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Benjamin Ambrosio - Respected Police Officer


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Benjamin Ambrosio was born in the Bronx, New York in 1983. He grew up in Pelham Manor, New York where he attended Siwanoy elementary school and Pelham middle school. He graduated from Pelham Memorial high school, moving to Baltimore, Maryland shortly after to attend Loyola College. He received his certification from the New York City Police Academy and earned his Master's in Criminal Justice in 2011 from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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Benjamin Ambrosio - Respected Police Officer

  1. 1. Benjamin Ambrosio Respected Police Officer Benjamin Ambrosio served as a New York City police officer for eleven years. During his time in the police department, he worked in the 40th and 42nd precinct and was in charge of patrol operations. He grew up in Pelham Manor, New York and attended Loyola College in Maryland and the John Jay College of criminal justice. While at the police academy, he was trained in how to lead an effective interview, completed a 24-hour emergency vehicle operations course, and participated in a number of seminars.
  2. 2. Benjamin Ambrosio Loyola College Benjamin Ambrosio is a well- respected police officer in New York City. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Loyola College in Maryland. He studied political science and took classes in Constitutional Law, preparing him for his career in law enforcement. During his time at Loyola, he participated in an internship with the Baltimore Police Department Homicide Unit and the Baltimore Office of the Public Defender.He also earned certificates in Policing in a Multi-Cultural Society.
  3. 3. Benjamin Ambrosio Amateur Chef For ten years, Benjamin Ambrosio has been serving the citizens of New York City as a police officer. With over 120 arrests, he has received several awards and a unit citation for his exemplary work. When he is not patrolling the streets, he loves to spend time in his kitchen cooking. He loves trying out new dishes and considers himself an amateur chef.
  4. 4. Benjamin Ambrosio Many Interests Benjamin Ambrosio has worked in law enforcement for over ten years. He was born in the Bronx, New York, and grew up in Pelham Manor. When he is not working as a police officer on the New York City Police Department, he enjoys a number of different hobbies. He loves to cook and read books and is an avid collector of watches and badges.
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