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This material shares a glimpse into what transpire during the basic shiatsu training held at Asian Wellness and Spa Academy (AWSA) in Manila

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  1. 1. By Benjamin B. Eugenio Jr, LMT, CIBTAC, MPA Asian Wellness and Spa Academy 2014
  2. 2. Welcome to
  3. 3.    Cognitive: To introduce to the student the intricacies of Namikoshi Shiatsu Affective: To enable the student to experience both the healing & relaxing effects of the massage Psychomotor: To impart to the student the skills of an effective Namikoshi Shiatsu practitioner 3
  4. 4. I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. Introduction Background Information Basic Anatomy and Physiology Benefits and Contraindications Elements of Namikoshi (Tatami) Shiatsu Unique Features General Massage Guide Assessment & Certification Conclusion 4
  5. 5.     In 1912, a young boy at age 7, made history by helping cure his mother of an illness through massage His name is Tokujiro Namikoshi His thirst for knowledge and desire to share it with others led him into developing what we now know as Namikoshi Shiatsu He founded the Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo, Japan 5
  6. 6.    Shiatsu literally means “finger” (shi), “pressure” (atsu) Namikoshi Shiatsu is the only officially recognized massage modality in Japan Namikoshi Shiatsu is a highly disciplined massage modality that has to be learned both through hands and the heart 6
  7. 7.    Tatami (floor) massage- more advanced massage procedure Bed massage- improvised massage for spa setting Chair massage- massage for busy people & families 7
  8. 8.         Konnichiwa- hello Sumimasen- excuse me Moochido- please repeat Sensie- teacher Gakusei- student Arigatoo guzaimasu- thank you very much Hai- yes! Gambatte kudasai- Keep it up! Give your best! 8
  9. 9.    HEART – the intention must go beyond self MIND- the mind must be willing to learn new things BODY- the body must be physically sound 9
  10. 10.    Sensei Tokujiro loves to admonish, “shiatsu ne haha no kokoro” (shiatsu must from a mother’s heart) The key motive for learning shiatsu must be to be able to share it with others. Otherwise shiatsu sessions would simply be burdensome 10
  11. 11.    As often heard, “no two object occupies the same space”, likewise any Namikoshi shiatsu student must learn to unlearn Old information must be out so new information can freely dwell An empty mind is a fertile ground for learning 11
  12. 12.    Namikoshi shiatsu massage treatment requires enough amount of physical energy The student must be willing to give extra effort to internalize the whole learning process Only a physically fit body could sustain learning and giving shiatsu massage 12
  13. 13.     Hand techniques- proven method on how to apply the pressure w/o causing discomfort on the fingers Body mechanics- procedures on how to give maximum benefit w/o causing injury Breathing exercises/Timing- making the most of the treatment Shiatsu points- guide points based on the Namikoshi concept 13
  14. 14.        Thumb Two-thumb Thumb-on-thumb One thumb and Four Fingers Thenar Middle and Index Finger Palm on Palm 14
  15. 15.     Seiza position Partial kneeling position Upright kneeling position Body-weight technique 15
  16. 16.   Breathing Discipline- To sustain the whole massage procedure, the therapist must practice constant, deep breathing Timing Discipline-Timing in Namikoshi Shiatsu is essential because it enhances the healing & relaxing effects of the massage. The 3-5x2second Rule must be carefully observed. 16
  17. 17.    There are a total of 652 shiatsu points to manipulate in a complete Namikoshi Shiatsu (Tatami mat) session Easy memorization through clustering of shiatsu points Important reminder: don’t be overly particular of the shiatsu points 17
  18. 18. Module 1- Introduction Module 2- Neck & Back Module 3- Legs (prone) Module 4-Legs (supine) Module 5- Arms (supine) Module 6- Chest, Head & Face Module 7-Stomach 18
  19. 19.    The sensei would first make a complete Namikoshi shiatsu demo in the class After which, everyone is expected perform the massage procedures on a module per module basis Note: At the end of the class, there would be a written and practical evaluation to be conducted to help assess student performance 19
  20. 20.       Practice makes perfect Memorize the shiatsu points by clusters Observe deep breathing at all times If you commit an error, never stop. Concentrate in what you are doing. Give your best 20
  21. 21. 21