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TGS laptop school purchase 2019


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School purchase of laptop computers for students at Trinity Grammar School, Kew in 2019

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TGS laptop school purchase 2019

  1. 1. School purchase of Laptop Computers, 2019
  2. 2. • Each year, the school procures computers on behalf of parents to distribute to boys; • We organise an annual tender for the computers, finance, insurance, software and a comprehensive service-level agreement; • The costs are recouped via a levy added to fees each February. School Purchase of Laptop Computers
  3. 3. What are the benefits of ‘school purchase’? • Students and teachers have the same user experience (facilitating the use of specialist software with in-class tuition); • Software licencing is simple, hassle-free for parents and significantly cheaper; • A highly effective maintenance process ensures computers are repaired quickly on-site and are always available for learning. School Purchase of Laptop Computers
  4. 4. Computer levy • For boys entering Year 5 in 2019 the levy is $580 per year. • For boys entering Year 7 & 10 in 2019 the levy is $750 per year; • The levy is applied annually to the February fee invoice; • (For boys entering other year groups, we endeavour to provide students with the same computer as other boys in that year group, and charge parents the same levy.)
  5. 5. Year 4 School owned class set of computers Year 5 & 6 School purchase Year 7 to 9 School purchase Year 10 to 12 School purchase Recycle After two years, computers are cycled to a Year 4 class set, with the school paying the third year of lease. (There is an option for families to pay the third year instalment, and keep the computer) Families keep, or donate to charity Computers are leased over a three year period (school purchase). At the end of the lease, families may keep the computer or donate it to charity through the school’s Harambee program.
  6. 6. Laptop packages…
  7. 7. • Robust school-specific model (built for schools and students) • Windows 10 • i5 (7Y54), 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD • 11.6” HD touch-enabled display in a rotate/flip tablet form factor • Active stylus included for handwriting and artistic pursuits • 2 AC adaptors (one to keep at home) • 3 year warranty and capped repair program for full peace of mind Year 5 HP ProBook 11 EE
  8. 8. • High-powered, tough and robust Ultrabook • Windows 10 • i5 (8th gen 8250U), 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD • 13.3” HD multipoint touch-enabled display in a 12” chassis in a rotate/flip tablet form factor • Rechargeable active stylus included • 2 AC adaptors (one to keep at home). Up to 18 hours battery life. • 3 year warranty and capped repair program for full peace of mind Year 7&10 HP EliteBook 1030 G3
  9. 9. Costs breakdown Computer, bag and accessories 75% Insurance and extended warranty 10% Finance 6% Software licencing 9% Senior School Computer Costs Breakdown Computer, bag and accessories 70% Insurance and extended warranty 13% Finance 5% Software licencing 12% Junior School Computer Costs Breakdown Bulk purchasing offers significant cost savings to parents, especially with software costs
  10. 10. STM Ace cargo bag provided • Tough but thin and lightweight (exceeds U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810F/G drop testing protocols, only 450 g weight); • Removable pouch for accessories; • Water resistant. Carry bag All school computers must be carried in a suitable bag. Accidental damage is not covered under the capped repair program if a suitable bag is not used.
  11. 11. • Next day business repair; • Loan computers available; • Capped repair cost for accidental damage ($100 excess); • Total loss cover for theft and write-off ($100 excess in the first instance, $250 second instance); • All software managed and supported on-site. Premium support means computers are always available for learning:
  12. 12. Insurance 19% Warranty 78% Parents pay $100 insurance excess (usually after accidental damage) Deterioration to computer covered by extended warranty - repaired at no cost to parents Other (purchases etc.) Repairs carried out at the Trinity Tech Centre in the last two years:
  13. 13. A substantial software package is included in the levy, offering excellent value for money.
  14. 14. The school provides enterprise level OneDrive for Business, giving full access to Office365, licence to install Office on 5 other devices, and 1TB online storage and backup.
  15. 15. Security • Students are responsible for their accounts, and must never leave their computers unattended (Tip: Windows-L = lock); • When not in class, computers must be locked in lockers (Senior School), or in the classroom (Junior School); • Computers must be taken home each night except with special (ad-hoc) permission from Head of Year (Senior School) or Class Teacher (Junior School) as insurance does not cover them in lockers overnight; • Computers should be carried home inside computer bag, then inside school bag.
  16. 16. At the start of Year 5: • Computers are distributed to students at school; • Basic training is provided on delivery day with further learning with the class teacher; • ‘How-to’ guide available on myTGS (intranet); • Students sign an agreement to acknowledge they will use the computer responsibly and take good care of it. Starting Year 5
  17. 17. At the end of Year 6: • Computers are cycled to Year 4 class set, with the school paying the third year of lease; • Computers will be assessed for “reasonable wear and tear” (no stickers or other personalisation); • Repairs will be carried out in house; • It is possible to “pay-out” the third year of lease of the computer, and take ownership of the computer (without software licences). End of Year 6
  18. 18. • Computers distributed at start of school year; • Basic training provided on delivery day and specialist instruction provided through classes; • ‘How-to’ guide available on myTGS (intranet); • Students sign an agreement to acknowledge they will use the computer responsibly and take care of it; • Students keep the computer at the end of year 9 and 12 (or return it to the Tech Centre for recycling or charitable donation). Year 7 & 10