $59,120 Branded RV (3-week Rental) Street Team Employees Premiums and collateral$ Campaign Hotline & SMS Program Brick of Gold TV/Radio/PR Stunts+ $402,000 :15 “Campaign” Bumper 1 x 4:00 Radio Interview 1 x 4:00 TV interview Magazine/Newspaper cover pages and articles (local and national) Digital/Social/Contest* Digital ad unit development and trafficking $248,000 Website and social network platforms development • 2 websites and branded YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter pages • Content production (video, images, wordpress) Community management SEO/SEM Program (3-months) 1 Based Total ~$1.54 MM on four (4) markets: Greater Los Angeles, Greater New York, Greater Boston, and Greater Houston Areas. 2 Based on Clear Channel Outdoor Eyes-On 2010/2011, CBS Outdoor, and Blue Line Media Taxi Advertising. * Includes creative development, agency fees, media buy, trafficking, and fulfillment. + Does not include television or radio media buy and agency fees.