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So, they say the CFO is not good at presenting


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Advice for accountants. How to give strong effective persuasive presentations. Tips on giving great financial presentations by presentation experts Benjamin Ball Associates

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So, they say the CFO is not good at presenting

  1. 1. So, they say the CFO is not good at presenting… Top tips to impress with financial presentations Pitch, present & persuade Presentation experts
  2. 2. Ten common mistakes in financial presentations There is a basic conflict between accountancy training and the needs of clear financial communications. These are the usual mistakes other CFOs make: Mist a k e s 1. Not explaining the basics Start at the beginning. For example, how you make money.  2. Over-reliance on “presentations” YOU are the presentation. First, learn how to present without visual aids. Then, create visual aids that impress.  3. Not focusing on the important stuff It’s what you leave out that makes a presentation great. Focus on what really matters and will get the result you want.  4. Not getting behind the numbers Bring the story to life – explain why as well as what.  5. Evasive or rambling answers Short, sharp answers with a strong message is what you need.  6. Too many caveats Clarity of message is the secret of a good presentation. Learn how to be definite without compromising accuracy.  7 Poor teamwork . Show how the CEO: CFO relationship works. Make the distinction clear.  8. Weak presentation structure Learn how to tell an interesting story and carry the audience with you.  9. Unenthusiastic performance Get trained to sound exciting and confident – it’s not hard.  10. Lack of practice Like an athlete, do all the hard work before the big day. Use outsiders to coach and perfect your performance. 
  3. 3. Financial presentations – step by step Our simple rigorous method for preparing, perfected over the years, means that our accountant clients deliver confident and compelling performances. Highlights include: Be st Pra ctice 1. Are you clear on your message? One simple clear message is worth ten confused ones. Use outsiders to test your story.  2. Do you really know your audience? What is important to them? What do they expect to hear from you? What are their concerns?  3. What is your story? If you can summarise your talk in 30 seconds then you are more likely to have a powerful presentation.  4. How will you explain the numbers? Use real-life examples to tell your story. Make it come alive. Edit, edit, edit until your story is tight and interesting.  5. What visual aids will best support you? Learn how to create and use visual aids that add rather than take away from your performance.  6. What questions could they ask you? Identify all the tough questions. And practice your answers. Learn techniques for handing the unexpected.  7 Am I allowed to say that? . Learn tricks to be helpful when you can’t say anything.   8. Have you rehearsed properly? Only with practice can you know you have got it right. Practice with experts and use video feedback. Be the best. 0845 676 9766 •
  4. 4. How to improve your financial presentations Talk to us. We help CFOs and finance professionals look and sound better when presenting to analysts and investors. If you want experts to help you to engage with audiences, refine your presentation, improve your materials and coach your performance so that you look confident and impressive, then we can help. Our expertise has been demonstrated by our work with leaders from quoted companies and private equity, and their financial PR agencies, throughout Europe. See our client list at We can help you prepare, refine your presentation, practise the tough questions and create interesting visual aids. We rehearse you thoroughly. Call us beFore your nexT FinanCial presenTaTion Contact Louise Angus or Benjamin Ball 0845 676 9766 or +44 20 7193 0130 •